Chapter 754 Zhao Yue

Not long after Zhou Yuan returned to the tent, someone lifted the curtain and came in. 

Zhou Yuan looked up and was stunned for a moment. The person who had come in was a woman. Her face was beautiful but aloof, and her long shapely brows were like knives, emitting a chilling and fierce intent.

She was dressed in combat gear that highlighted her perfect body and long legs. 

Zhou Yuan had seen this cold and beautiful woman before. Her name was Zhao Yue, and she was Yi Qiushui’s personal bodyguard and someone whom Yi Qiushui trusted a lot.

But at this moment, Yi Qiushui’s personal bodyguard revealed a look of contempt upon seeing Zhou Yuan. Before waiting for Zhou Yuan to speak, she tossed him a spatial bag and uttered coldly, “The essences of ancient wood you need are all inside.”     


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