Chapter 731 Yaoyao’s Power

Chapter 725 Yaoyao’s Power

Outside of the mysterious domain.

All the earth shaking battles halted at the same time as everyone cast their gazes towards the mysterious domain. Each and every one was filled with shock and disbelief. 

No one had expected such a turn of events...  

The Heavenly Sacred Hall master, known to be the strongest of the ten hall masters of the Sacred Palace, just had his Nascent Source destroyed...

Everyone was stunned by this scene. They felt as if it was a dream and were unable to believe their eyes.

“Sect master Qing Yang, isn’t she a disciple of your Cangxuan Sect? How did she...” The Heavenly Sword Sovereign and venerable lord Gu Jing could not help but ask as they turned to sect master Qing Yang with shocked expressions.

Sect master Qing Yang’s face twitched a little. He was likewise perplexed by the scene before them. With a bitter smile, he said, “She is indeed a disciple of the our Cangxuan Sect...”   

Sect master Qing Yang had already realized Yaoyao was no ordinary person the first time he saw her. He knew that she was concealing a mysterious power and wanted to investigate further but ultimately gave up. He felt that Yaoyao was still a part of the Cangxuan Sect as long as she didn’t do anything that would harm the sect.

This was also the main reason why sect master Qing Yang had permitted her to not choose any of the peaks.

However, it was only today that sect master Qing Yang finally understood that he had grossly underestimated Yaoyao.    

The power from Yaoyao’s body had most likely exceeded the Law Domain stage.

“Your Cangxuan Sect has extraordinary foundations.” The Heavenly Sword Sovereign and venerable lord Gu Jing sighed, seemingly under the impression that Yaoyao was a trump card that sect master Qing Yang and the others had kept hidden.    

With such a powerful expert on their side, the Cangxuan Sect’s situation would become much better. After all, following the previous exchanges, they found that even if palace master Sheng Yuan was only at the  false Saint stage, his strength had already exceeded even their combined might.  

Sect master Qing Yang could only give an awkward smile as he grumbled inside. He felt that Yaoyao’s state wasn’t right and did not know whether she would help them.

After all, Yaoyao had never truly acknowledged anyone in the Cangxuan Sect, and if it weren’t for Zhou Yuan, she would have most likely left long ago.

But in any case, the eruption of Yaoyao’s power had boosted the morale on their side.   

On the other hand, the Sacred Palace and Heavenly Ghost Sect now seemed hesitant.  

Even palace master Sheng Yuan was staring at the mysterious girl in the mysterious domain with a strange expression. The power emitted by her body had indeed made him feel somewhat fearful. 

“Who is she? I have never heard of someone with such strength in the Cangxuan Sect!”     

Let alone the Cangxaun Sect, it was impossible for an expert of this level to exist even in the entire Cangxuan Heaven!   

But something that was impossible had appeared right before their eyes. For a period of time, even palace master Sheng Yuan dared not act recklessly. 

Thus, the earth shaking battle in the outside world came to an awkward halt.

In the mysterious domain.   

The bare-footed Yaoyao stood in the air. Her dazzling golden hair flowed down her back to her waist and her ethereal, beautiful eyes were as deep and ancient as the starry sky. 

However, she also exuded a cold and detached feeling.

At the bottom of the stone steps, Zhou Yuan wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. The huge scar on his chest was rapidly healing through the life energy emitted by the Taiyi Green Wood Mark in his body.

He stared at Yaoyao as he lowered his voice and tried to show a calm smile, “Yaoyao, it's all right now, can you-----change back first?” 

Although Yaoyao was incredibly powerful now,she made Zhou Yuan feel very uneasy.   

Moreover, when master Cang Yuan left, he had repeatedly reminded him to not let Yaoyao break the seal. The serious look on master Cang Yuan’s face back then told him that it was an extremely serious manner.

Hearing Zhou Yuan’s voice, Yaoyao’s eyes seemed to flicker as though struggling, but that soon gradually dissipated. 

As she gently shook her head, a faint voice could be heard, “Zhou, Zhou Yuan... I'll help you eliminate these troubles.”   

She looked deeply at Zhou Yuan and then suddenly twisted around, transforming into a ray of golden light that pierced through the mysterious domain  and headed for the outside world.    

“Yaoyao! Don’t!” shouted Zhou Yuan in a worried voice. 

But how could he stop Yaoyao? He staggered a few steps forward before collapsing onto his knees due to the pain from his chest.    


Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned crimson-red as he repeatedly punched the ground to vent his anger and frustration.    

He knew that if it wasn’t to protect him, Yaoyao wouldn’t have broken the seal. He shouldn’t have come here.

He didn’t know what was going to happen now that she had broken the seal, but it definitely wouldn’t be anything good!    


A small beast came to Zhou Yuan’s side and patted him with its paw. It was Tuntun.   

It made a whining sound as if trying to comfort Zhou Yuan.    

But when it turned in the direction of where Yaoyao left, a worried look flickered in its eyes.  

Zhou Yuan looked at Tuntun, clenching his teeth so hard that his mouth began to bleed again. “I blame myself for being too weak.”

If he were strong enough, why would he need Yaoyao to save him at that critical moment?   

Zhou Yuan hated himself for being so weak. The tiny bit of pride he felt after reaching the Divine Dwelling stage was now completely torn apart by the cruel reality. 

Yaoyao had taken care of him all these years, but he had failed to protect her, and even caused her to break the seal!   

If he were to meet master Cang Yuan again, what explanation could he possibly give?!  

Zhou Yuan never longed for tremendous strength like he did now.


Yaoayao’s figure slowly rose from the mysterious domain and streaked through the thunderbolt pool.   

In the thunderbolt pool, the hall master of the Blood Sacred Hall and peak master Ling Jun were just backing away from yet another clash.

Their eyes, wide with shock, converged onto Yaoyao.    

Peak master Ling Jung had seen Yaoyao many times before, but he never imagined that this remarkably beautiful girl would be hiding such terrifying power.    

Yaoyao swept a glance at peak master Ling Jung before turning towards the hall master of the Blood Sacred Hall, as if pondering if he was trouble.   

Before she could finish her analysis, however, the hall master fled without saying a word. 

The hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall didn’t even have the chance to escape from Yaoyao, how could he have the courage to fight her?

Yaoyao did not give chase, evidently not seeing him as a threat. Her figure continued to rise, her long golden hair appearing unusually dazzling.    

Countless eyes gathered on her body with graveness and shock.

Everyone knew that the current circumstances were bound to change dramatically once again because of Yaoyao’s choice.

With a solemn look on his face, palace master Sheng Yuan said to Yaoyao, “Girl, my Sacred Palace doesn’t have a hostile relationship with you...if you came here because of Zhou Yuan, I give you my word that we can put all those previous matters behind us.”

All the top experts whispered to one another when they heard this. Palace master Sheng Yuan had always acted overbearing. As such, none of them expected to see him adopt such a submissive posture. It was obvious how much threat Yaoyao was to him. 

Yaoyao stood in the air while her long golden hair fluttered in the breeze, radiating a graceful aura. Her starry-sky-like eyes were fixed on palace master Sheng Yuan and an ethereal voice sounded a moment later.

“Only when palace master Sheng Yuan dies....

“Will there no longer be trouble.”  

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