Chapter 728 Earthshaking Battle


When the hall masters of the Heavenly Sacred Hall and Sacred Blood Hall raced towards the thunderbolt pool, palace master Sheng Yuan also took action. The golden flame in the palm of his hand shot into the sky.

The golden Saint flame burned through air as it rose. It then split and transformed into three golden dragons, each roaring in the directions of sect master Qing Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign and Venerable Lord Gu Jing respectively.    

Even space itself seemed to melt as the golden dragons flew past.

Sect master Qing Yang and the others dared not let their guard down. Their Law Domains emerged as vast Genesis Qi surged out, ultimately colliding with the golden dragons.   


The collision could only be described as earth shattering. 

While palace master Sheng Yuan was single handedly facing off against three Law Domain experts, sect master Mo Luo’s eyes locked onto palace master Shan Qingzi of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace as a lustful look arose on his plump face. 

“Hehe, I’ll play with you palace master Shan Qingzi!”    

However, although he was drooling, his eyes were still cold and ruthless.    

A black Law Domain shrouded him as Law Domain Genesis Qi soared into the air. It transformed into a sinister ghost face that blotted out the sky before whizzing towards Shan Qingzi with incredible speed.

There was a deep feud between the Heavenly Ghost Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. 

Shan Qingzi coldly snorted when she saw this. A colorful Law Domain rapidly enveloped her body as she rose to fearlessly meet the attack.    


The battle between two Law Domain experts shook the surrounding space. 

Old Xuan was still carefully watching Lei Jun. The latter observed the earth-shaking battle break out as he displayed a slight smile, “It’s been many years since such a terrifying battle happened in Cangxuan Heaven.”

He turned to old Xuan as he continued, “Can't you see? Cangxuan Heaven is going to change. You are also a Law Domain expert that should lord over a territory. Why be that old servant who takes care of that mountain?”

Old Xuan remained expressionless as he responded, “Not everyone is as ungrateful as you, I couldn’t cultivate back then and it was master who personally cleansed my essence and channels. Otherwise, I would have already faded into the dirt. I have no interest in becoming the lord of any territory. All I desire is to repay master.

“Lei Jun, the only thing I want to do now is send you to apologise to master!”   


A Law Domain emerged as his voice faded. His hunched figure gave off the presence of a towering mountain, emitting an imposing aura that could subdue the land.

The next moment, he strode forward.   

Surrounded by a lightning Law Domain, Lei Jun’s face darkened. He was no longer calm and composed as he clashed with old Xuan like a violent thunder king. 


The place had been divided into several battlefields. In the distance, the top experts of the various sects watched these scenes unfold with fearful faces.    

It was a war between the six major sects!   

Anybody who hadn’t stepped foot into the Law Domain stage had no qualifications to get involved.

While the Law Domain experts clashed, the Nascent Source stage experts of the six great sects also shot forth, causing the place to become more and more chaotic.  

Meanwhile, the two hall masters of the Sacred Palace were heading straight into the depths of the thunderbolt pool. Their destination was the mysterious domain that contained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.    

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb at the sight of two Nascent Source stage experts charging towards him. He only possessed strength of the Divine Dwelling stage; it was impossible for him to survive even a single attack from a Nascent Source stage expert. 

He was still too weak!    

The hall master of the Blood Sacred Hall frosty gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan. “Were you the one who killed the disciples of the Blood Sacred Hall in the Mythic Utopia?”


He waved his sleeve without giving Zhou Yuan a chance to reply. In the next moment, blood-red Genesis Qi spewed out, turning into a giant blood-red python. Every scale on the giant python’s body was akin to a separate entity, each exuding a terrifying and evil power. 

Although Divine Dwelling experts could also manipulate Genesis Qi into various forms and shapes, once one reached the Nascent Source stage, it was no longer Genesis Qi attempting to mimic something but a true fundamental transformation.

The Genesis Qi they wielded would gain a nature of its own, making it far more formidable and ferocious.

Zhou Yuan stood aghast in the face of the rapidly approaching giant red python. He was simply too terrified to resist in the face of such power. After all, the gap between them was far too great.    


