Chapter 719 Before the Saint Stamp


Zhou Yuan could hear the roars of the thunder of destruction as he leapt into the lightning pool and immediately sensed something whizz towards him.    

Zhou Yuan tensed up as dazzling light blossomed from the two-feet Law Domain. It seemed to form a domain of its own, separating Zhou Yuan from the rest of the world.    


Under his nervous gaze, the thunder of destruction did not pounce directly at him, and instead circled around the area where he was as if it had completely lost track of him.   

In the end, the flickering lightning also scattered.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and glanced down at Yaoyao who was in his arms. Her beautiful face was as calm as a quiet valley lake, which made Zhou Yuan feel a little embarrassed.   

But he soon set aside these needless thoughts and began to increase his speed.   

The thunderbolt pool was filled with flashing lightning, as though countless lightning dragons were wreaking havoc. The terrifying claps of thunder caused the earth to quake.    

Zhou Yuan very carefully avoided the raging lightning. Although he managed to slip past the lightning because of his two-feet Law Domain, he knew that it wasn’t an absolute defense. Given his current strength, even the two-feet Law Domain would be unable to protect him if struck by any of the lightning.

Hence, he was extremely cautious as he continued to dive deeper.    

Yaoyao also did not say anything to distract him. Her slender arms gently wrapped around Zhou Yuan’s waist as she stared at the raging flashes of lightning in a trance.    

For some reason, she felt more and more uneasy as they grew closer to the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. 

In her view, an artifact like the Cangxuan Saint Stamp wasn’t something that Zhou Yuan should come into contact with right now because the implications were far too great. However, they had no choice but to search for it given the current situation.

It was as though the Cangxuan Saint Stamp was a gigantic monster that had broken into their peaceful life and was tearing it to pieces...    

Yaoyao’s arms tightened around Zhou Yuan’s waist as she rested her cheeks on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and murmured, “Zhou Yuan, I have been very happy for the past few years...”    

 “What?” asked Zhou Yuan in a distracted manner. He could not clearly hear Yaoyao’s soft voice amidst the constantly booming thunder. 

Yaoyao did not repeat her words. She gently leaned against Zhou Yuan’s shoulder with a faint smile curving her lips.

Zhou Yuan did not ask again when he saw this. He tightly held onto her waist and sped up once again.   

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to have underestimated the depth of the thunderbolt pool. He had dived for almost half an hour, but still couldn’t see its end. Instead, the thunder of destruction was growing increasingly berserk.   

Over time, Zhou Yuan’s face also grew more and more solemn.  

The thunder of destruction here was too terrifying. Even if he wasn’t hit, shockwaves from the lightning pulsed through the charged air, causing his two-feet Law Domain to tremble violently. 

He was still far too weak. A single thunderbolt here was already more than enough to destroy him.

The two-feet Law Domain built by his current strength clearly couldn’t fully withstand the power of the thunder of destruction.  

“This is not good. If this continues, I won’t be able to maintain the two-feet Law Domain for long,” said Zhou Yuan in a low voice.    

Yaoyao’s beautiful brows were also scrunched together. “There is most likely no end to the thunderbolt pool.”

Hearing this, Zhou Yuan was stunned. “No end?”    

“Because the thunderbolts of destruction are too powerful and can distort space to form an endless passage. If my speculation is correct, patriarch Cangxuan has likely used a special method to hide the Cangxuan Saint Stamp somewhere within this passage.

“We have to find that hiding spot to get out, otherwise, we’ll have to turn back.” muttered Yaoyao.    

“But there's a great force of destruction here. It won’t be easy to find the hiding spot.”    

Zhou Yuan tensed up, eyes flashing as he said, “But it isn’t impossible.”  

He closed his eyes before they suddenly shot open again after a few seconds. The Decoder Saint Rune quivered in the depths of his eyes. Since the hiding spot was created by patriarch Cangxuan, the Saint Runeshe left behind should be able to sense something.    

The Decoder Saint Rune could see through any concealment, making this the perfect place to use it.

Zhou Yuan slowed down and began scanning his surroundings. As the Decoder Saint Rune continued to operate, blood started running down the corners of his eyes.  

But he ignored this entirely, because he knew that it would be a disaster once the two-feet Law Domain reached its limit.

Ten minutes soon passed, and the shuddering of the two-feet Law Domain grew worse and worse.   

Yaoyao’s red lips were pressed together in anxiety, a grave look on her pretty face.

“Damn thing, come out!” roared Zhou Yuan. His pupils abruptly shrank a split second later. He had finally found a strange energy fluctuation within the passage.

“I found it!”  

Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up with joy. Without any hesitation, he suddenly accelerated and sped towards a certain spot in the passage.

Behind him, countless thunderbolts of destruction finally detected his presence and frantically roared over.   

The waves of destruction from behind almost made Zhou Yuan’s soul flee his body, but he didn't dare to stop. He gritted his teeth and continued to charge towards a certain spot in the passage. 


The space around him rippled, instantly swallowing Zhou Yuan’s figure.    


The thunderbolts of destruction also landed only to quickly dissipate into thin air.    



As Zhou Yuan entered, his two-feet Law Domain rapidly collapsed as he vomited a mouthful of blood. His face was deathly pale. The smell of death had been very strong a few moments ago.

“That was way too dangerous.” He smiled bitterly.    

In his arms, Yaoyao gently patted his back. She stood up, her gaze sweeping around the place as she slowly said, “But we’ve come to the right place.”    

Zhou Yuan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and raised his head, only for the expression on his face to freeze.  

Endless steps spread upwards in front of them, surrounded by the dark void. A stone platform floated at the end of the steps.    

On the stone platform, rays of light protected a stone stamp. The stone stamp was square shaped and was akin to a symbol of heaven and earth. An indescribable ancient and primal energy slowly exuded from it.    

Scenes of mountains and rivers constantly flickered around the stone stamp.    

Zhou Yuan couldn’t describe the feeling the stone seal gave him. The oldest and most valuable artifact of this land that could make anyone go crazy had appeared before him.    

Zhou Yuan studied it from a distance. He could feel the three Saint Runes in his body buzzing and vibrating as though cheering. 

Because they originated from this object.

Zhou Yuan’s lips felt dry and his mouth parched. He couldn’t believe that he had arrived before the most holy artifact of this land which symbolized authority itself…..


Word after word was murmured in a trembling voice.  

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