Chapter 713 Divine Dwelling Medicine

The capital of Great Wu. 

More than half of the Great Wu palace had been burned down by Wu Yao. The remaining buildings were temporarily used by the Great Zhou Empire. This was also where Qin Yu, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao resided.

In a quiet courtyard.   

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged in a rock garden. His eyes were tightly closed and a chaos halo slowly rotated behind him, continuously absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi.

His training continued for a good while before he opened his eyes and the halo behind him gradually faded.

“I’ve become more sensitive to Genesis Qi after entering the Divine Dwelling stage.” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. With the Divine Dwelling halo, the absorption rate of Genesis Qi had soared and the efficiency of his training was at least ten times greater than what it was during the Alpha-Origin stage. 

After a few days of practice, however, Zhou Yuan began to feel the difficulty of cultivation in the Divine Dwelling stage.

Once one stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, progress was tied to one’s own Divine Dwelling. A newly formed Divine Dwelling was imperfect and needed to be polished constantly by Genesis Qi to gradually perfect it. 

Zhou Yuan's current Qi Dwelling was a nine heavens Divine Dwelling which was akin to establishing nine separate domains.

The nine heavens were not connected to each other and there seemed to be some kind of mysterious barrier between them. Only by connecting these nine heavens would they gradually fuse together, which would also prepare him for advancing to the next cultivation stage, the Heavenly Sun stage. 

When he opened a path to a new heaven, the Genesis Qi of the two heavens would integrate, causing his Genesis Qi to skyrocket. 

However, what troubled experts of the Divine Dwelling stage the most was to completely polish each heaven and ultimately merge all of them.  

“It’s too difficult.”   

Zhou Yuan let out a long sigh. He hadn’t been slacking off his cultivation practice, but the barrier between the first and second heavens was still as solid as a boulder and had not even budged an inch.

“The Divine Dwelling stage requires a huge amount of cultivation resources to support it. It’s useless to only rely on your own training.” While Zhou Yuan felt a headache coming on, he heard a clear and sweet-sounding voice.

Zhou Yuan turned his head to see Yaoyao standing at the bottom of the rock garden holding Tuntun.    

“In the Divine Dwelling stage, there is a resource that is essential and indispensable.  

“You must have done some homework too, and you should know what it is, right?” Yaoyao smiled.    

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment, and then spurted out the words, “Divine Dwelling Medicine.”    

It was extremely difficult to polish Divine Dwellings, but some treasures possessed the innate ability to polish Divine Dwellings. These treasures were known as Divine Dwelling Medicine.   

These medicines had no effect on cultivation stages other than the Divine Dwelling stage, but were extremely precious to experts of the Divine Dwelling stage.   

However, Divine Dwelling Medicines were extremely valuable. If one wanted to consume a large amount to polish their Divine Dwellings, it would be a huge burden for them. Therefore, many Divine Dwelling experts would rather abandon their freedom to join clans or sects in exchange for Divine Dwelling Medicine for cultivation training.   

They could also exchange for Divine Dwelling Medicine in the Cangxuan Sect, but the price wasn’t low at all.    

Zhou Yuan hadn’t reached the Divine Dwelling stage when he left the Cangxuan Sect. But given his contributions, even if he were to exchange for some Divine Dwelling Medicines, he would likely obtain at most a dozen of low grade Divine Dwelling Medicines. 

Yaoyao stretched out her hand and gently patted the spatial bag hanging from her waist. There was a sudden glow as dozens of jade boxes flew out and floated in front of Zhou Yuan.    

The jade boxes automatically opened, revealing rows of bizarre flowers and fruits that gave off a dazzling brilliance. Although strangely shaped, every single one emitted incredibly pure and powerful Genesis Qi.  

“Divine Dwelling Medicines?” Zhou Yuan exclaimed.  

“These were found in the Great Wu treasury. Your father knew that it would be useful for your cultivation so asked me to bring them to you.”

Yaoyao tilted her head and continued, “Unfortunately, they are all just low grade Divine Dwelling Medicines. The others must have been used by King Wu to break through to the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage.”   

Zhou Yuan’s face still lit up with joy. “This is already very good. With these, my progress should improve a lot.”    

He flung his robe and contently stored away the Divine Dwelling Medicines into his spatial bag.   

