Chapter 750 The Yi Clan Sisters

Zhou Yuan felt a splitting headache when he opened his eyes again. What greeted him was the roof of a white tent. He was dazed for a few breaths before intense pain flooded his body.

It felt as if his entire body was being torn to pieces.

He could not help but gasp several times, his face contorting in pain.

But the pain made him breathe a secret sigh of relief. It looked like he was pretty lucky to have not fallen straight to his death...

As he endured the pain, Zhou Yuan scanned the area with his gaze. Where is this? This should be in Hunyuan Heaven, right?

While such thoughts were swirling in his head, the tent entrance was suddenly lifted. Zhou Yuan saw a small figure walk in as a pair of large eyes stared in a daze at Zhou Yuan, who was now awake.

Zhou Yuan looked over and found what appeared...

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