Chapter 738 Beaten Back

‘Zhou Yuan’ stood in the air, gazing at the endless heavens with a solemn expression.

“What's wrong patriarch?”

Zhou Yuan's voice rang out in his mind. Zhou Yuan had evidently felt the fluctuation in his emotions.   

Patriarch Cang Xuan was silent for some time before he replied, “An extremely terrifying force is attempting to push its way through the boundary walls of Cangxuan Heaven. If my speculation is correct, it should be the experts of the sacred race.” 

“Sacred race?”

Zhou Yuan worriedly blurted out, “They’ve come for Yaoyao?”


Patriarch Cang Xuan said in a low voice, “Once her seal is broken, the sacred race will be able to detect her power.

“She mustn’t fall into the hands of the sacred race, otherwise, the uncountable living beings of Tianyuan World will lose all hope.”    

“Who exactly is Yaoyao?” Zhou Yuan had no idea that Yaoyao would have such a huge impact.

But patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t answer this time. In a flash, he appeared next to Yaoyao.    

Yaoyao’s long golden hair fluttered in the wind, a detached indifference in her clear and bright eyes. Only when her eyes fell on Zhou Yuan did that cold indifference fade a little. 

“Your power is too great. Possessing his body will make him suffer.” Yaoyao frowned.

Patriarch Cang Xuan snappily said, “At a time like this, so what if he suffers a little?

“But you--”   

Patriarch Cang Xuan gazed at Yaoyao. He could see faint golden cracks continuously appearing on her fair skin. 

“You are too reckless. You can’t bear such tremendous power right now.

“You still haven't truly awakened yet.

“No one knows what kind of consequences you will face for this…”

Golden strands of hair fluttered in front of Yaoyao’s eyes. She lifted her hand and tucked her hair behind her ears but didn’t answer him. Instead, she slightly raised her head and gazed at the sky.

Sheng Yuan was also hovering in the air. A puzzled look flashed in his eyes when he saw no movement from Yaoyao and patriarch Cang Xuan but his heart soon trembled as he turned towards the heavens.    

He had felt it as well.

“Why are they trying to break the boundary wall again?” asked palace master Sheng Yuan in confusion.

Outside Cangxuan Heaven stood the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array which made it impossible for the experts of the sacred race to enter. The reason why the sacred race had managed to slip into Cangxuan Heaven back then to attack patriarch Cang Xuan was because palace master Sheng Yuan had secretly aided them. But he had not informed the sacred race this time.

Even the sacred race would have to pay a huge price in order to penetrate the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array.

“Could they have sensed the patriarch Cang Xuan’s Spirit fragment? Impossible, patriarch Cangxuan’s Spirit fragment does not hold such allure.”

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyes flashed in thought. After a few seconds, his line of sight shifted to Yaoyao. 

He had a vague feeling that she was the sacred race’s target. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan couldn’t help chuckle, “Cang Xuan, it seems that the heavens really want you to die. Even luck is on my side.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan turned to remind Yaoyao, “This person is trouble. I will first strike him down from the Saint stage but you mustn’t do anything.”

Palace master Sheng Yuan suddenly shot away when he heard this. He clearly planned to avoid any fighting until the forces of the sacred race arrived.    

“Cang Xuan, although I am no match for both of you together, it doesn’t mean you can stop me from escaping.” palace master Sheng Yuan sneered. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan calmly watched palace master Sheng Yuan flee as he asked, “Sheng Yuan, did you properly absorb my Saint heart?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean?”  

“I just want to tell you that it isn’t safe to rely on other people’s things to achieve the Saint stage.”    

Patriarch Cang Xuan folded his hands together. “Heart of Saint, scatter!”

As his voice rang out, palace master Sheng Yuan was horrified to see countless specks of golden light uncontrollably float out from his body.

Each speck of golden light contained a boundless power. It was the heart of Saint that he had absorbed earlier!

Palace master Sheng Yuan tried to stop the golden light specks from escaping, but his efforts were all in vain. He quickly realized that these specks of golden light had a will of their own. 

A will that came from patriarch Cang Xuan.    

Numerous golden specks of light rose from palace master Sheng Yuan’s body before dissipating. The majestic power contained in them made the nearby Genesis Qi turn incredibly concentrated.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s face darkened.   

The golden Saint flame lotus above his head swayed and finally shattered, turning back into a tiny wisp.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s cultivation instantly reverted back to the false Saint stage. 

An uproar swept across the experts of the many sects in the area. Nobody had thought that patriarch Cang Xuan could beat palace master Sheng Yuan back to his original cultivation state. 

However, what puzzled everyone even more was that patriarch Cang Xuan did not follow up with any attacks.

Palace master Sheng Yuan stared darkly at patriarch Cang Xuan. He had not escaped in fear after falling back to the false Saint stage because he could sense that patriarch Cang Xuan was trying to save as much power as possible.   

“What are you worried about?” palace Master Sheng Yuan sneered. 

He shot a glance at Yaoyao as his lips curved into an unfathomable smile, “Are you worried about drawing the sacred race here if you use too much power?”   

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s face was indifferent but his eyes turned as cold as a knife. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan was right. Although the sacred race had detected Yaoyao’s presence, it wasn’t easy to break through the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. Therefore, patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t want to use his power in hopes that the sacred race would not discover this battlefield.

After all, Cangxuan Heaven was extremely vast and it was difficult for even the top experts of the sacred race to fully probe the area with the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array covering it.

Even now, he couldn't use all his power to deal with palace master Sheng Yuan, because he was merely a Spirit fragment and needed to conserve as much strength as possible to cope with what would happen next.

After all, he couldn’t let Yaoyao fully break the seal.    

Palace master Sheng Yuan grinned, “Cang Xuan, I only wanted to use the sacred race and have not truly sided with them. If you give me the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, I will not intervene in the subsequent events.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s lips curved in a mocking smile, “Sheng Yuan, your knees have already bent once, so don’t try to act tough in front of me. You do not deserve to hold the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.”

Sheng Yuan lowered his gaze. “It seems that you won’t agree?”  

He shook his head.   

“Cangxuan, you forced me to do this---”

He stretched out his palm, revealing a vertical golden eye. In the next moment, he clenched his hand and crushed the eye. 

When the golden eye shattered, a wave of energy unperceivable to ordinary people shot into the sky.

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s eyes widened in shock and anger upon seeing. He didn’t think that palace master Sheng Yuan would still be in possession of a golden sacred eye that could notify the sacred race!    

“Sheng Yuan, you deserve to die!” 

The enraged patriarch Cang Xuan no longer cared about conserving his strength as a majestic power pulsed outwards.

However, just as he was about to attack, his heart pounded and he looked up with a stormy face.    

In the endless heavens above, the sky seemed to gradually tear apart as a giant golden vertical eye peered through with cold and icy haughtiness, taking in everything that was happening in the area.   

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