Chapter 722 Lianyi

In the mysterious domain.

Zhou Yuan, whose hand was still on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, lifted his head to see the space above him being torn open. Through the crack, he saw many legendary figures above the thunderbolt pool... 

These powerful figures exuded monstrous waves of energy that were enough to send the world quaking. 

Zhou Yuan suddenly felt his scalp turn numb.   

In that moment, their eyes were all gathered on him and it was clear that they were all bewildered to see him. 

No one knew how much effort the influential figures of the various sects had exhausted for years to find the Cangxuan Saint Stamp hidden by patriarch Cang Xuan in order to become the new master of Cangxuan Heaven.    

With the Cangxuan Saint Stamp now revealed to the world. The top experts had raced to its location right away, hoping to be the first to set eyes on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. Who would have expected that someone else would arrive a step earlier. 

“Haha, I was wondering who could have grasped such a great opportunity. It turns out to be a member of the Cangxuan Sect?” 

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled as he stared at Zhou Yuan. Given his status, he shouldn’t recognize a mere Cangxuan Sect disciple, but the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang had garnered the attention of the entire Shengzhou Continent. As such, he naturally remembered Zhou Yuan's face.

“It seems that your Cangxuan Sect is truly blessed by the heavens.” Palace master Sheng Yuan remarked ruminatively.

The eyes of the others flashed in thought.

They were honestly quite happy with the current situation in Cangxuan Heaven. After all, no one would like a heaven master above them, but of course, it would be acceptable if they could become the heaven master.

Sect master Qing Yang, peak master Lianyi and the others were somewhat surprised to see Zhou Yuan. They clearly had not expected him to appear here.  

Old man Bai Mei couldn’t help but remark, “This kid is quite lucky.”

Even palace master Sheng Yuan had failed to find the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, and yet had it been discovered by Zhou Yuan, a Divine Dwelling expert. This was really unbelievable. 

Peak master Ling Jun’s brows knitted together into a frown, “Unfortunately, too much good luck is not necessarily a good thing.” 

In this situation, Zhou Yuan was akin to a little mouse among a group of lions and tigers. Even the slightest change would likely result in him dying.

“Zhou Yuan is a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect. We’ll protect him if there’s any danger.” stated sect master Qing Yang.

A single attack from any of the powerhouses present would instantly kill Zhou Yuan. Fortunately, he had the backing of the Cangxuan Sect, which meant no one here would indiscriminately kill him. 

Peak master Lianyi and the others nodded. Zhou Yuan was indeed a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect. It would hurt the sect’s reputation if they allowed him to be killed.   

Thankfully for them, the experts present didn’t seem too affected by the fact that Zhou Yuan was the first to touch the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. They were evidently not worried that he would take away the Cangxuan Saint Stamp in front of them.

Because Zhou Yuan was too weak.    

Not just anyone could take away a supreme sacred object like the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.   

Therefore, after a brief period of astonishment, the powerhouses present retracted their gazes from Zhou Yuan.    

The ones who could decide the eventual owner of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp was not a little Divine Dwelling stage disciple, but the top existences of Cangxuan Heaven... 

So what if Zhou Yuan was the first to arrive and touch the Cangxuan Saint Stamp?    

Palace master Sheng Yuan also didn’t waste time on an insignificant disciple. His eyes swept across the place as he smiled, “Everyone, we all know that our Cangxuan Heaven is ranked last among the nine heavens of Tianyuan World. At the end of the day, it is because the Cangxuan Saint Stamp had been kept hidden for so many years and we do not have a heaven master.

“Now that the Cangxuan Saint Stamp has finally appeared, perhaps it is heaven’s will for our Cangxuan Heaven gain a new heaven master.”    

His voice rang out but was met with silence. Nobody answered. All eyes flickered in thought while the atmosphere seemed to solidify.    

It was a long while later before sect master Qing Yang indifferently said, “Are you trying to say that you should be the new heaven master?”    

