Chapter 71 Roped In

Great general’s residence, main hall.

Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were seated in the upper area. Both of their faces were currently filled with joy, and the worry that had long entrenched itself between their brows had already completely faded.

Evidently, Wei Canglan had very carefully searched Wei Bin’s body after Zhou Yuan and the rest had left. After sensing the growing life force within Wei Bin’s body, they were finally certain that the Devil Miasma Poison had been completely neutralized.

The worry that had hovered over the great general’s residence for several years had finally been dispersed.

When Zhou Yuan and his group entered the main room, Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing hastily rose and cupped their fists together, “The Wei family will never forget your highness kindness!”

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he shot a glance at Yaoyao beside him. Truthfully speaking, he would not have been able to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison without her guidance.

Hence, Zhou Yuan was now even more in admiration of Yaoyao’s attainments in Genesis Runes. The method of utilising eight grade 1 Genesis Runes and a grade 2 Genesis Rune in unison was no less effective than a true grade 3 Genesis Rune.

“Please sit your highness. I understand that your goal for coming to Canglan County is the ruins in Blackwater, right?” Wei Canglan smiled.

Zhou Yuan nodded, his expression solemn as he replied, “The Fire Spirit Grain is of paramount importance to Great Zhou and we have to obtain it. Or else, it will become an extremely huge threat if it falls into anyone else’s hands.”

He stared at Wei Canglan as he spoke. A grade 4 Genesis Food like the Fire Spirit Grain was just too great of a strategic resource. Hence, Zhou Yuan could not be sure if Wei Canglan harbored any thoughts about it.

After all, Wei Canglan’s faction would be able to rapidly grow if he were to obtain it.

Wei Canglan cast a glance at Zhou Yuan. An experienced and shrewd man like him was naturally able to decipherl the meaning behind Zhou Yuan’s gaze. With a soft laugh, Wei Canglan said, “Don’t worry your highness, I do not have much ambitions and only want to safeguard the peace of my family.”

Zhou Yuan answered, “I hope that you are not overly offended by my suspicions with regards your intentions.”

Although he uttered these words, his expression did not change. It was after all necessary to probe Wei Canglan’s intentions.

Wei Canglan waved his hand, indicating that he did not mind. “Since your highness is here for the treasures within the ruins, do you know of the details concerning it?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. His knowledge was very limited due to being pressed for time. Thus, he had planned on collecting information after arriving at Canglan County.

Wei Canglan slowly said, “Blackwater is extremely vast and to be honest, the Blackwater we currently know of is only the outer area. It is said that countless powerful Genesis Beasts occupy the deepest areas and  even grade 4 Genesis Beasts are a common sight there.”

“Long long ago, many powerful factions existed in Blackwater, but they gradually disappeared as time passed. As such, Blackwater slowly became the deserted forbidden danger zone it is today.”

“From the information we have gathered, the ruins that have appeared this time are likely left behind by a faction that once existed in Blackwater, an ancient faction known as the Battle Puppet Sect.”

“Battle Puppet Sect?” Surprise colored Zhou Yuan’s face. It was evident that he never imagined that the ruins would have such an origin.

“It is rumored that this ancient faction specialized in creating extremely powerful battle puppets. Therefore, there will likely be various kinds of battle puppets in the ruins, making it very dangerous.” Wei Canglan’s expression was grave as he continued, “The biggest problem however is the presence of an extremely formidable battle puppet, a giant python battle puppet that uses a grade 4 python-type Genesis Beast spirit as its core. It will be very difficult for even an Alpha-Origin stage expert to face it.”

At this point, Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed as he interjected, “Grade 4 python-type Genesis Beast spirit?”

Wei Canglan nodded.

“Never imagined that I would encounter a grade 4 python-type Genesis Beast Spirit here.” Zhou Yuan was pleasantly surprised, but soon after, he let out a bitter laugh. To obtain the beast spirit, he would have to first eliminate the battle puppet that comparable to an Alpha-Origin stage expert.

For someone like himself, it was a task as difficult as ascending the heavens.

“What a headache.” Zhou Yuan shook his head. It seems that learning the first level Omni Python Qi was truly an uphill task.

“Also… besides the dangers of the ruins, there are other things that must not be overlooked.” Wei Canglan’s voice was a little heavy.

Zhou Yuan asked, “Is great general referring to the factions in Blackwater?”

