Chapter 709 Yaoyao and Wu Yao

When Yaoyao and Wu Yao faced each other, the desolate and lonely cemetery seemed to turn rather radiant. Of course, the change was also accompanied by a boundless churning pressure.

“Yaoyao’s Spirit cultivation seems to have advanced again?” Zhou Yuan felt a little depressed at this discovery. No matter how fast he progressed over the years, he was forever unable to match Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan would most certainly find it hard to believe if it happened to anyone else, but it became rather understandable when it was Yaoyao.

Because some people were indeed different from the rest.

From the looks of it, overtaking Yaoyao and subduing her was still very very far away.

Wu Yao’s red lips pursed slightly as her piercing gaze stared at Yaoyao. Although there were no Genesis Qi undulations around the latter, the powerful Spirit undulations amazed even the likes of Wu Yao.

Someone like this would surely be a dazzling star even in Hunyuan Heaven. How could she possibly appear in Cangxuan Heaven?

Moreover, what relationship did she have with Zhou Yuan?

Wu Yao’s eyes faintly flickered in thought, but soon returned to tranquilness. Since Yaoyao had appeared to stop her, a fight was naturally unavoidable. Talking any further was unnecessary.


Black lightning blossomed between her slender fingers. In the next instant, flashing black lightning shot forth like spears, pulsing with alarming destructive power as they roared towards Yaoyao.

Yaoyao’s bright eyes watched the black lightning tear through the air as she threw Tuntun to the side. Her fine black hair began to flutter without the presence of any wind as boundless Spirit power surged out from between her brows.


The leaping black lightning exploded when it was still several feet from Yaoyao, as if obstructed by some kind of invisible power.

It was naturally Yaoyao’s Spirit power.

However, a red figure dashed through the exploding lighting. Thunder rumbled as Wu Yao’s tiny clenched fist punched towards Yaoyao’s chest.

The tiny fist appeared soft and brittle, but the black lightning flickering around it contained an extremely alarming power.

Yaoyao’s face remained calm as she extended a hand. A Genesis Rune took shape with a light snap of her fingers and rapidly began to absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a thick shield of ice made from Genesis Qi.


Wu Yao’s fist slammed into the ice shield, causing the surrounding space to ripple as cracks rapidly grew on the shield.


More and more cracks appeared before the ice shield finally shattered.

The instant the ice shield shattered, however, Wu Yao felt a dangerous aura. The space in front of her rippled as an invisible fire emerged.

The flames seemed to lack any form of heat, but it caused Wu Yao’s pretty face to turn rather grave.

Spirit Fire!


Spirit Flames pounced towards Wu Yao. She did not dare to waste a single second as she abruptly slammed her hands together. The three Divine Dwelling halos behind her immediately shifted in front of her, blocking the Spirit Fire like a shield.


The flames burned the Divine Dwelling halos, causing ear-piercing sounds to be emitted.

Upon seeing that her Spirit Fire had been stopped, Yaoyao suddenly made a grabbing motion. The Spirit Flames began to distort as they slowly condensed into an invisible Spirit Flame whip.


With a violent jerk, the Spirit Flame whip turned into countless after-images that seemingly covered the sky as they mercilessly snapped towards Wu Yao.

“To think that her control of Spirit Fire has reached such a level.” Amazement flitted across Wu Yao’s eyes. Three Divine Dwelling halos began to rapidly revolve around her, creating a screen of light that enveloped her entire body.

Bzz! Bzz!

Countless whips landed on the light screen, causing innumerable ripples to appear upon it.

Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly as the sight of the violently rippling light screen around her. With an icy snort, black lightning cackled between her palms and slowly began to grow into a round club. 

The lightning club pulsed erratically, capable of growing bigger or smaller, longer or shorter. It was an exceptionally mysterious weapon.

The black lightning around Wu Yao instantly grew berserk the moment the club appeared. She dissipated her Divine Dwelling halos as the club in her hand turned into numerous after-images and began clashing against the Spirit Flame whip.

