Chapter 755 Night Raid

Horse beasts with Genesis Qi rising under their hooves galloped past at lightning speed, as though soaring into the sky.  

Yi Qiushui was riding a tall and strong horse beast. Her upper body was straight, and the clothes wrapped around her body revealed her slender waist, curved body and long legs. 

Her appearance and elegance were extraordinary. Although Zhou Yuan was somewhat immune to her beauty because he was used to seeing Yaoyao’s ethereal beauty, in the eyes of other young masters from Xiaoxuan Province, such as Mu Chao, Yi Qiushui was undoubtedly the goddess in their hearts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have risked offending the Qiu family to follow her.    

Of course, more importantly was that the strength of the Yi family wasn’t weak at all. Although the Yi family couldn’t be compared to the Qiu family in Xiaoxuan Province, the elders of the Yi family still occupied fairly high positions in Tianyuan Region. Therefore, if they could win Yi Qiushui’s favour, it would also greatly benefit their family.   

“One more day and we’ll arrive in Xuanzhou City. If Qiu Ji still hasn’t given up, then tonight is his last chance to do something,” Yi Qiushui stated, gazing into the distance.   

Hearing this, Mu Zhao and the others froze for a moment. 

They didn’t doubt Yi Qiushui’s judgment, because there was most likely nobody in Xiaoxuan Province who didn’t know about Miss Yi’s intelligence. When the Yi family first came to Xiaoxuan Province, it was precisely because of Miss Yi’s advice and plan that the Yi family achieved a stable position. If the head of the Yi family hadn’t encountered an accident, in a few years’ time, the title of strongest family in Xiaoxuan Province would have most likely transferred from the Qiu family to the Yi family.    

“With Qiu Ji’s strength, it won’t be easy for him to swallow us in one bite. I’m just worried that they’ll bring unknown reinforcements,” Yi Qiushui uttered.    

Mu Chao reassured, “Almost all the forces of the Qiu family are kept in Xuanzhou City, and it’s likely that they won’t be easily deployed elsewhere. The clans and families in Xiaoxuan Province also shouldn’t dare to interfere in the affairs between the two families. I can’t think of any reason for them to help Qiu Ji.”

Yi Qiushui bit her red lips, her unwitting action incredibly alluring. It caused the gazes on her to burn even more brightly.

“No matter what, we must be on full alert tonight,” she said.    

Yi Qiushui’s face was very solemn. She suddenly glanced at the back of the carriage where Zhou Yuan sat. For some reason, she suddenly thought of Zhou Yuan. 

Perhaps, it was because Zhou Yuan was the first person she had met who dared to ask her for something so blatantly?

Mu Chao, who had been paying close attention to Yi Qiushui’s every movement, felt a little uncomfortable when he saw this, and asked in a joking tone of voice, “Qiushui, you aren’t taking that boy’s words seriously are you?”     

The other men and women also laughed out loud one after another.    

In the past few days, Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly become their top conversation topic.    

Yi Qiushui smiled and retracted her gaze. She had very good self-restraint and had never laughed at Zhou Yuan, even if she doubted what he said.    

“Miss, that guy hasn’t shown his face in days, and he even asked people to bring his food over,” Zhao Yue whispered. She pursed her lips. “I really feel like we invited an ancestor here.”   

Yi Qiushui also couldn’t help but chuckle, “He saved Dong’er, so we really should serve him like an ancestor. It doesn’t matter.”   

Zhao Yue was helpless. Most likely, if it were up to her, she would have already sent that guy away. 

“Sister Yue, please remind Zhou Yuan that something may happen tonight, and we may not be able to take care of him at that time. So if he finds that the situation isn’t right, tell him to find a chance to flee,” Yi Qiushui said quietly.

If there was a great battle tonight, it would be bound to be extremely tragic. Zhou Yuan’s strength was unknown, and he was seriously injured; he really could lose his life if he wasn’t careful. 

