Chapter 740 Receive


The surrounding space crumbled and the entire world seemed to dim when palace master Sheng Yuan’s palm swung at Yaoyao.

It was as if a towering mountain was crushing down onto her as the golden Saint flame blazed, burning everything into nothingness.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s transformation had been extremely strange, and had moved far too swiftly. Even if patriarch Cang Xuan reacted right away, it would still be too late for him to counter. Furthermore, he was currently preoccupied by the sacred race experts outside the boundary wall.

Therefore, he could only helplessly watch Sheng Yuan launch a full power attack at Yaoyao.    

Yaoyao hovered in the air, her long golden hair fluttering behind her. The mighty palm of palace paster Sheng Yuan rapidly enlarged in her eyes, but she simply scrunched her brows together in a frown.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s sudden attack was equally unexpected to her.  

This man really was extremely annoying. 

The coldest of qis bubbled in the depths of Yaoyao’s bright and clear eyes. She ignored palace master Sheng Yuan’s palm strike, and instead folded her fingers into the centre of her palm and threw a punch at palace master Sheng Yuan. 

“Return to the source!”

An ancient sound was emitted from her red lips.    


Palace master Sheng Yuan’s palm landed on Yaoyao’s shoulder, but at the same time, her fist also struck him in the chest. 

The space between the two directly collapsed.    

Both were blasted away by the heavy strikes.

Yaoyao’s bare feet gently touched the air as she steadied her body, while cracks spread across her fair skin.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s body was also thrown back, but he immediately stabilized himself with a puzzled look on his face. He had poured all of his strength into that palm strike. Why did it feel as if all his power had disappeared into a bottomless black hole.

Her body appeared weak and frail, but there seemed to be a terrifying power that even he couldn’t fathom hiding within.

While such thoughts ran through palace master Sheng Yuan’s mind, his pupils suddenly shrank. He peered down at his chest where he found a small fist imprint. A mysterious force was invading his body through the fist imprint.

As the force spread, palace master Sheng Yuan realized his flesh and blood was disintegrating.

In a short few seconds, a bloody hole had already appeared in his chest.  

Moreover, palace master Sheng Yuan was even more shocked to find out that the Genesis Qi in his body was somehow breaking away from his control when it came into contact with that power. It was as if his Genesis Qi had returned to the most basic ownerless Genesis Qi of the universe.

If that power was allowed to continue eroding his body, he had a feeling that his entire body would be turned into the most fundamental Genesis Qi.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s expression darkened. His fingers immediately cut across his chest, removing all the nearby flesh and blood to form an even bigger bloody hole, while further exposing his glistening organs. 

He tossed the flesh and blood away, which rapidly turned to nothingness, unravelling back into the most common Genesis Qi of the land.

The experts on all sides stared aghast at this scene.

No one had expected palace master Sheng Yuan to be wounded even after using what could be said to be his greatest chance to attack Yaoyao.

On the other hand, sect master Qing Yang and the others were equally shocked and overjoyed.

Unlike them, however, a worried look arose in patriarch Cang Xuan’s eyes, who had been closely from afar. He had seen the faint cracks across Yaoyao’s skin.    

Yaoyao’s body was unable to bear the repeated usage of the power hidden within it.

Yaoyao’s situation was incredibly special. It had been a miracle for her to receive this body and it would certainly be disastrous for her if it was destroyed.

The more power she used, the more uneasy that patriarch Cang Xuan felt.    

The most troublesome thing, however, was that Yaoyao had used that power in front of the experts from the sacred race.


Patriarch Cang Xuan lifted his head and saw the gigantic golden eye beyond the boundary wall fiercely flickering. Although it was across a great distance, he could still feel the rippling emotions of the sacred race experts. 


A faint and unclear voice sounded from far away.    

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyes flashed when he heard the voice. Immediately after, a fierce look flashed to his eyes. Today's events would determine whether he could obtain the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and dominate Cangxuan Heaven. 

Therefore, no matter what means he used, he must get rid of patriarch Cang Xuan and Yaoyao.    

But it was currently too difficult for experts of the sacred race to cross the boundary wall. Sheng Yuan knew that although they couldn’t descend with their real bodies, they could send their tremendous power through by paying a great price.

All they needed was something to receive it.  

“It will still benefit me in the end.”   

A sinister smile spread across palace master Sheng Yuan’s face. With one final glance at Yaoyao, he folded one of his hands in a seal and more than half of his body exploded under countless horrified gazes. 


The smell of blood filled the air. 


A pillar of light shooting skywards from the bloody mist, piercing through countless clouds to reach the boundary wall.

The huge golden vertical-pupil eye in the boundary wall crack flickered a little before finally coming to a decision. All of a sudden, a speck of golden light descended and touched the pillar of light.

Upon a closer inspection, one would find that there was a blood-soaked eyeball within the golden light!    

The eyeball touched the pillar of light and directly integrated with it. The light pillar retracted at lightning speed, disappearing back into the bloody mist. 

All this happened within a few seconds, and only patriarch Cang Xuan and Yaoyao were able to clearly see everything. However, they were unable to stop these events from transpiring.

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s face was ashen as he frostily remarked, “Sheng Yuan, you really are such a good slave. You even destroyed half your body to receive and lead the power of the sacred race in!”

The bloody mist that filled the air swayed slightly as a figure walked out under countless watching gazes.


Numerous experts gasped out loud when they saw the figure. 

The figure was covered in blood and half of its body was mangled, but that appearance clearly belonged to palace master Sheng Yuan!

Even though Sheng Yuan’s body was in a terrible state, his presence had become extremely tyrannical, and had even begun to surpass patriarch Cang Xuan’s.

Suspended above his head and left shoulder were two Saint flame lotus flowers.   

Sect master Qing Yang and many experts were all shocked to see two Saint flame lotus flowers, unable to believe their eyes.

Because they all knew that there were three realms to the Saint stage, and every realm was marked by one lotus.

The formation of three lotus flowers signified the pinnacle of the Saint stage. 

In patriarch Cang Xuan’s heyday, he had been a Saint expert of the two lotus realm.

And now, palace master Sheng Yuan had reached the same level after receiving the power of the sacred race experts. 

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