Watching Zhou Yuan put away the medicines, Yaoyao blinked her eyes and said, “Since you have fully retrieved the sacred dragon blessing from Wu Huang's body. You should prepare to advance to the second level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

“Once you reach the second level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, your Omni Python Qi will evolve into the grade seven World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.”   

Zhou Yuan’s eyes blazed in anticipation as he stared intently at Yaoyao.

He had been hoping to master the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi for years. It was only when he regained the sacred dragon blessing from Wu Huang that he finally had the qualifications to begin mastering it.

The Omni Python Qi that Zhou Yuan cultivated was originally a grade five Genesis Qi but subsequently evolved into the grade six Omni Serpent Qi after he regained a part of the sacred dragon blessing from Wu Huang.  

However, due to the amazingness of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, even the grade six Omni Serpent Qi wasn’t the least bit inferior to some grade seven Genesis Qi.    

But as Zhou Yuan encountered more powerful enemies, the Omni Python Qi could no longer suppress their Genesis Qi. As such, advancing it to the grade seven World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi would allow Zhou Yuan's combat strength to soar. 

After all, the grade six Omni Serpent Qi was already comparable to grade seven Genesis Qi. Wouldn’t that mean that the grade seven World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi would not lose out to grade eight Genesis Qi?    

Zhou Yuan believed that grade eight Genesis Qi would be a top treasure to the major sects of Cangxuan Heaven and would never be given away to outsiders.    

However, transforming his Omni Serpent Qi into the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi was not a simple process. It was very complicated and he needed to rely on Yaoyao for guidance.

Yaoyao smiled, “The evolution of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture isn’t difficult, you only require some materials to aid you.”   

However, Zhou Yuan could not help but feel uneasy when he heard this.   

Sure enough, a jade scroll shot towards Zhou Yuan with a flick of Yaoyao’s finger.   

Zhou Yuan caught it. His Spirit senses swept out as hundreds of strange materials flowed into his mind. He had seen a few of them in the Glittering Jewels Pavilion before, none of which were cheap.

But there were even more that he had never heard or seen of.

This was many times more complicated than the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture!

“Once you have collected all these materials, follow the method in the jade scroll to refine them before fusing the product with your Genesis Qi. It will then naturally evolve into the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi.” 

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened a little. “It will take a lot of time to gather all of these.” 

It seemed that the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi was going to take some time.

Yaoyao rolled her eyes and patted her spatial bag again. Countless rays of lights flew out, each containing an object within.

“I have prepared most of them over the last few years in the Cangxuan Sect.

“But there's still a few missing which you'll have to procure yourself.”   

Zhou Yuan was stunned at the sight of the materials hovering in front of him as a warm feeling flowed in his heart. It turns out that Yaoyao had been helping him prepare without his knowing. 

He waved his sleeve and stored away the materials.    

“That’s right.”    

Yaoyao suddenly said, “There seem to be many unfamiliar experts in the Cangmang Continent recently. From the information that your father has received, they are likely from the Shengzhou Continent.” 

Zhou Yuan frowned, “Why would they come to the Cangmang Continent?” 

In the eyes of people of the Shengzhou Continent, the Cangmang Continent was a remote and desolate place that wasn’t even worth visiting.

Yaoyao shook her head, “This, I don’t know. The other empires of the Cangmang Continent were also disturbed by those foreign forces, but due to their strength and background, nobody dares to speak against them.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded. The overall strength of the Shengzhou Continent was far greater than the Cangmang Continent, where even a Divine Dwelling expert could be called an almighty existence. In the Shengzhou Continent, a Divine Dwelling expert would only be considered an elite in the faction.  

Therefore, the empires of the Cangmang Continent would not dare to offend these outsiders.    

“Never mind, I can’t control what they do in other places, but they better not come to the Great Zhou Empire...” Zhou Yuan waved his arm.

As the leader Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, Zhou Yuan wasn’t a person without background.    


However, just as his voice fell, the shrill wail of a siren suddenly rang out in the middle of the city.

The entire capital city fell into turmoil.  

Countless horrified gazes looked into the distance, only to see multiple silhouettes streaking across the sky. Those silhouettes exuded powerful waves of Genesis Qi, and there was a halo floating behind each of them.  

A thunderous voice boomed before the figures arrived, “Who is the lord of your empire? We’ve come all the way here so hurry hand over the Divine Dwelling Medicines in your treasury to ensure your safety.”

It was an incredibly arrogant voice.  

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened when he heard this.   

What kind of blind fool dared to come to his home and cause trouble. 

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