“All of the Blackwater factions are nothing to worry, with one single exception, which is also our most formidable foe!” At this point, cold light flashed in Wei Canglan’s eyes.

“The Black Venom King.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes also became grave.

Wei Canglan slowly nodded. “The Black Venom King has reigned like a tyrant in Blackwater for many years and Black Venom City is currently the strongest faction in Blackwater. Someone as ambitious as the Black Venom King definitely will not miss out on the Fire Spirit Grain.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He clearly understood the strategic value the Fire Spirit Grain had to any faction. The Black Venom King would never give up on such an item as long as there was even a tiny trace of ambition in his heart.

Therefore, it was a must to guard against the Black Venom King.

“There is one other factions besides the Black Venom King…” Zhou Yuan paused.

Wei Canglan shot a look at Zhou Yuan and nodded in agreement. “Indeed, Qi Manor has been watching the situation like a tiger, but king Qi is likewise being kept in check by Zhou Qing in Great Zhou City, making it impossible for him to rush over. It will be difficult for Qi Hao to stir up anything alone.”

Zhou Yuan softly said, “It will still be best to be a little cautious.”

Wei Canglan fell into thought for a moment before beckoning to a guard with a wave of his hand. “Send some soldiers to the manor Qi Hao is staying at and blockade it off. No one will be allowed to leave.”

The guard hesitated for a moment upon hearing this before replying in a low voice, “Great general, there is something I have to report beforehand. Qi Hao has already left the city with his men two hours ago. We do not know where he has went.”

Wei Canglan frowned. “This brat is a sharp one, to think that he escaped so quickly.”

Zhou Yuan was likewise a little amazed by how fast Qi Hao had ran, however, there was nothing they could do now that he was gone. At very least, he had gained the upper hand in their previous clash and won the aid of the powerful Wei Canglan.

Zhou Yuan asked, “General Wei, when shall we set off?”

Wei Canglan answered, “The various factions are currently mobilizing their manpower, however, the ruins are layered with danger and an army loses its effectiveness there. Hence, we should send a group of elites.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. The Canglan army would not be very useful in such a place even if they managed to squeeze all of them in. In fact, it would probably increase the number of casualties instead.

Wei Canglan smiled and declared, “I will personally be leading a group this time. There are eight Heaven Gate stage experts in the Canglan army. Three will be left to defend the city, while the other five will follow me into the ruins. In addition, there will also be an elite squad of Qi Nourishing experts joining us. We will set out in five days and head into Blackwater.”

This group was practically the strongest force the Canglan army had to offer. Wei Canglan was clearly a man of his word. Since he had promised to help Zhou Yuan, he would naturally do everything he could.

An understanding Zhou Yuan immediately cupped his fists and thanked, “Then I’ll have to give my thanks to the great general.”

Zhou Yuan and his group left after discussing some other details.

Wei Canglan leaned against his seat, watching Zhou Yuan’s leaving figure as he lightly tapped the tabletop and sighed, “I never imagined that the frail little boy from so many years ago would grow into such a promising young man. His majesty is truly fortunate.”

By the side, Wei Qingqing gave a slight nod as she said, “His talent in Genesis Runes is indeed amazing, however, his strength is still a little lacking. He hasn’t even reached the Qi Nourishing stage.”

Wei Canglan could not help but chuckle. “You would not say such a thing if you knew that he was not even able to find his eight meridian channels half a year ago, making him incapable to beginning channel opening cultivation.”

“Half a year ago?” Wei Qingqing was stunned. She seemed to vaguely recall that Zhou Yuan had been unable to locate his meridian channels in the past, but she never knew that his rise had happened over such a short period.

After all, even she had spent two years to reach the Qi Nourishing stage. On the other hand, Zhou Yuan would likely unblock his eighth meridian channel in less than a month.

Wei Canglan sighed softly, pity in his eyes as he gazed at Zhou Yuan’s leaving figure.

“It’s such a pity. Our prince originally possessed the sacred dragon blessings. If not for Great Wu’s python and sparrow stealing his blessings, who knows what kind achievements his highness would have attained by now.”

“In all likelihood, even I would not dare to butt heads with him and can only choose to yield.”

Wei Qingqing’s face changed slightly when she heard the respected Wei Canglan speak such words. She raised her head, looking in the direction that Zhou Yuan had left in as she gently bit her red lips, admiration rippling in her eyes.

The young prince whom she had first viewed to be a player was obviously not as simple as she had thought.

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