Chapter 748 Separation

Zhou Yuan gazed in silence at the inside of the crystal coffin.

Yaoyao silently lay within it. Her fair and slender hands were clasped together over her abdomen, and numerous cracks were glowing on her skin.

Her face was still as breathtakingly beautiful as before. However, her usually clear yet distant eyes were now tightly shut, sealing off any signs of life.

Sorrow flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he reached out and gently caressed the coffin lid. Her every scowl and smile now existed only in memory.

He deeply blamed himself for what had happened to Yaoyao because if not for him, she would never have been forced into such a state.

Cang Yuan had tasked him to take care of Yaoyao, but Zhou Yuan clearly understood who had been taking care of who for the past few years.

Meeting her was his blessing.

But what made Zhou Yuan feel unbearable inside was that meeting him was most likely not a blessing for her. Otherwise, she would not be in this state today.

Zhou Yuan knew that his lack of strength was the main reason why this had happened.

Zhou Yuan softly murmured, “Don’t worry Yaoyao. I will awaken you no matter how difficult it is!”

He stared at Yaoyao’s face for a long time. In the end, he cast away all hesitation and decisively turned around to leave.

He did not know what awaited him this time. Hunyuan Heaven was far too vast and far from anything Cangxuan Heaven could hope to compare to. But he would not give up no matter what.

After leaving the house, boundless Genesis Qi undulations rippled in front of him. Zhou Yuan looked over and saw a giant Genesis Qi light array slowly taking shape in the nearby mountain valley.

Cang Yuan stood in the air, countless runes appearing and landing on the light array each time his finger cut through the air.

It was a Genesis Rune array that enabled travel between the heavens.

A teleportation array of this level was extremely difficult to construct and required an extremely frightening amount of Genesis Qi. However, neither was a huge problem for a Saint.

Two incense sticks of time later.

Cang Yuan’s hands finally stopped moving. He gazed at the light array before him and nodded in approval before slowly descending, arriving in front of Zhou Yuan.

Cang Yuan glanced at the house, then asked, “Are you ready?”

Zhou Yuan silently nodded.

Cang Yuan felt a small surge of emotions as he looked at the young man before him. The sacred race had just so happened to discover his location when he had first met Zhou Yuan, leaving him no choice but to temporarily separate from Yaoyao. Back then, he would never have imagined that such feelings would ultimately develop between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

Cang Yuan did not know whether this was good or bad.

“Zhou Yuan…”

Cang Yuan muttered to himself for a while before he finally said, “I will not say anything else about the relationship between you and Yaoyao, but I hope you can understand that there are unimaginable implications behind her identity. If...

“...if you truly want to be with her, you need to become extremely powerful.

“After all, I’m sure you do not want to see the events of Cangxuan Heaven repeat themselves.”

Zhou Yuan’s hands slowly tightened. He knew that Cang Yuan was not trying to beat him down. Some matters were very cruel, but one ultimately needed to face them.

If he was not strong enough, even if he managed to awaken Yaoyao, something similar would eventually happen again in the future.

Because Yaoyao was not ordinary.

“I understand, master Cang Yuan.” Zhou Yuan faintly nodded.

“Your trip to Hunyuan Heaven is also a big opportunity for is the strongest land of the countless living creatures of Hunyuan World. There are as many geniuses there as the clouds in the sky, and even Saints cannot unravel all its mysteries.

“As such, while you’re trying to find the two Ancestral Dragon related items, don’t forget that it is even more important for you to do everything you can to make yourself stronger.

“Only when you possess sufficient strength will you be able to take hold of certain things in the future. Otherwise…”

Cang Yuan’s expression turned solemn. “I would rather you become an ordinary person and no longer interfere in these affairs. I will find another way to awaken Yaoyao, but you can no longer appear before her in the future.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. A sharp and resolute look immediately emerged in his eyes. He lifted his head and looked straight at Cang Yuan. He slowly said, “Master Cang Yuan, you know that I will never give up.”

Cang Yuan matched Zhou Yuan’s gaze. A while later, he finally said, “Then show it with your actions.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He did not say anything else because everything would hinge upon what happened in the future.


A shadow leaped onto Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, revealing itself to be Tuntun. From Tuntun’s appearance, it was clearly aware of his departure and wanted to tag along.

However, Cang Yuan beckoned with his hand, grabbing Tuntun from some distance away and placing it in the cradle of his other arm. “You won’t be following him this time.”

He raised his head and explained to Zhou Yuan, “Tuntun is no ordinary creature either. I plan to send it to a more suitable place that will be more beneficial to it.”

Tuntun made anxious noises.

Zhou Yuan gently sighed inside. He could not foresee what dangers awaited him in the Hunyuan Heaven and having Tuntun with him may not be a good thing.

He cast a reluctant glance at Tuntun as he felt a surge of frustration. Yaoyao and Tuntun had been at his side for many years, but he was now going to the unfamiliar Hunyuan Heaven alone.

“Tuntun, let’s temporarily part ways here. When we meet again, I will have definitely left you far behind.” Zhou Yuan grinned at Tuntun.

Tuntun immediately displayed a disdainful expression but soon became rather downcast, its tail hanging lifelessly behind it. It likewise understood that there was nothing it could do.


It made whimpering noises at Zhou Yuan, its eyes filled with reluctance.

Sadness rose within Zhou Yuan’s heart, but he ultimately forced himself to turn around and walk into the giant light array.

“I’m ready, master Cang Yuan.”

Cang Yuan faintly nodded and said, “I will do all I can to lock onto the Tianyuan Region. After obtaining the Ancestral Dragon items, shatter the seal I have given you and I will soon contact you.”

He waved his sleeve as his voice faded. Giant rays of light exploded from the array as boundless Genesis Qi gushed over, violently shaking the surrounding space.

However, just as Cang Yuan was about to activate the teleportation array, the domain suddenly began to shudder as the Genesis Qi of the land showed signs of wanting to escape.

Zhou Yuan abruptly raised his head in alarm. A giant crack suddenly appeared in the sky, and endless destructive lightning emerged.

The lightning was white!

Zhou Yuan’s pupils violently shrank at the sight of the white lightning. It was not an unfamiliar sight to him.

It was the sacred race!

They had come as expected!

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