Chapter 733 Life Executioner Painting

A mottled black and white scroll appeared in palace master Sheng Yuan’s hand. Its appearance made the entire world change color and even the Genesis Qi of the land began to bubble volatilely. 

Fear flashed in the eyes of the experts who recognised the object in palace master Sheng Yuan’s hand.

Because they knew that it was a famous treasure of the Sacred Palace.    

The Life Executioner Painting! 

The Life Executioner Painting had played a huge role in patriarch Cang Xuan’s death. This alone was already enough to attest what a powerful weapon it was. 

It was the greatest treasure of the Sacred Palace and palace master Sheng Yuan would not bring it out unless absolutely necessary. From this, it was clear how much he feared Yaoyao.


The Genesis Rune Tuntun unleashed a deafening roar. Its huge body blasted space apart as it pounced towards palace master Sheng Yuan like a bolt of thunder. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s expression remained fierce, not moving a single inch from the spot. He slowly unfolded the Life Executioner Painting, revealing an incredibly mysterious black and white light.


The Life Executioner Painting shook, sending a beam of black and white shooting into the sky.

Black and white light intertwined like yin and yang, exuding unfathomable power.


The black and white light beam directly struck Genesis Rune Tuntun. As the black and white light spread, the Genesis Runes on the giant beast rapidly melted away.

The Genesis Rune Tuntun completely melted away in mere seconds.  

Gasps of astonishment rang out across the area. They had previously witnessed the power of the Genesis Rune beast that had overwhelmed even palace master Sheng Yuan earlier.

They never expected it to be so one-sidedly destroyed the moment palace master Sheng Yuan summoned the Life Executioner Painting.

The power of a Saint treasure was clear for all to see.

Worried looks emerged in the eyes of sect master Qing Yang and others.

“I admit that you have amazing mastery over Genesis Runes.” remarked palace master Sheng Yuan as he clasped the ancient Life Executioner Painting while coldly staring at Yaoyao.

“But even Cangxuan lost back then, what can you do?”    

The Life Executioner Painting in palace master Sheng Yuan’s hand suddenly shot out and rapidly grew to a height of tens of thousands of feet. As the numerous experts cast their eyes over, they felt the Nascent Source within their bodies cry out tragically as if about to dissipate. They swiftly retracted their gazes and circulated their Genesis Qi to withstand the strange power.

“Life Executioner Painting, Yin and Yang boundary!”   

The Life Executioner Painting rapidly spun high up in the sky. In that moment, the entire world seemed to have been turned upside down. Black and white light flowed constantly, as though the universe was reversed.

Yaoyao scanned her surroundings, taking in the changes. Black and white filled her field of vision.    

It was as though she was in another world.   

In the outside world.

The eyes of countless onlookers were fixed on the huge black-and-white scroll in the sky, they had discovered an extra figure in the painting. 

It was Yaoyao!   

She was trapped in the Life Executioner Painting.    

The expressions of sect master Qing Yang and the others’ abruptly changed. Any living being that fell into clutches of the Life Executioner Painting would soon be eliminated by Yin and Yang qi.    

“Hurry and help her!”   

Sect master Qing Yang swiftly arrived at a decision. 

If palace master Sheng Yuan managed to eliminate Yaoyao, it would be greatly disadvantageous to them.

The Heavenly Sword Sovereign and venerable lord Gu Jing nodded in agreement. A split second later, the three launched a joint attack.  

However, palace master Sheng Yuan simply smiled coldly in response. He formed a seal with one hand and three beams of light erupted from the Life Executioner Painting in the sky and shot towards the three attackers.

The three black and white beams fluttered in the air and didn’t seem particularly strong, but they made sect master Qing Yang and the others shrink back.  

They knew how terrifying the yin and yang power of the Life Executioner Painting was. Even if they had reached the Law Domain stage all it would take was a tiny trace of it to destroy them.

Sect master Qing Yang drew a deep breath and a pillar of light bloomed from his head. Within the dazzling light was a mottled stone stamp. It shined with a mysterious brilliance that seemed to be capable of moulding the mountains and rivers.    

The treasure of the Cangxuan Sect, the Little Cangxuan Stamp!  

This was the Saint treasure that patriarch Cang Xuan had created based on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and was considered an imitation of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. 

The Heavenly Sword Sovereign opened his mouth and spat out a sword made of unknown material. The sword had no handle but instead nine knots hanging from one side. When it appeared, the space before it was instantly shredded by piercingly sharp sword qi. 

The sacred treasure of the Sword Seeker Sect, the Nine Spirit Sword.  

An object flew out from venerable lord Gu Jing’s body. It was a little golden whale that had been engraved with ancient writing. The whale seemed to be capable of swallowing all things of heaven and earth. 

The sacred treasure of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall, the Heavenly Whale Charm.    

The three sect masters had summoned the Saint treasures of their sects, inciting the world around them to shake violently.

The experts of the other sects watched with burning desire in their eyes. The reason why the six great sects could remain standing for thousands of years in Cangxuan Heaven was due to their deep foundations. The Saint treasures were a part of this foundation. 


The three Saint treasures flew out and collided with the three beams of black and white light, causing the sky to crumble as the earth trembled.

Palace master Sheng Yuan merely swept a glance at the trio, clearly not overly concerned by their interjection. Even though they also wielded Saint treasures, they were still a considerable distance from him in terms of power level. 

After all, he was a false Saint expert.   

The trickiest opponent at this juncture was the mysterious girl named Yaoyao.   

Palace master Sheng Yuan could sense an extremely strong and dangerous aura from her body. Moreover, for some unknown reason, he felt that Yaoyao was likely even more dangerous than patriarch Cang Xuan from the past.

“Where did she come from?!”   

Palace master Sheng Yuan still found it unbelievable. For an existence like her, let alone in Cangxuan Heaven, she could not possibly be unknown even in the entire Tianyuan World. She should not be unheard of.

“Never mind. No matter where you’re from, whoever stops me from obtaining the Cangxuan Saint Stamp today will be killed today!”

Palace Master Sheng Yuan’s eyes were filled with chilling intent. Once he captured the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he would be able to truly step foot into the Saint stage. When that happened, he would become the heaven master, a top tier existence even in the entire Tianyuan world!

Therefore, this woman must be killed today!   

Killing intent rapidly rose in his heart. He no longer wavered and folded his hands together into a hand seal. 


The giant Life Executioner Painting in the sky emitted a thunderous cry. Countless people watched in astonishment as black and white gradually merged together and transformed into a titanic black and white dragon.    

The dragon exuded an indescribable pressure. One eye was white while the other was black.


The black and white dragon released a deafening roar. It’s eyes locked on Yaoyao who was trapped in the sea of black and white light. In the next moment, black and white dragon breath akin to the fusion of yin and yang completely enveloped Yaoyao. The destructive power of the breath seemed capable of melting the entire world.

“Cang Xuan was also wounded by my yin and yang dragon breath back then.

“Therefore, you will also perish!”    

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s expression grew increasingly sinister as he stared at the beautiful figure.

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