Chapter 729 Hall Master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall

Chapter 723 Hall Master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall 


Genesis Qi surged around Zhou Yuan’s body as a Divine Dwelling halo appeared behind him. At that moment, he looked like a maniac whose eyes were filled with viciousness.

As the Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed into his hand, the snowy-white brush tip instantly turned a pitch-black.  


The Heavenly Yuan Brush transformed to multiple shadows as boundless Genesis Qi burst out from Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwelling without reservation, bathing his body in a blaze of light.

Zhou Yuan had currently squeezed out every drop of strength he possessed.

However, the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall did not even turn around. His lips curved into a mocking smile as he shook his head, “Who would have thought that even a desperate ant would bite?” 

He extended his fingers and lightly pushed it towards the approaching brush.


The sharp tip of the brush, that Zhou Yuan had focused all of his power into, smashed into the  Heavenly Sacred Hall master’s finger. At the moment of impact, it seemed as if the brush had struck a piece of million year cold steel. 

All of Zhou Yuan’s power seemed to disappear into a bottomless black hole. 


The Heavenly Sacred Hall Master flicked his finger, striking the tip of the brush.  

The brush tip unravelled, turning into countless brush hairs as an indescribable force swept towards Zhou Yuan like a mountainous wave.   

Zhou Yuan's hand instantly ruptured, causing blood to spurt out.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush also left the grip of his hand.     

Sensing danger, the Divine Dwelling halo flashed in front of Zhou Yuan but was only able to endure for a few seconds before shattering under the terrifying force. 


A mouthful of blood was vomited from Zhou Yuan’s mouth. He was blasted away like a cannonball, violently tumbling down many stone steps before he finally managed to steady himself.

Blood flowed down Zhou Yuan’s entire body, his flesh torn open and skin ripped in many places. If not for his extraordinarily strong body, he would most likely have been torn apart by the overwhelming force.

Even so, he was in an extremely sorry state.

It had merely been the briefest of contacts, but Zhou Yuan had already been utterly defeated. The tremendous difference in strength between them was clear as day.

Zhou Yuan’s hair was disheveled. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth as a bitter smile curved his lips. Was this the power of the Nascent Source stage? As expected, it's far stronger than the Divine Dwelling stage.

The Heavenly Sacred Hall master slowly turned around, indifferently studying Zhou Yuan as he remarked, “I am indeed surprised by your courage, but unfortunately, courage alone can’t change anything.”     

He extended his finger again as frightening Genesis Qi gathered at its tip, causing the surrounding space to crack. 


However,  an enraged roar suddenly thundered just as Heavenly Sacred Hall master was about to attack again and a giant golden silhouette appeared in the air above a split second later.

It was Tuntun in its combat form. 

With a deafening roar, it swung its claws several times, causing space to quake violently. 

The Heavenly Sacred Hall master narrowed his eyes as his other hand penetrated through space and grabbed at Tuntun’s throat. Tuntun retaliated with its claws, leaving small scratches on his hand.   

“Huh?” The hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall gasped. He could sense that Tuntun was only at the Divine Dwelling stage but was able to leave a small scratch on his body. Although the scratch was insignificant, the fact that it could wound him was more than enough evidence of its extraordinary power. 

“This will be a good gatekeeper.” The hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall smiled and shook his hand, sending Tuntun hurtling into the distance.    


Space shuddered the moment he tossed Tuntun. A beam of golden light silently shot over, aimed directly at the space between the hall master’s brows.   

He immediately detected the beam of golden light and narrowed his eyes. A look of bewilderment flickering in the depths of his eyes, because he could sense a mysterious energy fluctuation around the golden light. 

For some reason, that fluctuation made even his heart palpitate. 


The beam of golden light shot over.

The hall master pinched the beam of light with two fingers and watched the golden light tremble between his fingertips. Upon closer inspection, he found that it resembled a drop of blood. 

His face was devoid of expression as Genesis Qi gushed out from fingers, disintegrating the light beam into nothingness. 

His hand moved to feel the space between his brows where there was a small hole had formed.   


The hall master’s eyes darkened. He turned to the bottom of the stone steps where he saw a beautiful and slender girl coldly staring at him. 

“There clearly weren't any Genesis Qi fluctuations, but it was quite dangerous...” His eyes had turned bitingly cold. The maiden before him was clearly not very powerful, but having cultivated for so many years, his intuition made him feel a trace of unknown fear in the depths of his heart. 

“How strange....    

“But never mind....since you are the most dangerous one here, let's get rid of you first.”

He shook his head. With a snap of his fingers, majestic Genesis Qi gathered into a blade of Genesis Qi that shook and cracked the surrounding space. 


The Genesis Qi blade vibrated as it disappeared from the spot, reappearing right in front of Yaoyao. 

The reflection of the light blade rapidly enlarged in Yaoyao’s eyes as she clenched her teeth. It was the first time she had encountered such a powerful enemy. 

Given her current state, it would be really hard to cope with such an attack.

Do...I really have to take that final step?   

Hesitation flickered in Yaoyao’s eyes.

However, just when the light blade was about to hit her, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her like a towering mountain.

It was Zhou Yuan!    


While Yaoyao stood stunned, the light blade pierced Zhou Yuan’s body. The blade plunged through his chest, causing blood to spurt everywhere.   

The spray of blood stained her beautiful cheeks while she dazedly stood there.

Her lips trembled as she looked at Zhou Yuan, who was facing her while using his back to shield her from the light blade. 

Zhou Yuan peered down at the light blade that punctured his chest, before he wiped the blood at the corner of his lips. He displayed a bitter smile as he gazed at the maiden before him, “I’m really sorry to drag you into this dangerous situation.

“I’ve always known that you are stronger than me...

“But I promised master Cang Yuan that if the day comes where I cannot stop others from hurting you, then at very least....I’ll make sure they’ll have to step over my dead body first.”

Yaoyao’s eyes seemed to redden a little.

Zhou Yuan endured the sharp pain from his chest as he continued in a hoarse voice, “You must think I’m too unsightly. I know…that I'm too weak.”

Yaoyao shook her head.   


Behind them, Tuntun let out an enraged roar, but Heavenly Sacred Hall master clapped his hands together, creating a gigantic Genesis Qi hand that swatted downwards to suppress Tuntun. 

He peered down at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao as he chuckled, “What a touching scene.

“Well, I shall be kind today and let both of you die together.”   

He waved his robe and countless Genesis Qi light blades formed in front of him.    


The blades pierced the void and headed straight for the two figures below.    

Sensing the power of destruction behind him, Zhou Yuan gave a wry smile as he stretched out his trembling arms to shield Yaoyao. This was the only thing he could do.

Yaoyao caressed Zhou Yuan’s blood-stained face with her ice-cold hands as a glistening tear drop rolled down her cheeks from her eyelash.

“Zhou Yuan, you are a hero in my heart...”  

She stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed him on the lips under his widening eyes.

The cold as jade sensation made Zhou Yuan’s heart quiver.   

“Zhou Yuan....thank you for these past few years.”  

A faint noise sounded at this moment.

Zhou Yuan was horrified as he watched the mysterious light rune between Yaoyao’s brows gradually begin to crack.

Her seal was being broken.

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