Chapter 741 Destroying the Stamp

Dread flashed in the eyes of the many experts when palace master Sheng Yuan’s broken body appeared within their sights. Of course, it was not the sinister sight of his body that brought them fear, but the two burning golden Saint fire lotus flowers above his head and shoulder...

Double lotus stage!

This was patriarch Cang Xuan’s cultivation level when he had dominated the entire Cangxuan Heaven!

No one had expected palace master Sheng Yuan to also reach this cultivation level. Although it was due to external power, no one could deny how terrifying he was at this moment.

As palace master Sheng Yuan stepped into the double lotus Saint stage, the countless white lightning bolts outside the world boundary slowly dissipated, and the giant golden eye dimmed somewhat.

The ultimate experts of the sacred race had likewise paid a steep price in order to transmit this power and were no longer able to send any attacks through the world boundary.

Patriarch Cang Xuan was finally free, but an extremely grave look filled his eyes. Although palace master Sheng Yuan’s double lotus stage was indistinct, no matter how faint it was, it was ultimately still a double lotus...

“Hehe, is this the legendary double lotus Saint?”

There was a drunken look of infatuation on palace master Sheng Yuan’s mutilated face. His eyes narrowed in pleasure as he felt the vast power within his body.

This was the level of power he had yearned for in his dreams.

Patriarch Cang Xuan sneered and said, “You relied on the sacred race’s power to temporarily raise yourself to the double lotus stage. Aren’t you afraid of not having the life to enjoy it?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan laughed in a carefree manner. How could he not know of the grave consequences that followed? After this battle, he would be seriously injured, and it would take a tremendous amount of time and effort to recover.

But so what?

As long as he managed to finish off patriarch Cang Xuan and Yaoyao and then obtain the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he would become the ruler of this world. When that happened, he would not only recover from all of his injuries but also truly step into the Saint stage.

“Cang Xuan, are you afraid?”

Boundless Genesis Qi soared into the sky above palace master Sheng Yuan’s head. The silver Genesis Qi blotted out the sun as concentrated golden light dazzled within it. Golden flames seemed to rise from the golden light.

This Genesis Qi gave off a suffocating pressure.

It was Saint Genesis Qi.

A Law Domain expert could fuse Genesis Qi with the power of the Law Domain, creating Law Domain Genesis Qi.

Once a Law Domain practitioner stepped into the Saint stage and created Saint fire, Saint fire and Genesis Qi could be fused to become Saint Genesis Qi.

It was a purer and more powerful force than Low Domain Genesis Qi.

In the face of such power, anyone below the Saint stage would be akin to a mantis trying to stop a cart.

Palace master Sheng Yuan howled as boundless Saint Genesis Qi churned. In the blink of an eye, the qi turned into a hundred giant glowing balls in the sky.

Every ball was a condensation of raw destructive power.

In an instant, it was as if over a hundred suns had appeared in the sky.

“Cang Xuan, you suppressed me with your cultivation level back then. Isn’t it my turn to do so now?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan was full of spirit. With a wave of his sleeve, the hundred sun-like balls descended, falling straight towards patriarch Cang Xuan and Yaoyao.

The sight of these Saint Genesis Qi balls caused the expressions of sect master Qing Yang and the other Law Domain experts to turn ugly. They could feel that if this attack was headed their way, they would not be able to survive a single ball.

From this one could see just how powerful palace master Sheng Yuan had become.

Patriarch Cang Xuan frowned as he gazed upon the attack. If it was the him from the past, palace master Sheng Yuan’s weak double lotus stage would barely be able to threaten him. Unfortunately, he was currently just a mere Spirit fragment.

Patriarch Cang Xuan sighed as he rapidly formed a series of seals with his hands.

“Great Mountain River Array!”

Torrential dark azure Saint Genesis Qi surged forth, transforming into numerous ancient mountains and rivers. Every mountain and river was made from boundless Saint Genesis Qi and wielded more than enough power to easily subdue numerous Law Domain experts.


Scorching suns descended from the sky amidst countless shaken gazes, and they collided with the endless mountains and rivers. The entire world seemed to fall silent at the moment of impact, and then an indescribable storm of Genesis Qi quickly followed...

Space itself shattered and crumbled above Blackwater.

Some of the aftershocks reached the ground, causing the land to disintegrate.

The other experts rapidly withdrew, not daring to be caught in the destruction.

However, their gazes remained tightly glued to the battle in the sky. They knew that the fight was already nearing its end and that both parties had nearly played all of their cards.

The one who had the final laugh would become the victor.


Both parties clashed time and time again, but as time passed, some of the sharper experts began to sense patriarch Cang Xuan’s aura slowly starting to weaken.

“Teacher is ultimately a Spirit fragment, and it is impossible for him to have an endless supply of power. If this continues, I’m afraid that he will not be a match for Sheng Yuan!” said the master of Hongya Peak in a gloomy voice as a powerless look filled his face. Even experts like them would be instantly destroyed if they tried to interfere in a battle of this level.

Sect master Qing Yang could only let out a soft sigh. At this juncture, even he could not interfere.

