Chapter 752 Escort

In the dark and dense forest.  

Qiu Ji sat cross-legged under a tree with a darkened face, gazing into the distance where a camp was lit up.    

“Manager Qiu, what do we do now? Yi Qiushui is already vigilant against us and won’t let us get close again,” someone whispered to Qiu Ji.   

“Most importantly, the young master has died....It’s going to be difficult to explain this to the master.”    

Qiu Ji also scrunched his brows in a frown. He never thought that their plan would end like this.    

They had racked their brains to draw Yi Dong’er away from Yi Qiushui for their young master to kidnap her, and then Yi Qiushui would be under their control. 

Unfortunately, these plans were destroyed by a bastard who fell from the sky!   

Most importantly, the bastard even crushed Qiu Yang to death! Although Qiu Yang wasn’t particularly strong, he had still reached the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage! He had died in a completely senseless way.

“We can’t let Yi Qiushui reach Xuanzhou City safely,” Qiu Ji uttered coldly.   

“The master has deployed all the forces of the family to keep the experts of the Yi family...

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