Chapter 726 Igniting the Nascent Source


Palace master Sheng Yuan’s blazing fingers thrust straight towards sect master Qing Yang. As the golden flame rose, everything was burned into nothingness.    

Even the Law Domain around sect master Qing Yang was destroyed in an instant. 

The Law Domain could only be countered with another a Law Domain.

However, Law Domains had little effect on experts of the Saint stage, because Saints possessed the Saint fire, which could incinerate everything in the world. Even the Law Domain was frail as paper before it. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s attack surprised everyone.   

No one could have imagined that palace master Sheng Yuan was capable of summoning Saint fire...    

Due to the decisiveness of the attack, sect master Qing Yang knew that there was no way he could evade despite his shock and terror. He could only watch helplessly as the golden blazing fingers rapidly approached as if his fate had already been determined and it was impossible to break free.

Once struck, even someone as strong as sect master Qing Yang was bound to die.

“Sect master!”   

Old man Bai Mei, the Honya Peak master and others’ expressions changed drastically as they cried out in shock. 

From what they knew, palace master Sheng Yuan should have been only a little stronger than sect master Qing Yang at best. Hence, it would not be easy for him to defeat sect master Qing Yang. Who would have thought that Sheng Yuan had actually concealed his strength!   

They knew that sect master Qing Yang was in critical danger, but it was near impossible for them to help given their strength. After all, they weren’t even true experts of the Law Domain stage.    

At the outer area, the top experts from the other sects also had a grave look on their faces.   

“Hehe, the Cangxuan Sect is in big trouble.” Heavenly Ghost Sect’s Devil Luo chuckled, eyes glinting with greed. The Cangxuan Sect was one of the six major sects. If sect master Qing Yang perished, the Cangxuan Sect would definitely drop from its rank. When that happened, countless people would sense an opportunity due to the Cangxuan Sect’s deep and solid foundation. 

The eyes of the other top experts from the major sects flashed. They did not wish to see sect master Qing Yang die, because that would change the structure of Cangxuan Heaven. After all, without the Cangxuan Sect to keep it in check, the Sacred Palace would undoubtedly grow stronger and stronger.    

However, palace master Sheng Yuan was too terrifying. The Saint fire had already intimidated them to the point that they couldn’t move easily. As such, nobody dared to help.

Thus, countless people could only watch sect master Qing Yang fall into danger. 


However, it was at this moment that a silhouette suddenly dashed forward from behind old man Bai Mei and the others. 

“Little junior sister!”    

Old man Bai Mei, the Hongya Peak master and others’ expressions changed drastically.    


Anxiety filled peak master Ling Jun’s handsome face. 

However, Liu Lianyi ignored their cries. Her beautiful eyes burned with hatred, burning holes into Sheng Yuan’s figure.

In Liu Lianyi’s Divine Dwelling, the Nascent Source began to shake as majestic Genesis Qi poured out without reservation.   

Sheng Yuan also sensed Liu Lianyi speeding over, but there his eyes did not even ripple. “You haven’t even set foot in the Law Domain stage, do you want to die?” 

Terrifying Law Domain Genesis Qi gathered on his other palm, the dazzling silver light cracking the surrounding space.

However, Liu Lianyi showed no signs of backing down in the face of Sheng Yuan’s terrifying might. Her eyes were resolute and calm as her hands rapidly folded into hand seals.    


Within her Divine Dwelling, the Nascent Source began to burn.   


Incomparably powerful Genesis Qi frantically gushed out.  

An earth shaking presence erupted from Liu Lianyi’s body, causing the world around her to change color.

Everybody’s pupils shrank upon seeing this as they cried out, “She’s burning the Nascent Source!? She’s crazy!” 

Once the Nascent Source was fully burnt, Liu Lianyi would inevitably die.

“Little junior sister!” Old man Bai Mei’s face was grim. They finally understood Liu Lianyi’s plan. She intended to ignite her Nascent Source to help sect master Qing Yang.

Peak master’s Ling Jun’s eyes nearly popped from their sockets as he frantically raced towards Liu Lianyi with a roar, “NO!” 

Liu Lianyi turned her head and revealed a bleak smile when she saw peak master Ling Jun rapidly speeding over. “Ling Jun, I’m sorry for being angry at you all these years.

“I am a sinner, the sinner who killed master. So let me pay for this sin now!”  

In the next moment, boundless rays of light erupted from her body. Boundless Genesis Qi seemed to condense into a crystal layer around her delicate body. Finally, the destructive power aimed at palace master Sheng Yuan. 


Palace master Sheng Yuan’s face darkened. He couldn’t disregard a suicidal attack from a Nascent Source expert. He withdrew his Saint fire fingers and turned them towards Liu Lianyi who was burning her Nascent Source.   


The two forces collided in a flash as earthshaking shockwaves swept outwards.   

The whole world seemed to have collapsed at that moment.   

Blackwater split apart, huge crevices spreading in all directions like dragons. Countless cracks began to emerge in the surrounding space like broken glass.   

The experts on all sides rapidly withdrew in order to avoid the aftershocks.  

Sect master Qing Yang also retreated, his face ashen as he stared at the source of the shockwaves. His hands clenched tight as his eyes filled with grief and anger, “You’ve always created so much trouble since you were young!”

The devastation lasted for a long time before gradually coming to a stop.    

Countless gazes immediately darted over only to see the stormy-faced palace master Sheng Yuan standing in the air. His sleeves had been ripped apart and blood dripped from his fingertips. The golden flame above his head had also grown a little fainter and weaker.

But Liu Lianyi’s figure had disappeared from the world along with her presence...

The entire place was utterly silent.   

No one could have imagined that a top Nascent Source expert would die at this juncture.... 


Peak master Ling Jun mournfully roared at the sky. In the next moment, his eyes reddened as the Nascent Source in his body began to ignite.


But sect master Qing Yang quickly appeared in front of him and slapped him on the chest, pushing him backwards, “Ling Jun, calm down!”   

Peak master Ling Jun crumpled to his knees and bellowed in sorro like a wounded beast.    

Old man Bai Mei, the Hongya Peak master and others also tightly clenched their fists, eyes filled with painful grief.

They knew that Liu Lianyi’s heart was full of self-blame and remorse. She had long made up her mind to take her life, because that was the only way she would be able to gain some peace and relief.

It could be said that the Cangxuan Sect had suffered tragic losses today.

In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan was equally aghast by the battle in the outside world. He never expected that peak master Lianyi would choose to burn her Nascent Source in an attempt to take palace master Sheng Yuan down with her. 

Although she was a woman, she was very strong and unyielding.

He also was very upset by her death. After all, the beautiful and elegant peak master of the Snow Lotus Peak had been immensely popular in the Cangxuan Sect.  

He wondered what Li Qingchan and others would feel when they learned about this...  

In addition, the Cangxuant Sect had now lost two peak masters in a row, causing their position in the battle for the Cangxuan Saint Stamp to take a sharp turn....   

The entire Cangxuan Sect was now at risk of being destroyed. If Zhou Yuan lost the Cangxuan Sect, things would become extremely dire.

Not only him, even the Great Zhou Empire might be toppled in a heartbeat...    

Zhou Yuan clenched his fists. Danger was rushing over from every direction like an unstoppable tide, making him feel as if he was suffocating….

What could he do in such a crisis?!

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