Palace master Sheng Yuan continued to send out overwhelming attacks one after another, each fueled by Saint Genesis Qi. He could naturally sense the changes in patriarch Cang Xuan, causing an icy smile to rise from the corners of his lips.


However, while he was trying to defeat Cang Xuan as quickly as possible, the space in front of him suddenly shattered as a figure shot out. The tip of a brush danced as countless ancient Genesis Runes formed, transforming into a glowing, ten-thousand-foot-large claw that viciously slashed at him.

It was Yaoyao.

“Humph!” Sheng Yuan icily snorted. Blood spurted from his broken body as Saint Genesis Qi swept out, transforming into a giant bloody hand that collided with the glowing claw.


The surrounding space rippled violently.

Sheng Yuan’s figure took several rapid steps backwards, and Yaoyao’s body was flung away. Blood appeared on her lips.

“I’m currently a double lotus Saint, and yet you still dare to face me directly?” Palace master Sheng Yuan’s icy laughter rang out. He had finally obtained the absolute upper hand in that earlier clash.

“Nevermind, that old ghost Cang Xuan is already akin to a flickering flame in the wind and can’t even defend himself. I guess I’ll capture you first!”

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s fingers grabbed at the space in front of him.

Boundless Saint Genesis Qi swept forth. Beams of light interweaved, creating an inescapable net that loomed towards Yaoyao.

Saint Genesis Qi sealed the area around them, making it impossibly difficult to leave via spatial means.

Far away, patriarch Cang Xuan’s eyes changed slightly. He wanted to lend a hand but was thoroughly suppressed by Sheng Yuan’s endless onslaught, making it impossible for him to do anything else but defend. Moreover, a feeling of weakness had begun to emerge in his body.

He softly sighed, feeling somewhat sad. He was after all no longer the same unstoppable patriarch Cang Xuan from the past.

Even someone who relied on external power to become a double lotus could force him into such a predicament.


Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out in his head. He could feel that patriarch Cang Xuan’s consciousness was growing fainter.

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s voice, patriarch Cang Xuan let out a bitter laugh. “Zhou Yuan, I’m afraid I will only be able to help till this point…”

Zhou Yuan fell silent. Today had truly been a rollercoaster. No one had expected the odds to keep tipping in Sheng Yuan’s favor. Was it really as he had said? Was fate and luck truly with him?

What was more, Yaoyao’s current situation had become very dangerous, making him extremely anxious.

“Zhou Yuan, my Spirit fragment is about to dissipate, and control of your body will soon return to you...once my Spirit fragment is gone, some remnant power will be left behind that should be able to give you some protection. You should find an opportunity to escape with Yaoyao.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s voice was growing fainter and fainter.

“Hehe, this goodbye will be the last because my bag of tricks has been used up…”

Zhou Yuan felt extremely unbearable inside. He knew that if it were not for Yaoyao’s unforeseen circumstances, palace master Sheng Yuan would have fallen into patriarch Cang Xuan’s trap even if he had ultimately obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

However, for the sake of protecting Yaoyao, patriarch Cang Xuan had no choice but to reveal his hidden Spirit fragment in advance.

And now, after the battle with the ultimate sacred race experts, patriarch Cang Xuan’s Spirit fragment had used up nearly all of its power.

“Zhou Yuan, I hope...that things will go well for you two…”

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s voice finally faded.

Zhou Yuan’s body turned rigid, and the expression in his eyes slowly changed. The ancient and all-knowingness faded, replaced by spirited youthfulness.

“Thank you patriarch,” he softly mumbled.


Palace master Sheng Yuan, clearly aware of this change, began to laugh the moment patriarch Cang Xuan’s Spirit fragment vanished.

“Cang Xuan, ah, Cang Xuan, you failed to beat me in the end. The Cangxuan Saint Stamp will ultimately land in my hands!”

Palace master Sheng Yuan did not even look at Zhou Yuan this time. After losing patriarch Cang Xuan’s Spirit fragment, Zhou Yuan was less than an ant.

All of his attention shifted towards Yaoyao. Once he captured her, it would be a perfect ending to today’s matter.

“I am the final victor!”

As palace master Sheng Yuan laughed, torrential killing intent surged outside the net that was closing in around Yaoyao. Once she was caught, he would begin to bare his fangs.

In the sky, Zhou Yuan watched with a sunken expression. His gaze rapidly flickered as a crazed look surged out in his eyes.

With a grasp of his hand, he used patriarch Cang Xuan’s remnant power to suck over the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyes narrowed. He finally raised his gaze and looked towards the ant-like existence that was Zhou Yuan. He indifferently said, “Kid, if you voluntarily hand over the stamp now, I will give you a less painful death.”

“You want the Saint Stamp?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned scarlet red as he let out a chilling laugh.

“Then I’ll give it to you!”

He suddenly swung his hand, sending all of patriarch Cang Xuan’s remaining power into the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.


Amidst countless shocked and horrified gazes, crack after crack emerged on the stamp. In the end, it exploded with a loud bang.

Countless fragments shot outwards.

Zhou Yuan had destroyed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!

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