Chapter 732 Terrifying Genesis Rune Mastery

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s face gradually turned ice-cold as Yaoyao’s voice rang out across the area while Sect master Qing Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign and the others breathed a sigh of relief. 

The faces of the other top experts twitched. The Sacred Palace had been occupying the upper hand earlier, who could have expected the situation to change once again following the mysterious girl’s appearance. 

Although they didn’t know where she came from or understand why she possessed such terrifying power, it didn’t stop them from realising that palace master Sheng Yuan had encountered a formidable enemy.    

Palace master Sheng Yuan coldly remarked, “It seems that you are bent on going against my Sacred Palace.”

Although he was somewhat fearful of Yaoyao, it was impossible for him to yield.

However, Yaoyao didn’t waste any time responding to his threats. With the flick of her sleeve, a mighty stream of flowing light whizzed out like a starry river.    

Each speck of light in the starry river was formed from a Genesis Rune. The number of Genesis Runes that had been gathered together was enough to make numerous people speechless.    


In the next instant, the surrounding space collapsed as the Genesis Rune river whizzed forth, roaring towards palace master Sheng Yuan with mighty power.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyelids trembled at this scene. It was the first time he had seen someone able to utilize Genesis Runes in such a way.

Feeling the power contained in the Genesis Rune starry river, palace master Sheng Yuan did not dare to be negligent. He drew a deep breath and a torrent of Genesis Qi spewed from his mouth a split second later.

The torrent of Genesis Qi surged out, growing to a size of over ten thousand feet in a few seconds as it filled the sky. 

A tremendous shadow hung over the earth. If that destructive force were to fall, the entire Blackwater would be destroyed in an instant.   

The torrent of Genesis Qi that palace master Sheng Yuan spewed out contained countless diamond-like stones. This was caused by extremely condensed Genesis Qi. Even experts of the Law Domain stage would be destroyed if they fell into the torrent.


Under countless astonished gazes, the Genesis Rune starry river pierced through the air and directly collided with the torrent of Genesis Qi.    

At the moment of impact, even the sky seemed to collapse.

Unimaginable shockwaves raged as the other experts swiftly withdrew. Even sect master Qing Yang and other Law Domain experts did not dare to linger too close to the epicenter of the collision.    

Two mighty forces annihilated one another and ultimately dissipated. 

In the sky, palace master Sheng Yuan’s face was frosty. Ever since he revealed the strength of the false Saint stage, even sect master Qing Yang and the others had been completely suppressed by him.

But now, his advantage felt nonexistent in the face of Yaoyao.

“Why must you force me?” palace master Sheng Yuan suppressed his anger to ask. “You really think I am afraid of you?!” 

Yaoyao’s beautiful face grew increasingly indifferent. She folded her fair hands together, and in the next moment, innumerable specks of golden light emerged from her body and gathered above her. 

The specks of golden light spread out, forming an enormous ancient Genesis Rune.  

The Genesis Rune blotted out the sky, giving off a boundless and endless aura.    

An extremely terrifying power pulsed from it

When the gigantic Genesis Rune formed, Yaoyao folded her hands into another hand seal. Countless onlookers watched in astonishment as the Genesis Rune began to squirm and change.    


Eventually, the Genesis Rune condensed into a mysterious monster that lifted its head and roared at the heavens.

The monster was incomparably huge and was covered in gold scales that flashed continuously. Every scale was engraved with ancient Genesis Runes. It was a monster created from Genesis Runes!    

Moreover, its appearance was very familiar. It was Tuntun’s combat form. 

However, the ‘Tuntun’ that Yaoyao had created from Genesis Runes was many times more powerful than the present Tuntun.

Countless people were struckdumb at the sight of such her Genesis Rune mastery.   

Old man Bai Mei murmured admiringly, “What level of mastery is needed to create such dazzling Genesis Runes.” 


Genesis Rune Tuntun roared, the sound waves wrecking havoc like a storm, distorting the air as it passed.


In the next moment, the Genesis Rune Tuntun teleported, appearing in front of palace master Sheng Yuan. Its giant claws swung with destructive force. As the claw ripped through the air, space collapsed, creating giant spatial vortexes. 

Anything that entered these vortexes would be instantly obliterated from existence.    

A grave expression filled palace master Sheng Yuan’s face as a silver Law Domain light barrier enveloped his body. 


Sharp claws slammed into the Law Domain, causing it to violently tremble. Ripples rapidly blossomed on it before exploding with even greater force.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s body was blasted away as if struck by a heavy blow.

He stumbled backwards, shattering the space below his feet with each step.


Seeing the attack was successful, Genesis Rune Tuntun’s tremendous body transformed into countless shadows with a roar. A torrential onslaught bombarded palace master Sheng Yuan’s Law Domain barrier. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Thunderous noises rang endlessly.    

Countless people stared in horror at patches of space crumbled one after another. They could clearly feel the frightening power of each terrifying blow. 

Moreover, what made their scalps turn numb was that under the frenzied attack of the Genesis Rune beast, palace master Sheng Yuan was being rapidly beaten back like a sandbag. 

The light barrier around his body violently trembled.   

It must be noted that even the joint efforts of sect master Qing Yang and the others had been incapable of forcing palace master Sheng Yuan into such a miserable position. 


Dazzling golden light burst out from the sharp claws of the Genesis Rune monster, condensing into a stream of golden liquid that flowed between its claws. Only top experts would notice that the golden liquid was made up of numerous Genesis Runes.


The Genesis Rune monster continued to roar as its claws slashed the silver Law Domain barrier. 


A sharp ear piercing noise sounded.    

Countless onlookers watched in astonishment as the Genesis Rune monster's claws punctured the light barrier and pierced palace master Sheng Yuan’s body.


Palace master Sheng Yuan’s body instantly shattered. 

However, space rippled some distance away as a figure slowly walked out. It was palace master Sheng Yuan with a rather stormy expression.

It was not so easy to eliminate a false Saint expert. 

However, anyone could tell that palace master Sheng Yuan had been at a disadvantage during the previous exchange.

Yaoyao had displayed her terrifying power through a gigantic beast formed from Genesis Runes.    

The world fell silent, but everyone could feel an oppressive atmosphere as though a storm was about to descend.

Palace master Sheng Yuan stared at Yaoyao. Without saying a word, he slowly opened his mouth and a ray of black and white light emerged from within. 

The ray of black and white light fell into his hands.    

It was a mottled ancient scroll.

When that object appeared, the world gradually darkened.    

The expressions of sect master Qing Yang and others’ changed as they murmured to themselves. 


“The ultimate treasure of the Sacred Palace!  The Life Executioner Painting!”    

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