Chapter 751 Qiu Ji

As the voices from outside entered the tent, Yi Qiushui’s long shapely brows knitted together. The rays of light fell on her white porcelain cheeks, revealing a beautiful reflective sheen.

She swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and calmly reassured him, “Don’t worry about other things. Just recuperate here.     

“It will be safer for you to leave when your wounds are healed.”   

From Yi Qiushui’s words and tone of voice, Zhou Yuan could feel a hint of caution towards him. Perhaps this was because of his unknown background.   

“When my injuries are healed, I’ll leave.”   

Zhou Yuan nodded without expression. Although Yi Qiushui was wary of him, he didn’t feel insulted or angered because, given his current state, it indeed wouldn’t be wise of him to leave recklessly, especially under the premise that he had somehow killed an unlucky guy with an important background. 

He knew very well that he was in Hunyuan Heaven, not Cangxuan Heaven. 

He could no longer use the name of the Cangxuan Sect as a shield, and he also didn’t have the unfathomable Yaoyao accompanying him. Here, he had to rely on himself for everything.

When she heard his calm response, Yi Qiushui knew that Zhou Yuan understood the hidden meaning in her words. But his simple and straightforward answer still made her feel a little uncomfortable. 

But she didn’t say much. Their situation was somewhat unusual, and Zhou Yuan was of unknown background. He had suddenly descended from the sky and saved Dong’er. There were far too many coincidences. It was possible that this was all a deliberate plot to get close to them.   

This was the reason why she wanted to test Zhou Yuan. If he had shown any hesitation or made any excuse to stay, she would have suspected him. 

What made her breathe a sigh of relief was that Zhou Yuan didn’t act strangely. 

Yi Qiushu’s long slender eyelashes gently flickered as she took out a jade bottle from her spatial bag and placed it next to Zhou Yuan. “There is a Genesis Accumulation Pill inside that can help restore Genesis Qi. It should be useful to you.” 

“Thank you.”   

Zhou Yuan hesitated a little, but in the end he didn’t refuse, because he really needed medicines and pills that would speed up his recovery. As long as his Genesis Qi wasn’t exhausted, he could operate the Mythic Saint Body Art to repair his body. Although its speed of recovery wasn’t as quick as the Taiyi Green Wood Mark, this wasn’t a time to be picky.   

“I owe you a favour,” he said seriously.

Yi Qiushui didn’t care too much about what Zhou Yuan said. She had outstanding talent and was able to reach the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage at such a young age, and she was one of the strongest among the young generation of Little Xuanzhou. 

Therefore, she didn’t expect much of Zhou Yuan’s strength. After all, he was from another heaven. 

And Hunyuan Heaven was the strongest among the heavens besides the sacred race’s. As someone of the Hunyuan Heaven, Yi Qiushui naturally felt a little sense of superiority when she met people of other heavens. This was a common problem for the majority of the people of the Hunyuan Heaven.    

This was the same mentality the people of the Shengzhou continent had when they met people of other continents.   

Yi Qiushui said nothing more and walked out of the tent.    

Yi Dong’er smiled at Zhou Yuan. “Big brother Zhou Yuan, don’t worry. Recuperate here.”    

Zhou Yuan smiled softly at her. The little girl was simple and pure. She didn’t think too much like her older sister, and she truly treated him as her lifesaver.  

Although in Zhou Yuan’s view, it was she who was his lifesaver. 

Zhou Yuan watched the sisters leave the tent. However, soon after, Zhou Yuan heard a commotion outside.

He hesitated a little but then sat up with difficulty and lifted a small corner of the tent to peep through. 

He wanted to find out where he was now.  

Outside the tent was a camp.   

At that moment, a wave of people was outside surrounding the tent in which Zhou Yuan was resting.    

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful eyes were even brighter under the sun. She stared at a group of people led by a gloomy middle-aged man.    

“Qiu Ji, why are you here?” Yi Qiushui asked coldly.    

The eyes of the middle-aged man, Qiu Ji, blazed with anger. He thundered, “Miss Yi, our young master died here. You haven’t given us an explanation, and yet you want us to leave?”    

Yi Qiushui sneered, “You think I don’t know what Qiu Yang wanted to do? He just wanted to kidnap Dong’er and use her to blackmail me, isn’t that right?”   

Qiu Ji raged, “Yi Qiushui, just because your father said he would pass the position of Prefecture Lord to you, you actually think you are the Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Province! Also, even if you are, you killed the young master of my Qiu family. My Qiu family won’t leave this matter at that!  

“Come, bring that boy to me!” 

Qiu Ji thundered. All of a sudden several figures stepped forth from behind him. Powerful Genesis Qi surged out and formed a Divine Dwelling halo behind them.  

“Who dares!”

Yi Qiushui raised her beautiful brows. 

Chi! Chi!

More than a dozen figures appeared behind Yi Qiushui like ghosts, fixing fierce looks on Qiu Ji and the others. Their strength was extremely extraordinary, and the majority had already reached the Divine Dwelling stage. 

The two sides immediately disagreed, and the atmosphere turned incredibly tense all of a sudden.   

Qiu Ji’s face darkened. He certainly knew that Qiu Yang had racked his brain to find a chance to kidnap Yi Dong’er, but no one thought that just as Qiu Yang would almost succeed, someone would descend from the sky and crush him to death.   

In the end, their plan was exposed, and they had completely angered Yi Qiushui. 

If this were spread to Xuanzhou City, the master of the Qiu family would fly into a rage when he learned of the matter. The one in trouble then would be Qiu Ji. 

“Yi Qiushui, are you really going to tear apart the face of my Qiu family for someone who has nothing to do with you? You are currently not the Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Province!” Qiu Ji said with a sinister expression. 

“If you hand that person over to me, I can at least report back. It’s good for both of us. Otherwise...there is still some distance to Xuanzhou City. If something were to happen on the way, don’t blame anyone.” 

There was an evident threat in his words.

However, Yi Qiushui’s beautiful eyes were still icy cold, and she did not back down in the least. “Take your men and get lost. When I get to Xuanzhou City, your Qiu family can come find me if they want!”    

With eyes like a viper, Qiu Ji swept a look over the tent behind her. He then gave a cold smile and turned away with his people.    

Following Qiu Ji’s departure, the tense atmosphere faded.   

Inside the tent.   

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze and returned to the bed. His brows slightly wrinkled. 

It seemed he had created enemies the moment he had arrived in Hunyuan Heaven.

But who was the Prefecture Lord of Xiaoxuan Province?   

Zhou Yuan let out a sigh, clasping the jade bottle that Yi Qiushui had gifted him. He slowly closed his eyes. No matter what, he needed to hurry and recover from his injuries.

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