Palace jmaster Sheng Yuan’s silver eyes flashed with a mysterious and heartless expression. The corners of his lips curved in a smile as he replied, “Patriarch Cang Xuan suppressed the entire Cangxuan Heaven back then and was extremely powerful, but was killed by my Sacred Palace in the end. In fact, it is my Sacred Palace’s greatest achievement.”    

Sect master Qing Yang’s eyes instantly turned cold.  

“A dog of the sacred race dares to seek the position of heaven master? You think the people of Cangxuan Heaven would follow in your steps to become a dog of the sacred race?!” An ice-cold voice filled with hatred sounded from behind sect master Qing Yang. 

The beautiful eyes of peak master Lianyi were practically boring holes in palace master Sheng Yuan, eyes that were filled with indescribable hatred. 

Her words were merciless and extremely vicious.    

Sheng Yuan narrowed his eyes. “Although my Sacred Palace has borrowed the power of the sacred race, we aren’t their dogs.”   

He looked at peak master Lianyi as the corners of his mouth curved into a mocking smile, “The words of a loser are the most ridiculous. It seems that patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t teach you well.”    


Peak master Lianyi’s eyes reddened as monstrous Genesis Qi erupted from her body. A Law Domain spread out with her as the centre, while Genesis Qi frantically gathered and transformed into countless stars.

Among the stars, the power of the Law Domain shined as bright as diamonds.   


The Law Domain stars whizzed forth, heading straight for palace master Sheng Yuan with the destructive force.

No words could describe such power and it was enough to destroy the surrounding land.

“You are only at the Nascent Source stage. Although you have touched the Law Domain stage and established a small Law Domain, where did you find the courage to show this to everybody?” Palace master Sheng Yuan’s silver eyes flickered with mockery as he watched the Genesis Qi stars falling from the sky.

He reached out and gently clenched his hand.

The world seemed to freeze in that moment. The falling stars changed direction and roared towards peak master Lianyi with even more frightening force than before.   

Sect master Qing Yang coldly snorted. With the wave of his robe, the space was instantly torn open, creating a spatial fissure that swallowed all the stars.

He turned to peak master Lianyi and reminded her, “Don't be rash.”  

Peak master Lianyi’s crimson eyes gushed with killing intent as she glared daggers at Sheng Yuan.    

The other experts did not attempt to get involved, because they knew that this was a matter between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect.    

A ruminative smile curved the lips of palace master Sheng Yuan when he saw the look on peak master Lianyi’s face, “It seems that peak master Lianyi really hates me.”    

Peak master Lianyi hissed, “You killed my master, and I will not rest until you are buried!”

Palace master Sheng Yuan chuckled. “Peak master Lianyi, patriarch Cang Xuan was an expert of the Saint stage who possessed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. In the Cangxuan Heaven, it won’t be easy to defeat him even if he was ambushed and surrounded by the sacred race.”    

Everyone frowned, wondering why palace master Sheng Yuan was suddenly bringing up this matter.   

“To truly kill him, one will have to make him lose control of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, so that he temporarily loses the position of heaven master. In that instant, you’ll be able to find an opportunity to slay him.” 

Peak master Lianyi’s face slowly paled.

“Peak master Lianyi, do you remember what you did in the past?” Palace master Sheng Yuan cocked his head and stared at peak master Lianyi.    

All eyes shifted towards peak master Lianyi, including sect master Qing Yang’s. Their expressions were filled with confusion.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s cold laughter continued to ring out like a rumbling thunder, leaving countless people dumbstruck. 

“If you hadn’t tampered with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, do you really think that patriarch Cang Xuan would be surrounded by the sacred race and killed?

“So why do you hate me...the greatest culprit behind patriarch Cang Xuan’s death is you...Liu Lianyi!”  

In the mysterious domain, Zhou Yuan’s eyes also went wide as he stared at peak master Lianyi in shock and disbelief.    

Could she be the mole in the Cangxuan Sect?!    

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