Chapter 72 Black Venom King

In a certain serene courtyard.

Su Youwei was silently seated on a boulder. Her back was straight, the curves on her chest faintly visible, while her supple and slender waist really made one have to impulse to hook an arm around it.

Genesis Qi flowed around her body, thread after thread converging towards her from the surroundings and ultimately pouring into her body. 

Meanwhile, the faint rumble of thunder seemed to echo from within her body.

Su Youwei suddenly opened her clear as water eyes and a flash of scarlet-red lightning seemed to flit across them. In the next instant, she reached out a hand and gently grasped.


Scarlet-red Genesis Qi rose from her right hand. It seemed as if lightning was dancing and fire burning inside as a domineering aura spread.

She extended her left hand and ice-blue Genesis Qi rose from it. This Genesis Qi gave off an extremely cold aura, freezing even the air itself as it ascended towards the sky.

Grade 4 Genesis Qi, Flame-Thunder Qi!

Grade 4 Genesis Qi, Niflheim Qi!

The Flame-Thunder mantra and the Niflheim sutra had finally been simultaneously mastered by Su Youwei.

Su Youwei’s bright eyes were filled with joy, emotion skipping across her face as she observed the two different attribute Genesis Qi surging on her hands. She could clearly feel that her strength had rose sharply after mastering these two types of Genesis Qi.

Although she had previously reached the Qi Nourishing stage, the Genesis Qi in her body had remained at the most basic attributeless state because she had not learnt any Qi cultivation methods. This naturally meant that her attacks did not have any special effects and was much weaker than others.

*Clap clap!*

While Su Youwei was happily watching the two types of Genesis Qi, applause was suddenly heard. She lifted her head to look and found Zhou Yuan standing nearby, a huge grin on his face as he clapped.

“Your highness.” Su Youwei revealed a faint smile.

“Congratulations. Now that you’ve mastered these divine techniques, unifying the world is just around the corner!” Zhou Yuan teased.

Su Youwei’s gaze were somewhat charming as she rolled her eyes at him. She then raised her hand and let out a soft snort. “Want to test its power?”

Zhou Yuan’s smile twisted awkwardly. Su Youwei’s battle power had undoubtedly soared after successfully learning the two grade 4 Genesis Qi. She may only be at the initial Qi Nourishing stage, but in a real fight, it was likely that even an advance Qi Nourishing stage expert would find it difficult to beat her.

After all, wielding two types of Genesis Qi was enough to give her opponents a huge headache.

Zhou Yuan was confident that he was not weaker than the Su Youwei when she had initially stepped into the Qi Nourishing stage. But now, it was likely that he was no longer Su Youwei’s match. He would have to reach the Qi Nourishing stage and borrow the powers of Genesis Runes to have any chance of matching the current Su Youwei.

Of course, that was under the precondition that he had not learnt the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture and obtained the Omni Python Qi.

“The Ancestral Dragon Scripture is really difficult.” As these thoughts churned his head, Zhou Yuan involuntarily let out a sigh. In Su Youwei’s case, although many Genesis resources were needed to learn the Flame-Thunder mantra and the Niflheim sutra, these resources could be bought with Genesis crystals. This was how Su Youwei was able to successfully master them with her talent in about ten days.

In contrast, he had yet to even gather the Genesis resources he needed, a comparison that really made him want to cry.

Fortunately, his eighth meridian channel was growing increasingly loose due to his efforts. It would not be long before it was completely unblocked.

“Let’s go, we will be heading to Blackwater today.” Zhou Yuan withdrew his frustrations and smiled towards Su Youwei.

Su Youwei gave a small nod in response and followed Zhou Yuan out of the general’s residence after tidying up a little.

Wei Canglan was already waiting outside the residence. Beside him was a slender and elegant figure clothed in red soft-armor, battle skirt and battle boots, Wei Qingqing.

Her slightly high battle boots really emphasized those unreasonable pair of fair, long and slender legs. Even Zhou Yuan could not help but cast them a second glance.

Wei Qingqing might not be able to match Su Youwei’s and Yaoyao’s peerless looks, but her impressive long legs were a huge boost to her points and made one unable to forget them.

Behind Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were five figures. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around them, evidence that they were experts of the Heaven Gate stage.

Even further behind was a squad of roughly a dozen elites. Every single one of them had the strength of the Qi Nourishing stage.

This group was probably the most powerful force in Canglan County.

Beside Wei Canglan’s group was the squad from the imperial guards. Lu Tieshan led the group of three Heaven Gate stage experts and twelve Qi Nourishing stage practitioners.

The combination of both line-ups was pretty grand indeed.

“Are you ready your highness?” Wei Canglan smiled upon seeing Zhou Yuan emerge.

Zhou Yuan nodded.

Wei Canglan was a swift and decisive individual. With a wave of his hand, he yelled, “Then let us set off.” 

