Chapter 711 Sheng Yuan’s Scheme

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao stood on the damaged remains of a mostly burnt wall as they looked towards the lonely cemetery. Wu Yao and Zhao Yunxiao had already left with the black robed elder.

The place turned peaceful and quiet again.

“I never imagined that the most troublesome person in the Wu clan would not be Wu Huang or King Wu...but the princess of the Great Wu Empire.” Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as graveness emerged in his eyes.

He had initially viewed Wu Huang as his enemy and had subsequently turned his sights to King Wu as he grew stronger.

As for Wu Yao, who had also received a portion of the sacred dragon blessing, he had essentially neglected her existence. Only now did Zhou Yuan realize that the one he had overlooked was actually the most terrifying of them all.

She did not have a twisted mind like Wu Huang or King Wu but an unshakable confidence in herself.

As long as they were granted the chance, such people would surely soar in the skies and shake the nine heavens.

Yaoyao’s bright eyes focused on a certain spot in the distance. A long while later, she slowly said, “Wu Yao may become your greatest enemy in the future.”

Although Yaoyao was rather apathetic by nature she was still an extremely proud person. Of all the individuals Zhou Yuan had encountered over the years, he had never heard her give such an appraisal. From this, one could see how highly she regarded Wu Yao.

Zhou Yuan nodded. If not for Yaoyao’s timely arrival, given his initial Divine Dwelling stage strength, he would have very likely been killed by Wu Yao.

She trained in Hunyuan Heaven where the cultivation conditions were far better than the Cangxuan Sect. Hence, even with his primal chaos Divine Dwelling, Wu Yao’s nine heavens Divine Dwelling was not much inferior.

If they fought for real, her superior advanced Divine Dwelling stage cultivation would give her a very high chance of victory.

“Things have been too smooth sailing recently.” Zhou Yuan self reflected. He did not deny that he had become somewhat arrogant after becoming the leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen, killing Wu Huang, stepping into the Divine Dwelling stage, and defeating the higher cultivation King Wu.

Wu Yao and Zhang Yun Xiao’s appearance had given him a good knock to the head, allowing him to understand that there was always a taller mountain.

He may perhaps have reached the pinnacle amongst the Cangxuan Heaven younger generation, but Cangxuan Heaven did not represent the boundless Tianyuan World.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and said, “It seems that I still can’t relax on my training.”

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to take back the two portions of sacred dragon blessing from Wu Yao. Although they were currently residing in different heavens that were insanely far apart, the time would surely come when they would meet again in the future.

It was exactly as King Wu had said. In the struggle between dragon and phoenix, only the devourer will long as the sacred dragon blessing remained incomplete, a fight to the death between Wu Yao and him was unavoidable.

Today’s battle had been stopped by Yaoyao, but what about the next one?

It was impossible to forever avoid the struggle for the sacred dragon blessing.

“And that Zhao Yunxiao…”

Iciness flashed past in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Zhao Yunxiao’s sneaky attack had greatly damaged silver shadow and nearly taken Zhou Yuan’s life. This was a debt he would firmly remember.

Yaoyao looked at him and smiled a little. “However, do not undervalue yourself either. Wu Yao’s lead over you is mostly due to the difference in environment. Hunyuan Heaven is indeed a true cultivation paradise that is far more vast and boundless than Canguan Heaven.

“When you returned to the Cangmang Continent after seeing the Shengzhou Continent and the Cangxuan Sect, you will naturally feel that the former has become rather small. It is the same for Wu Yao. As someone who has went to Hunyuan Heaven, she views Cangxuan Heaven the same way you view the Cangmang Continent.”

Zhou Yuan stared into empty space as he muttered, “Is Hunyuan Heaven really so powerful?”

Yaoyao faintly nodded as she said, “Tianyuan World is separated into nine heavens. The sacred race monopolized four heavens, while the remaining five are home to the rest of the numerous races and Hunyuan Heaven is the strongest of the five heavens.

“In addition, Hunyuan Heaven has always been at the front lines in the long struggle with the sacred race. One can even say that without Hunyuan Heaven, the entire Tianyuan World would have long been conquered by the sacred race. All living creatures would be reduced to nothing but slaves, allowing the sacred race to toy with their lives.”

