Chapter 714 Outsiders

When the silhouettes appeared above the capital city, a powerful Genesis Qi pressure shrouded the area, causing the entire city to tremble.

Countless people looked at the figures in horror, their scalps turning numb when they saw the Divine dwelling halos behind them. 

A Divine Dwelling expert was an almighty existence in the Cangmang Continent and there were currently over twenty of them present. The combined power could easily destroy a country. 

“Why did so many Divine Dwelling experts appear?!”   

“Could they have come to avenge the Great Wu Empire?” 

“If that's the case, the Great Zhou Empire will be in grave danger!”   


Numerous shocked whispers spread. The Great Wu Empire had recently been taken over by the Great Zhou Empire, and the citizens’ hearts were still a little uncertain. There were still some loyal Great Wu supporters who did not dare to openly rebel against the Great Zhou Empire directly. With the arrival of these Divine Dwelling experts, the Great Wu loyalists would happily entertain the delusion that they were here to avenge the Great Wu Empire.

After all, didn’t the royal prince Wu Huang have a rather high status in the Sacred Palace?    

In front of the palace.   

Zhou Qing led a group of generals out of the palace. Their expressions could not help but change when they saw the numerous figures hovering in the air.

The oppressive pressure given off by a large group of Divine Dwelling experts was clearly quite terrifying.  

“Why have these Divine Dwelling experts come here?” Wei Canglan turned to Zhou Qing with a frightened face.  

The other generals’ faces were also crossed with worry. They knew that the Great Zhou Empire was not capable of withstanding the might of a dozen Divine Dwelling experts. 

“I've heard that a lot of unfamiliar experts have arrived in the Cangmang Continent recently.” 

Zhou Qing’s face grew solemn. “But they are most likely not here for the Great Wu Empire. A mere Great Wu Empire does not have such influence.”    

However, it still never a good thing for a pack of wolves to come to the grassland where a flock of sheep lived.    

The Great Zhou Empire had recently taken over the Great Wu Empire, and the citizens’ hearts were still undecided. If some outsider Divine Dwelling experts were allowed to trample over the Great Zhou Empire, it would be even more difficult to win the hearts of the people in the future. 

With these thoughts racing through his mind, Zhou Qing stepped forward and cupped his fists together. “I am the king of Great Zhou, Zhou Qing. The Great Zhou Empire is honored to have so many experts grace us with your presence. If you don’t mind, please step aside and allow us to do our duty as the host.”  

A tall, thin man stood at the front of the group. He grinned at Zhou Qing and said, “King Zhou, we are from the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion of the Shengzhou Continent and I am Gu Zong. Forget about your duties as host, the reason we’ve come so far is to ask for a few Divine Dwelling Medicines. Please do not make things difficult.” 

Zhou Qing explained, “You may not know but the Great Zhou Empire has finished a war. We may have some ordinary medicines but we really don’t have any Divine Dwelling Medicines.”   

The tall, thin man named Gu Zong did not respond as he narrowed his eyes while the corners of his mouth curved upwards in a cold smile. He thrust his palm, sending out a torrent of raging Genesis Qi that instantly destroyed the palace behind Zhou Qing.

The other Divine Dwelling experts roared with laughter. 

There were also many previously Great Wu officials present in addition to the Great Zhou generals. Their eyes flickered in thought when they witnessed this scene.  

The palace was not the only thing that had been destroyed by that strike, but also the presence the Great Zhou Empire had recently built up in the former Great Wu Empire. 

Having smashed the palace, Gu Zong nonchalantly said, “Think again before you answer. We passed by another empire on our way here but the king there was incapable of understanding what was good for him. In the end the empire was left without their king.”

Zhou Qing's face darkened. The other party had clearly destroyed the palace to humiliate him and spoke in an obviously threatening tone of voice.  

Wei Canglan and the others were equally enraged, but dared not say a word for fear of sparking the Divine Dwelling experts’ killing intent. After all, the gap between them was far too great. 

