Chapter 734 The Heart of Saint


The boundless black and white dragon breath descended at an incredible speed. If caught in it, even experts of the Law Domain would be wiped out in an instant and turned to nothingness unless they had the protection of a Saint treasure.

Under the giant black and white dragon breath, Yaoyao’s slender and petite body appeared extremely thin and frail, as if the ethereally beautiful maiden would vanish a split second later.

Everyone couldn't help but shake their heads.    

Under countless watching gazes, Yaoyao lifted her head, revealing her fair and graceful neck as she watched the mighty torrent of black and white dragon head towards her.

She held out her hand as a mysterious golden liquid gushed out from her palm. The liquid condensed into the shape of a golden mottled brush, engraved with the most ancient markings of the world, as though it had existed as long as heaven and earth.

She clasped the golden mottled brush and shook her wrist as the nib of the brush descended.

A ray of golden light appeared out of thin air.

The ray bended and twisted, giving off a mystical rhythm that seemed to connect heaven and earth.

Rays of golden light continued to appear one after another. 

Threads of gold linked together in front of Yaoyao, ultimately fusing into an extremely ancient rune. The rune had never been seen before but when everyone laid eyes on it, a word emerged in their hearts.    


Countless experts studied the ancient rune from afar. The eyes of some of the more Genesis Rune proficient members of the crowd lit upm, because they knew how mystical this ancient Genesis Rune was.

Only those who had a very strong connection with the world could draw such a Genesis Rune.

Moreover, they had a peculiar feeling that this ancient Genesis Rune seemed to be somewhat different from other Genesis Runes.

Old man Bai Mei’s brows quivered as he stared intently at the ancient Genesis Rune. “This is no mere Genesis Rune. There are some traces of a Genesis technique within it.

“She has perfectly combined Genesis Rune and Genesis technique!

“Every stroke isn’t simply drawing a Genesis Rune but also was creating a Genesis technique. When the two come together, their power becomes unfathomable.”    

His face lit up as though he could now die without regrets. He had never heard of such mastery. Even a disciple of patriarch Cang Xuan like himself believed that his master Cangxuan couldn’t compare to Yaoyao in terms of Genesis Rune mastery.   


Under the countless astonished gazes, Yaoyao thrust her brush forward. The giant golden Genesis Rune was sent shooting into the sky in the form of a beam of golden light and directly collided with the mighty black and white dragon breath.


A thunderous sound reverberated throughout the world.    

As the golden light passed, the mighty black and white dragon breath froze for a moment before disintegrating.

Countless gasps of astonishment rang out.

No one had expected palace master Sheng Yuan’s Life Executioner Painting to fail. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan was likewise trembling in shock and disbelief as the fear in his eyes grew. But at the same time, his killing intent also intensified.

He wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully if this woman wasn’t killed today.


However, while killing intent erupted in palace master Sheng Yuan’s heart, the Life Executioner Painting began to shudder. Sheng Yuan anxiously looked over to see Yaoyao waving the Genesis Rune brush as mysterious golden light continuously appeared.

The golden light pierced in numerous directions like golden pillars. 

And as the golden pillars grew in numbers, the Life Executioner Painting began trembling more and more violently, while the black and white yin and yang qi gradually weakened.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s face darkened as horror filled his eyes. He had realized that Yaoyao was destroying the Life Executioner Painting.   

Every ray of golden light was directed towards the core of the Life Executioner Painting, slowly splintering the painting apart as they slowly vibrated.

It should be said that every Saint treasure was a near perfect entity and possessed unimaginable power. Palace master Sheng Yuan could understand if someone tried to overwhelm a Saint treasure with raw power, which was what patriarch Cang Xuan had done back then.   

But he had never seen something like what Yaoyao was doing. 

This mysterious girl named Yaoyao---where did she come from?!

This scene likewise shocked sect master Qing Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign and other experts. They could naturally discern Yaoyao’s intention.   

“Such a method is simply divine.” They exchanged glances with one another as bitter smiles crossed their faces. 

But once they composed themselves, they were overjoyed by this development. If Yaoyao managed to crack the Life Executioner Painting, it would inevitably suffer fundamental damage and would require a lot of effort to repair it.    

In turn, this would undoubtedly weaken palace master Sheng Yuan.  

Palace master Sheng Yuan similarly was aware of this fact. As a result, his eyes were filled with immense hatred as though he wanted to swallow Yaoyao. Faced with this situation, even someone like him almost lost control.

But in the end he drew a deep breath and forcibly suppressed his emotions. He absolutely couldn’t let Yaoyao escape. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult to imprison her.

If that were to happen and sect master Qing Yang and the others joined the battle, his advantage would truly be completely gone.

Palace master Sheng Yuan looked at the fiercely vibrating Life Executioner Painting in silence for a few moments before a resolute look gradually emerged in his eyes.


He slowly stretched out his arms as the space around his palms began to distort. A faint golden glow emerged as even the sound of the wind seemed to fall silent.

Badum! Badum!

A peculiar beat began thudding throughout heaven and the earth.    

Countless eyes shifted towards palace master Sheng Yuan’s palms, only to see that a golden heart had appeared. The heart faintly beated, triggering a storm of Genesis Qi.    

“What is that? A golden heart?!” exclaimed the onlookers. 

Studying the golden heart from afar, sect master Qing Yang felt a familiar aura. A moment later, his eyes reddened as a furious voice rang out, “Sheng Yuan, you thief!”     

Palace master Sheng Yuan shot an indifferent glance at the former as the corners of his mouth curved in a mocking smile, “It seems that you’ve recognized it. Yes, it is indeed Cang Xuan’s Saint heart!”

Countless experts stood dumbstruck.   

Palace master Sheng Yuan stared at the golden heart in his palms. Countless runes swam on its golden surface, also reaching deep within it to isolate all life force.

When patriarch Cang Xuan was killed by the sacred race many years ago, they took and refined his Saint heart as a reward for palace master Sheng Yuan.   

It was a unique treasure and also the reason why palace master Sheng Yuan could step into the false Saint stage. 

Moreover, once he ingested and refined the heart of Saint, he would truly step into the Saint stage!    

Of course, this breakthrough would only be temporary. Palace master Sheng Yuan would not resort to this unless absolutely necessary.

“As long as I can get my hands on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, I will be able to truly step into the Saint stage. The heart of Saint will be of little use to me then.” Sheng Yuan took a deep breath. He wasn’t an ordinary person and naturally knew what choice to make.

If he failed to get his hands on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp today, his many years of plotting would be wasted and he most likely would not come across such a great opportunity again.   

Therefore, he cast away all hesitation. He gritted teeth, clapped his palms together, and shattered the golden heart to pieces    

Golden light rose and was swallowed into Sheng Yuan’s body amidst countless shocked gazes.

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