Chapter 716 A familiar place

“Land struck by lightning...” 

Watching Gu Zong and the others leave, an unexpectedly solemn expression came onto Zhou Yuan’s face. He repeatedly muttered the clue about the Cangxuan Saint Stamp that Gu Zong mentioned. 

“This really is troublesome...”   

He couldn’t help but sigh. He possessed three Saint Runes, so if the Cangxuan Saint Stamp were to fall into the hands of other people, they would be able to detect the presence of the Saint Runes in his body. 

No matter who obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, their first thought must be to restore the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. Therefore, the Saint Runes that he had would definitely be taken back.    

Given his present strength, how could he counter existences of that level?   

A sweet fragrance wafted over as Yaoyao landed next to Zhou Yuan, “Cangxuan Heaven most likely is going to undergo great change.”   

The shock that the appearance of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp would cause was unimaginable. Whether it was the Sacred Palace, the Cangxuan Sect or other major sects, everybody would undoubtedly fight with all their strength.  

The war that could break out would be far greater than the battle between the disciples of the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect. 

It could truly destroy the world.  

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath. He had just resolved the problem of the Great Wu Empire and thought that he could relax a little, but unexpectedly another huge event was going to happen. 

Of course, if he wasn’t carrying three Saint Runes, he wouldn’t pay too much attention on the matters regarding the Cangxuan Saint Stamp because it wasn’t something that a person of his level could get involved in.

Unfortunately there was no ‘if’. 

“What to do?” Zhou Yuan felt a headache coming on.    

“In any case, we have to pay attention to any clues about the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. If possible, we should find it first and get our hands on it. I would rather the Cangxuan Sect have that object than let if fall into the hands of the Sacred Palace.”  Yaoyao moved her red lips and explained.  

Once Palace Master Sheng Yuan obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he would become the Heaven Master of the Cangxuan Heaven, and nobody in this land would be able to stop him. When it happened, Palace Master Sheng Yuan would surely come after Zhou Yuan, who was currently in possession of three of the Saint Runes.

Coupled with some previous grudges, Palace Master Sheng Yuan was even more likely to use the chance to kill Zhou Yuan, and even the Great Zhou Empire could be affected. 

And if the Cangxuan Saint Stamp were to fall into the hands of the Cangxuan Sect, then Zhou Yuan at least had a way of retreat.    

“But it wouldn’t be easy to find clues. The land struck by lightning....where lightning has struck before? The clue is too broad. Not to mention other continents, even if it is the Cangmang Continent, there are many places that meet this condition.” 

He pondered for a moment, then leapt up and landed in front of Zhou Qing.    

Wei Canglan, Black Venom King and others immediately bowed respectfully to Zhou Yuan with awe in their eyes. The shock that Zhou Yuan gave them when he forced so many Divine Dwelling experts to retreat was too great. 

It should be said that the power of so many Divine Dwelling experts were enough to destroy the country, but they still lost against Zhou Yuan and had no choice but to retreat. It was clear what sort of terrifying power that Zhou Yuan controlled. 

Zhou Yuan was now the most powerful being that the Great Zhou Empire relied on.

As long as Zhou Yuan existed, the Great Zhou Empire would continue to exist.

Zhou Qing gazed at Zhou Yuan’s young face, and couldn’t help feeling emotional. The young man who left home had unknowingly become strong enough to support him.    

It made him both gratified and proud.   

“Yuan’er, those people wouldn’t destroy everywhere as retaliation right?” Zhou Qing glanced in the direction they left and asked in a worried voice. 

The Great Zhou Empire had just taken control of the Great Wu Empire, and the situation was still unstable, so if those Divine Dwelling experts were to start chaos it would cause great unrest.   

‘They don't have the guts.” Zhou Yuan smiled. Although he had wounded Gu Zong and the others, they should also have the self-awareness that if they retaliated indiscriminately, then it wouldn’t be something that could be settled with Divine Dwelling Medicines anymore. 

Seeing the calm expression on Zhou Yuan's face, Zhou Qing also relaxed.   

“Father, there is something that I would like to ask you for help with.” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.   

“Oh?” Zhou Qing was somewhat surprised, “It’s rare that you need to ask me for help, hurry tell me what is troubling you.”  

 “I would like to ask Father to help me investigate and find all the places in the Cangmang Continent where lightning has struck.”  

“Where lightning has struck?” Zhou Qing scrunched his brows in a frown, “There must be a lot, after all it isn’t common, but it also isn’t rare.” 

“Is there somewhere that is especially special?”   

Zhou Qing said in a deep voice: “I'll have someone investigate.” 

Black Venom King suddenly interrupted with an ingratiating smile, “Your Highness, if it’s places where lightning has struck, I know a place that should be considered very special.” 


“I don't know if Your Highness remembers the place we met?” The Black Venom King smiled.    

Zhou Yuan’s eyes immediately lit up, “You mean.....Blackwater?!” 

When he left the capital of the Great Zhou Empire, the first place he went to train in was the bordering Blackwater 

Yaoyao also landed with Tuntun in her arms, a look of surprise crossing her beautiful face as she whispered, “Do you remember the Battle Puppet Sect?”    

Zhou Yuan nodded, how could he not remember? His Silver Shadow was found there.    

“Do you remember the residual shadows we saw in the underground palace of the Battle Puppet Sect?”    

Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded as that memory resurfaced in his mind.    

“The prided geniuses of our Sacred race have died here. I declare this place a sinful land that shall receive holy punishment. All life within an eighty thousand mile radius shall be destroyed.”

In the residual shadow of the underground palace, a voice of ruthlessness brought a thunderbolt punishment that destroyed all the sects that existed in Blackwater in the ancient times.  

It was also there where he first knew about the existence of the Sacred Race. 

Over the years, he also learnt from the ancient books of the Cangxuan Sect that in ancient times, the majority of the Cangxuan Heaven was under the control of the Sacred race. But later, following numerous conflicts, patriarch Cang Xuan stood out and finally won the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, becoming the Heaven Master. So the Sacred race had to withdraw from the Cangxuan Heaven.   

And the thunderbolt of destruction punishment in Blackwater should have happened before the patriarch Cang Xuan obtained the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.   

So, the sinful land really could be considered the land where lightning struck.    

Yaoyao’s bright and clear eyes shifted to Zhou Yuan. “That is indeed a very mysterious place.”   

Zhou Yuan nodded. It was indeed very mysterious. That was the place where the Sacred race ruled, and normally speaking, many of the experts were afraid to remember and interact with such a place.

It was a blindspot of many people.

Then, when patriarch Cang Xuan died, would he have deliberately hid the Cangxuan Saint Seal in the so-called sinful land?   

With this thought, Zhou Yuan’s heart began to race, because he felt that there really was that possibility!    

Zhou Yuan's eyes met Yaoyao’s, noticing the astonishment in each other’s eyes.    

“It seems we have check out the Blackwater again...”    

This made Zhou Yuan feel rather emotional. Blackwater had been his first destination after leaving the Great Zhou Empire. He just didn’t expect that, after many years, he was going to return to the familiar place.   

It was like, as if he was undergoing a cycle.

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