Chapter 723 Mole

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s voice continued to reverberate across the place. The experts of the various factions were stupefied by what he said. Nobody expected palace master Sheng Yuan to reveal such an earthshaking secret. 

The reason patriarch Cangxuan perished was because Liu Lianyi had tampered with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp?! 

Sect master Qing Yang, old man Bai Mei and others stared at Liu Lianyi in disbelief.  

Among the patriarch’s disciples, Liu Lianyi was everyone’s most beloved youngest junior sister, and patriarch Cang Xuan particularly doted on her. 

Liu Lianyi was equally fond of patriarch Cangxuan. When patriarch Cangxuan died, she would have most likely stormed into the Sacred Palace and fought to her death if sect master Qing Yang and the others hadn’t stopped her.

So when they heard what palace master Sheng Yuan said, their first reaction was disbelief. But when they noticed the deathly pale expression on peak master Lianyi’s face, their heart began to sink uncontrollably.    

Peak master Lianyi’s face was deathly pale, and her graceful body was trembling violently.   

After a long while, she muttered, “What are you talking about! I didn't tamper with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!”    

Sect master Qing Yang looked straight at peak master Lianyi and questioned, “Junior sister, what did you do?!”   

Sect master Qing Yang had already begun to grow suspicious when patriarch Cang Xuan perished because he understood the latter’s strength very well. Moreover, with the power of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, it was impossible for him to die in Cangxuan Heaven even if he was ganged up on by experts of the sacred race.

There must be a reason for this.   

But he never would have imagined that this matter might have something to do with peak master Lianyi.

Peak master Lianyi smiled miserably, “I’ve never thought of harming master, I just...I only engraved a Clear Mind Divine Rune on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. It won’t hurt him, but will weaken the influence of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp on Master.”     

Sect master Qing Yang’s expression abruptly changed. Suppressing his anger, he yelled, “Absolute stupidity, why did you do that?”     

Peak master Lianyi clenched her hands as she said in a trembling voice, “I found out from an ancient book that those who wield the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and other similar supreme sacred objects will abandon all seven emotions and sever the six desires, I, I...” 

Sect master Qing Yang, old man Bai Mei, the Hongya Peak master and others all fell silent as they looked at peak master Lianyi with complicated expressions.

Liu Lianyi was their little junior sister and they essentially watched her grow up. Due to the years they spent together, they were naturally aware of the knot in her heart.    

Many years ago, Liu Lianyi had fallen in love with their master, and he may have subsequently realized it. He no longer allowed Liu Lianyi to stay at his side and often sent her away for training.

Liu Lianyi also understood the meaning behind patriarch Cangxuan’s actions but she naturally did not wish to give up. She had read about the influence of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp from ancient texts, and felt that the reason patriarch Cangxuan treated her coldly was because of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. This led her to engrave the ‘Clear Mind Divine Rune’ on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, hoping to shield master Cang Yuan from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s influence. 

Sect master Qing Yang brows knitted together. “But the Cangxuan Saint Stamp is always with Master, how did you get close to it?”  

Liu Lianyi clenched her teeth, “I stole it when master was in secluded cultivation.” 

Old man Bai Mei shook his head as he said, “Nonsense, even if Master went into secluded cultivation, the Cangxuan Saint Stamp would still be under the protection of a boundary. Even us disciples can’t get near this boundary, except...”    

He stopped abruptly, and everybody, including sect master Qing Yang, slowly turned their gazes towards peak master Ling Jun, who had been silent all this time.   

Back then, only Ling Jun, who was their master’s personal servant, could enter and exit the boundary.

Sect master Qing Yang took a deep breath and slowly asked, “Ling Jun, did you do it?”

Peak master Ling Jun’s handsome face stiffened. He did not deny and directly admitted, “This matter was caused by me, I am willing to accept punishment.”    

“You took the Cangxuan Saint Stamp out of the boundary because little junior sister told you to?” The Hongya Peak master coldly snorted.

Peak master Ling Jun didn’t respond and instead shut his eyes. 

When he was very young, he had wandered about hopelessly and almost starved to death. It was then that a little girl in a colorful dress had crouched down and carried him up the mountains and begged their master to accept him as a servant.    

The master was reluctant, and told him to head down the mountain after he filled his stomach.   

He didn’t want to leave, not because he wanted to achieve great things, but because the little girl in colorful dress was the only feeling of warmth that he had felt in his heart in years. As such, he knelt at the bottom of the mountain for an entire month.  

Although the little girl secretly gave him some food, he nearly starved to death.   

In the end, the patriarch accepted him as a personal servant.

It was the happiest day in his life, because it meant that from then on, he would be able to see the girl in a colorful dress... 

The little girl of the past was of course the peak master Lianyi of the present.    

So, when Liu Lianyi asked him to help remove the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he didn't hesitate at all....even if he already understood her feelings at that time.   

But he didn’t want to see her disappointed face.    

He had not exposed this secret all these years, but Liu Lianyi seemed to have realised something following patriarch Cang Xuan’s death. She began to become more and more extreme, and even seemed to grow somewhat angry at him.

Perhaps, she was angry at his stupidity for not stopping her back then. 

As a result, she had always been incredibly cold towards him for many many years. 

But Ling Jun's heart only ached even more, because he knew how much regret Liu Lianyi was suffering. He knew that she would even willingly sacrifice her life to kill palace master Sheng Yuan....    

She had lost the will to live.   

Looking at the quiet peak master Ling Jun and Liu Lianyi, sect master Qing Yang could only scold through clenched teeth, “Both of you are truly foolish!”     

These two fools even had the courage to tamper with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!    

They had also become the spark that caused the death of patriarch Cangxuan.   

Old man Bai Mei suddenly said, “But although the Clear Mind Divine Rune is an extremely ancient Genesis Rune, it shouldn't have much of an impact on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.”

Sect master Qing Yang narrowed his eyes as he turned in the direction of palace master Sheng Yuan.

Palace master Sheng Yuan grinned, “That’s right, although it’s almost exactly the same, it wasn’t the Clear Mind Divine Rune...”    

Liu Lianyi was taken aback. In the next moment, her red eyes shot towards palace master Sheng Yuan, her trembling voice filled with endless killing intent. “As I thought, everything was part of your plot?” 

Sect master Qing Yang’s eyes also grew increasingly fierce, “To trick my little junior sister to search the Hidden Scriptures House of the Cangxuan Sect, and to lead her to discover the Clear Mind Divine Rune...

“They knew that only little junior sister could ask Ling Jun to find an opportunity to take the Cangxuan Saint Stamp...

“It seems that you know my Cangxuan Sect too well....or....”  

He paused for a moment before he continued, “There is a mole in my Cangxuan Sect?”  

When his low voice was still sounding out, and no one had recovered from the shock, a wrinkled hand quietly skimmed through the air. Destructive power brewed around the palm of the hand.    

It drifted towards old man Bai Mei’s back. 

However, just as the wrinkled palm was about to strike, a hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed its wrist.

Space rippled as a hunched old figure appeared beside old man Bai Mei. It was old Xuan!    

His cloudy eyes stared straight ahead, his wrinkled face overflowing with killing intent. In the end, he let out a long sigh.    

“It was indeed you...

“Lei Jun....”

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