As his shout rang out, the two groups began to move. They surged out of the city like a flood, speeding towards Blackwater.

Blackwater, Black Venom City, residence of the city lord.

A familiar figure was seated in the guest room. It was Qi Hao, who had slipped away from Canglan County some time ago.

“Oh? Qi Manor wants to cooperate with me?”

A raspy voice echoed in the guest room. If one turned to look, one would find a middle-aged man dressed in a black robe wearing a superficial smile on his face. His nose was sharp and black specks dotted his face. Wisps of black Qi rose around him, spreading a faint stench.

This middle-aged man in black robes was the infamous lord of Black Venom City, the Black Venm King!

Facing the infamous Black Venom King caused cold sweat to emerge on Qi Hao’s forehead. However, he was able to maintain his bearings as he nodded and cupped his fists together. “With regards to the ruins that have appeared in Blackwater this time, the Great Zhou royal clan and Wei Canglan have already joined forces. Although Black Venom City can be said to be the overlord of Blackwater, as the saying goes, a single tree cannot support an entire forest. If you cooperate with Qi Manor, we will definitely be able to cause them heavy losses.”

“I do not fear Wei Canglan.” The Black Venom King chuckled, his expression eerie as he stared at Qi Hao. “Moreover, do you really believe I do not know that Zhou Qing has not come. Without another Alpha-Origina stage expert like him, Wei Canglan will not be able to handle me.”

“Therefore, I conclude that you’ve come with the hopes of borrowing my power to deal with Wei Canglan.”

“Since that is so, show me your sincerity, or else…”

The rising black Qi around the Black Venom King caused Qi Hao to freeze for a second. Soon after, he said in a low voice, “Black Venom King should know that Wei Canglan views you as a giant thorn in his side and seeks to eliminate you at all times.”

“I believe that you too wish to eliminate this huge danger, am I right?”

The Black Venom King’s eyes narrowed slightly. Wei Canglan had stationed himself in Canglan County, carefully observing every single movement from Black Venom City. The moment they made a move, Wei Canglan would immediately react and stop them, causing numerous problems for the Black Venom King over the past few years. Hence, the Black Venom King similarly viewed Wei Canglan as a huge problem that needed to be solved.

“As long as Black Venom King helps Qi Manor obtain the Fire Spirit Grain, when we finally overthrow the royal clan, Canglan County will belong to Black Venom City.”

“Oh?” The Black Venom King raised an eyebrow. “So certain that you will be able to overthrow the royal clan?”

Qi Hao laughed coldly. “Qi Manor has the backing of the Great Wu Empire. Does Black Venom King believe that a pitifully struggling Great Zhou royal clan will be able to match the Great Wu Empire?”

The Black Venom King was silent for some time, before he slowly said, “A treasure like the Fire Spirit Grain is very valuable to Black Venom City.”

Qi Hao flatly replied, “But Black Venom City will not be able to obtain it. If you do, Qi Manor will not let this matter rest, nor will the Great Wu Empire behind us allow it.”

The Black Venom King snorted disdainfully when he heard the front half of Qi Hao’s words, but the former’s expression changed upon hearing Great Wu Empire as fear flitted across his eyes.

After all, the current Grea Wu Empire was nothing like Great Zhou. Great Wu was a flourishing nation that had numerous experts, an existence that greatly exceeded his Black Venom City. If they offended Great Wu, he, the Black Venom King, would end up a stray dog. 

What the Black Venom King did not know however, was that Great Wu was currently warring against two other empires, and did not have any attention to spare to a remote place such as Blackwater.

The Black Venom King’s eyes flickered with thought. A long while later, he slowly said, “I can cooperate with you.”

Joy immediately lit up Qi Hao’s face.

“However…” The Venom King paused before he coldly said, “Canglan County alone isn’t enough to move me, I will need the two other cities neighbouring Blackwater.”

Qi Hao’s expression instantly changed when he heard this. There were only thirteen cities in the entire Great Zhou Empire and the Black Venom King planned to swallow three of them, including Canglan County. This was practically a quarter of Great Zhou’s land. Such an appetite could only be described as enormous.

The Black Venom King said in an indifferent voice, “If you do not agree, please return to where you came from.”

The expression in Qi Hao’s eyes fluctuated rapidly, before he eventually gritted his teeth and gave his answer. “Alright. As long as you aid us in obtaining the Fire Spirit Grain, those three cities will belong to Black Venom City in future!”

A smile finally appeared on the Black Venom King’s sinister-looking face when he heard these words.

“Since that is so, Black Venom City will accept this transaction.”

Qi Hao secretly sighed in relief. As he raised his head, a vicious look flitted across his eyes as he looked towards the distant Canglan County.

Zhou Yuan, don’t be so happy just because you managed to win over Wei Canglan. The victor in this battle for the ruins has yet to be decided!

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