When Zhao Yue heard this, her look of helplessness worsened. But it was Yi Qiushui’s order, so she had no choice but to turn her horse around to the carriage and pass along Yi Qiushui’s words. Without waiting for Zhou Yuan’s answer, she spurred her horse away. 

In the carriage.   

Zhou Yuan slowly opened his eyes. He felt the Divine Dwellings in his body become bright and dazzling once more, flowing with majestic and powerful Genesis Qi that turned into countless shining Genesis Qi stars. 

All the wounds in his body had completely recovered.

He had regained all of his strength.   

Moreover, he could distinctly feel that after suffering these serious injuries, his Genesis Qi and bodily strength had also somewhat improved.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. Xuanzhou City wasn’t far away, and when he arrived, he planned to look for an opportunity to understand the specific situation in Tianyuan Region.

 . . . .

The night was cold.   

The faint moonlight illuminated the sleepy camp as smoke rose from the campfire.   

In the dark multiple shadows quietly skimmed past like ghosts and gradually surrounded the campsite from all directions.    

A figure made hand gestures.    


Suddenly the dark shadows shot out like wolves, storming the campsite. Soon after, arcs of powerful Genesis Qi light whizzed towards each tent.   


But when the Genesis Qi bombarded the tents, streams of icy cold light suddenly appeared one after another inside the tent.   

Silhouettes shot out and collided with the black shadows. 


The sounds of Genesis Qi colliding broke the silence. 

Two waves of people clashed, screams rang one after another, and a bloody smell saturated the campsite.  

Yi Qiushui, Zhao Yue, Mu Chao and the rest gathered together, striking back at all the black shadows rushing over. 

But Yi Qiushui didn’t show a relaxed look because of this. Instead her eyes were fixed on the darkness not far away, only to see that Qiu Ji’s figure was slowly walking out.    

“Yi Qiushui, I told you, you can’t get to Xuanzhou City.” Qiu Ji’s faint voice and gloomy eyes in the dark seemed particularly terrifying.   

Yi Qiushui narrowed her eyes and calmly responded, “Qiu Ji, with your strength alone, you can’t stop us.”  

Qiu Ji grinned. “Of course. Yi Qiushui, you are an intermediate Divine Dwelling stage expert who has opened up eight Divine Dwellings. In Xiaoxuan Province, there are indeed very few people of your level who can beat you.” 

Although Qiu Ji was also at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, he had only opened up six Divine Dwellings. In any respect, he was inferior to Yi Qiushui, but from the look on his face, he didn’t seem to be too worried. 

Yi Qiushui brandished her sword. Her eyes drooped as she said, “Then why did you come to die?    

“Or could it be that you’ve found foreign aid, so you’re not afraid? But there shouldn’t be any family that is willing to intervene in the fight between the Yi family and the Qiu family, right?”   

Qiu Ji laughed, “Those families are best at protecting themselves. It is naturally impossible to have their full support before the outcome of the battle between our two families is decided.    

“So I don’t have high expectations of them.”  

Yi Qiushui scrunched her brows in a frown. “If it’s not clans or families on the surface, then it should be some hidden dark forces hiding in Xiaoxuan Province?”    

Qiu Ji chuckled. “No wonder you’re the eldest daughter of the Yi family. You have a sharp mind.”     

He held out his palms and gave a gentle clap.   

Violent Genesis Qi roared between the heavens and the earth. Yi Qiushui lifted her pretty face and was shocked to see that dozens of figures wearing dark red cloaks were standing on the branches of a huge tree not far away. 

They were headed by a figure who had his arms crossed, and there was a hideous scar running across his face. His body slowly released incomparably powerful Genesis Qi.  

The expressions of Mu Chao, Zhao Yue and the others changed greatly when they laid eyes on the figures in dark red hoods. 

Yi Qiushui also drew a deep breath and clenched her teeth. Her icy cold voice sounded.

“So, it’s Xiaoxuan Province’s most famous...Wind Demon Bandits.”   

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