However, while Zhou Yuan was suffocating under the pressure, a clear sword cry suddenly rang out. A beam of sword light pierced the void, slicing the giant blood-red python into two.   

Cold and sharp sword qi shredded the giant python to pieces. 

A figure appeared in the space between him and the two Sacred Palace hall masters.    

“Peak master Ling Jun?”   

Zhou Yuan was surprised to see him.

Ling Jun tightly clasped his sword, his long hair fluttering in the wind and his handsome face akin to million-year-old ice.   

“Ling Jun, are you going to sacrifice yourself for love?” The hall master of Blood Sacred hall sneered.    

Ling Jun paid no attention to him as he turned his head towards Zhou Yuan, “Find an opportunity to take the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and run. You shouldn’t stay here any longer.” 

Zhou Yuan grumbled inwardly. How could he take away the Cangxuan Saint Stamp? He had tried it earlier, but the Cangxuan Saint Stamp was inconceivably heavy. Even all of his strength had failed to budge it. 

However, peak master Ling Jun had no time to say anything more. After all, the two hall masters before him weren’t any weaker than himself. He would not worry in a one on one battle, but it was difficult for him to take on both of them together. 

“Hmph, you think you can stop us alone? Ling Jun, you overestimate yourself!” The hall master of the Blood Sacred Hall’s eyes reddened. Monstrous waves seemed to rise behind him accompanied by a strong stench of blood. 

His robe flapped around him as a raging sea of blood burst through the void with boundless corrosive qi, heading straight for peak master Ling Jun. 

Peak master Ling Jun slowly tightened his grip around his sword. In the next moment, hundreds and millions of swords rays charged out, merging into a dazzling sword river to meet the sea of blood.


The two forces collided, setting off monstrous waves in the thunderbolt pool.    

The hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall’s face was devoid of expression. He paid no attention to peak master Ling Jung and continued to dive downwards. 

Seeing this, peak master Ling Jun swung his sword in an attempt to block the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred hall. 


But a blood-red monster appeared out of thin air, swallowing the sword light in a single gulp. 

“Ling Jun, your opponent is me. Don't try to stop him or you might really join Liu Lianyi soon.” The hall master of the Blood Sacred Hall emerged from the sea of blood.    

Peak master Ling Jun’s eyes turned bitingly-cold as a clear crystal-like sword orb slowly rose from his head.

It was in that instant that a resounding sword cry seemed to echo throughout the world.    

A wary look crossed the Blood Sacred Hall master’s face as a gigantic blood-red sabre rose from the raging blood sea and landed in his hand.    

Peak master Ling Jun glanced out of the corner of his eyes, only to see that the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall had already disappeared. He let out a long sigh. He was indeed incapable of stopping both of them. 

Moreover, the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall was the strongest hall master of the Sacred Palace.   

“Zhou Yuan, I pray that luck will favor you.”    

Although Zhou Yuan had made the Sword Cometh Peak lose face many times in the Cangxuan Sect, Ling Jun was after all a peak master. He wouldn’t hold grudges against a mere disciple, but at this moment he really couldn’t split himself into two to protect the latter. 


In the mysterious domain.    

Zhou Yuan looked to his front. Space rippled as a figure slowly appeared. It was the hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall.

His gaze immediately landed on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. A glint of desire burned in his eyes before quickly hiding itself.

Without even glancing at Zhou Yuan, he clasped his hands behind his back with his eyes still fixed on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. A moment later, a chilling voice rang out in the mysterious domain.

“Boy, self destruct your Spirit. If you wait for me to act, I guarantee that you will wish you had taken the easy way out .”

Zhou Yuan gestured at Yaoyao, who was at the bottom of the stone stairs. “Go!”    

This situation was far too dangerous. He didn’t know what use would resisting be in the face of a Nascent Source stage expert. He understood that this was the end of the road.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t afraid of death, but he hoped to buy time for Yaoyao to flee.    

The hall master of the Heavenly Sacred Hall was still focused on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp as he nonchalantly asked again, “Still not self destructing?” 

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly. Immediately after, he drew a deep breath as a resolute look flashed to his eyes. 

In the next moment, he suddenly shot forth.

A crazed look gradually emerged on his face.

Since it was certain death, he would at least die a little more beautifully!    

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