“The sacred race…”

Zhou Yuan secretly wet his lips. He was no longer the ignorant young boy from back then and had already begun to learn of the overwhelming might of the mysterious sacred race through several old texts in the Cangxuan Sect.

Moreover, there were hints that the current strongest faction in Cangxuan Heaven, the Sacred Palace, was secretly being supported by the sacred race.

A mere Sacred Palace that was supported by the sacred race was already showing signs of becoming the ruler of Cangxuan Heaven. One could imagine how terrifying the entire sacred race was.

And as the headquarters of the resistance against the sacred race, one could see just how powerful Hunyuan Heaven was.

Yaoyao did not elaborate any further and changed the topic. “Although it wasn’t a full victory this time, you’ve finally managed to fulfill one of your goals.”

A smile emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face and he breathed a deep sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

King Wu was dead and without its leader, the headless Great Wu Empire would naturally follow suit.

Of course, it would have been a perfect ending if he managed to take back the two portions of sacred dragon blessing from the Great Wu Empire and Wu Yao.

However, eradicating the Great Wu Empire had at long last freed him from his constant worrying.

While the fight with Wu Yao would only come in the future.


Yaoyao looked straight at Zhou Yuan. When they first met, the latter had been a frail boy who desperately wished to unblock his meridian channels to cultivate. Who could have imagined that the youth who was once incapable of finding his meridian channels would reach such heights after a few years.

Zhou Yuan dazedly gazed at the Great Zhou capital for a long time before he softly chuckled.

He naturally knew that he had a heavy burden the bear the moment the grudge between him and the Great Wu Empire was created. At that time, King Wu had been an invincible existence in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and the mere thought of King Wu would put him under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Despite this, the youth refused to back down nor show any fear and made a grand promise that seemed impossible to fulfill… Back then, even his father had merely taken it as wild talk from an immature child.


Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly closed.

“Father, I’ve fulfilled my promise…”


Shengzhou Continent. The Sacred Palace.

The primal chaos like crystal slowly rose before palace master Sheng Yuan as his unfathomable gaze tightly stared at it. The primal chaos within the crystal ball seemed to ripple at this moment.

His gaze seemed to pierce through space itself as the scenes from the faraway Cangmang Continent entered his eyes.

“Heh, the sacred dragon blessing is truly special…”

Although the sacred dragon blessing had not fully gathered in a single body, it had ultimately converged in one location. One could say that the so-called fate had stirred a little the moment Wu Yao and Zhou Yuan met.

Others may have failed to detect this, but the waiting palace master Sheng Yuan had tightly grasped this moment.

Blood flowed from palace master Sheng Yuan’s silver pupils. Even someone as mighty as him needed to pay a price in order to pry into fate’s secrets.

More and more blood flowed out from his pupils, making him look extremely sinister.

The primal chaos within the crystal ball violently rippled. At a certain moment, it felt as if the river of time slowed for a single breath as an ancient scene flashed past within the primal chaos.

Silver light blossomed from palace master Sheng Yuan’s pupils as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Blood swirled in front of him, seemingly turning into a scene from the far past.

Numerous powerful sects seemed to exist within it. However, devastating lightning descended from the sky, completely destroying all life upon the land.

Palace master Sheng Yuan could no longer hold back as he raised his head and laughed at the heavens while burning desire flooded his eyes.

“Hahaha, Cangxuan Saint Stamp!

“I’ve finally found you!”


The surrounding Genesis Qi began to churn before frantically spreading outwards, rippling through the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

At this moment, looks of bewilderment appeared on the faces of countless powerful existences in Cangxuan Heaven.

Because they had faintly sensed something when palace master Sheng Yuan peeked into fate itself.


In the Cangxuan Sect.

While discussing some matters with the peak masters, sect master Qing Ying’s usually kindly face abruptly turned ashen at this moment as a terrifying wave of Genessi Qi exploded from his body.

In the hall, peak master Lianyi, peak master Ling Jun and the others looked over in alarm.

Sect master Qing Yang tightly clenched his fists, biting down hard as he icily said, “I finally know what Sheng Yuan intends to do…

“He schemes to find the Cangxuan Saint Stamp hidden by teacher!”

These words immediately caused looks of horror to emerge on the faces of the other peak masters before almost solid killing intent flooded their eyes.

“Sheng Yuan plans on starting a war in Cangxuan Heaven!”

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