Zhou Qing’s expression rapidly fluctuated. In the end, he drew a deep breath. There were still a handful of Divine Dwelling Medicines in the Great Zhou Empire that they could use to send away this pack of wolves. 

However, just when Zhou Qing opened his mouth to speak, a chuckle suddenly rang out.   

“I was wondering what kind of thugs had come. It turns out to be members of the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion.” 

Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others turned around in surprise and found Zhou Yuan standing atop another building  

“Yuan’er...” A worried frown crossed Zhou Qing’s face, clearly not wanting Zhou Yuan to appear. After all, he wasn’t aware of Zhou Yuan’s status in the Cangxuan Sect, and there were many Divine Dwelling stage practitioners on the other side. It would not be good if they were angered. 

In the sky, Gu Zong and the others were taken aback for a moment before their gazes locked onto Zhou Yuan one by one. They never expected that someone from a pathetic little empire would dare to speak out against them.

“Oh, you’re also a Divine Dwelling practitioner?”

Gu Zong studied Zhou Yuan in surprise before he smiled, “Boy, you’re quite talented to have reached the Divine Dwelling stage at your age. Don’t make a mistake because of a few Divine Dwelling Medicines.”

Zhou Yuan smiled, “In the Shengzhou Continent, the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion is not as arrogant as you guys.”    

Gu Zong’s expression froze. He stared at Zhou Yuan and asked, “Who are you?”    

Only now did he realize that the young man before him was not a local Divine Dwelling expert. There were a handful of Divine Dwelling experts in the empires they had passed along the way, but in the face of their line-up and the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion behind them, those Divine Dwelling experts all trembled and dared not speak. 

Zhou Yuan swept a glance over them, stating calmly, “The leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan.”   

The mocking expressions on the Divine Dwelling experts froze at this statement before they exclaimed, “The leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen, Zhou Yuan?!”

“Could it be that same Zhou Yuan who caused a commotion previously?”  

The Divine Dwelling experts looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t expect the leader Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect to appear in a tiny little empire. 

Gu Zong was also taken by surprise. He had heard of Zhou Yuan before. The battle between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace had made Zhou Yuan become the focus of attention of all the Shengzhou Continent factions.    

But this was about all that Gu Zong knew. He didn’t know about the specific origin of Zhou Yuan.    

High up in the sky, the originally arrogant and overbearing Divine Dwelling experts suddenly restrained themselves. They would naturally be unafraid if Zhou Yuan was an ordinary Divine Dwelling expert, but he had another identity; the leader Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.

Behind him stood the Cangxuan Sect, one of the overlord sects which the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion could not compare to at all.

Zhou Qing heaved a sigh of relief at this scene. He was surprised to find out that Zhou Yuan had a reputation in the Shengzhou Continent and could even deter so many experts of the Divine Dwelling stage.  

While the atmosphere turned tense, Gu Zong’s eyes flashed as he let out a small sigh. Who would have expected that they would encounter such a thorny obstacle in this tiny and insignificant continent. 

However, although Gu Zong was somewhat wary of Zhou Yuan's identity, he didn’t fear him too much because the Heavenly Cloud Pavilion’s stance leaned more towards the Sacred Palace. Moreover, he was an experienced Divine Dwelling stage expert, who had reached the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, while Zhou Yuan had recently reached the Divine Dwelling stage and was naturally someone he should not be afraid of.

As such, he put on a fake smile and said, “So you’re a distinguished disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, it’s just a misunderstanding. We will take our leave.”

However, a cruel thought flashed in his mind; he would have to go on a killing frenzy at the Great Zhou Empire’s border before he left to vent his frustration.

Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that the pack of wolves was about to leave.   

Atop the hall, however, Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as his voice rang out, “You destroyed a palace of the Great Zhou Empire and now you want to leave just like that?”    

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