Bang! Bang!

Loud sounds filled the sky. Neither girl showed any mercy, their clash ferocious to the extreme.

In a short few minutes, over a hundred blows had already been exchanged.

Below, Zhou Yuan could not help but smack his lips at the intense battle. Wu Yao was truly no ordinary person. To think that she was capable of accompanying Yaoyao to this extent.

Moreover, Wu Yao’s attacks were wide, bold and forceful. The black lightning club she wielded was likely the weapon she was most adept at, every wave shaking even space itself.

Her character was undoubtedly revealed through her style; strong and domineering.

“It seems that I have indeed become somewhat complacent after stepping into the Divine Dwelling stage and defeating King Wu…

“Although I may be considered the pinnacle among the younger generation in Cangxuan Heaven, who can imagine how vast Tianyuan World is. Arrogance and complacency will only lead to one’s own destruction.”

Zhou Yuan inhaled deeply. He had been easily sweeping through all obstructions recently, causing his mental state to become a little unsteady and resulting in him suffering at Wu Yao’s hands. This was also a lesson to him.

After restraining his feelings, Zhou Yuan looked towards the fight in the sky. It seemed that neither girl was able to gain the upper hand, and it would not be easy to decide the victor.

However, while Zhou Yuan was fully focused on the fight above, all the hairs on his body suddenly stood up as an indescribable feeling of danger gushed out from the bottom of his heart.

In that moment, Zhou Yuan unhesitatingly activated the Mythic Saint Body. In addition, a set of silver armor covered his body along with the silver light.


The instant Zhou Yuan completed these actions, the area behind him suddenly rippled faintly as a hand emerged. Lightning arced around the hand as it swatted towards Zhou Yuan’s back like rushing thunder.

The primal chaos Divine Dwelling halo immediately sensed danger and appeared behind Zhou Yuan’s body.


The palm hit the Divine Dwelling halo, causing it to shudder violently before it shattered, unable to withstand the power.

The palm continued to move, finally hitting Zhou Yuan’s back.

The bizarre attack that struck him from behind caused Zhou Yuan’s pupils to violently shrink. In that instant between life and death, a ferocious look flashed in his eyes.

With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared.


The brush jerked as it unhesitatingly thrust behind him.

The snow-white hairs at its tip turned pitch-black, giving off an exceedingly sharp glint.


The brush tip seemed to scratch something.


However, the lightning on his back also exploded at this moment.

His figure violently jerked. Cracks appeared on the silver armor, while his body was sent flying by the tremendous force before crashing into several giant boulders.


The boulders instantly were instantly turned to dust.


A mouthful of blood was vomited from Zhou Yuan’s mouth. A ruthless look flashed in his eyes as he abruptly lifted his head and looked towards the spot he had originally been standing at.

Space faintly ripped as a figure was slowly revealed.

The figure slowly became clear.

It was an unfamiliar young man in black. His figure was tall and slim, his face fair like jade, while lightning light emerged around his body.

The young man’s eyes were currently colored by amazement as he looked at Zhou Yuan and smiled faintly, “What a sharp little mouse. To think that you managed to avoid my palm strike…”

He soon lowered his head, his eyes narrowing slightly as he stared at his sleeve. His sleeve had been torn open, while a scratch had been left on his arm.

The young man’s smile turned ice-cold as he looked at the small wound.

He had attacked in secret, originally believing it would be a simple task to kill an initial Divine Dwelling brat. He never expected that his target would not only sense and avoid his attack, but even leave a small wound on him in that split second moment. This made him feel both unhappy and angry.

The sudden unforeseen events below were immediately detected by the two young ladies in the sky.

Yaoyao’s eyes turned extremely icy as a heart-palpitating aura spread from her body.

Wu Yao’s face also turned a little colder. She frostily looked towards the man in black below as a shout tinged with a sliver of anger rang out, “Zhao Yunxiao, I’ve already said that there’s no need for you to interfere in my affairs!”

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