Chapter 708 Nine Heavens Divine Dwelling

The lingering sound of thunder echoed in the cemetery. King Wu’s bitter voice accompanied it, refusing to fade away like a ghost.

Zhou Yuan wore a calm look as he watched, although his eyes grew increasingly grave when he looked towards Wu Yao. Though he did not know what had happened between Wu Yao and King Wu, her decisiveness in killing the latter was more than enough to prove her ruthlessness.

Wu Yao dazedly stared at the spot where King Wu’s Spirit had disappeared for some time before her long phoenix eyes slowly closed.

A long while later, her eyes opened again. There was nothing left within them except for a chilling, icy sharpness.

Zhou Yuan’s and Wu Yao’s gazes met once more. No words were spoken between them as killing intent secretly flowed.

King Wu’s final roar was clearly aimed at pitting the two of them in a fight to the death. However, it was unnecessary because the moment Zhou Yuan laid eyes on Wu Yao, he already knew that she was the most troublesome enemy in the Wu clan...

Although he did not know what had drawn Wu Yao to kill her father, it was impossible for this matter to mediate things between them.

The two of them were fated to be on opposing sides.

Moreover, from Wu Yao’s eyes, Zhou Yuan could feel that she was the same as himself; possessing an unshakable determination to grow stronger.

Such individuals would surely go very far on the road of cultivation.

Zhou Yuan’s goal was to take back the sacred dragon blessing, but would Wu Yao voluntarily hand it over? That was definitely impossible.

In fact, Wu Yao was likely thinking of taking away the portion of sacred dragon blessing currently dwelling within Zhou Yuan’s body to her own sacred dragon blessing whole. It would be extremely beneficial on her path to reach the pinnacle in the future.


While their gazes clashed, the ground suddenly began to shake as the faint roar of a dragon seemed to echo.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and saw strands of mystical energy rushing over from all directions, ultimately converging at the spot where King Wu’s Spirit had disappeared.


The qi swirled together as the faint silhouette of a dragon emerged.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank. These undulations were far too familiar to him. It was the sacred dragon qi!

In the wake of King Wu’s death, the Great Wu Empire had crumbled along with its blessing. As such, the final portion of the sacred dragon qi had gathered at the location where King Wu had died.


Resplendent golden light exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body as he abruptly dashed forward, clearly intending to snatch the sacred dragon qi.

Though he was fast, Wu Yao was even quicker.

The black lightning around the area where King Wu’s Spirit had been destroyed had yet to dissipate, because she was waiting for this very moment.


Black lightning surged, forming a net that enveloped the sacred dragon blessing before shooting back towards Wu Yao’s outstretched hand.

Zhou Yuan’s figure stopped as his chilling gaze stared at Wu Yao. “Was killing your father and to seize the sacred dragon qi your plan? Every member of your Wu clan is even crazier than the previous.”

Iciness flitted across Wu Yao’s eyes. She gazed at the sacred dragon qi in her hand as her lips parted slightly, “In this world, I’m likely the one who hates this thing the most.”

Zhou Yuan raised an eyebrow. “In that case, return it to its owner.”

Wu Yao shot a glance at him as she spat out a single word. “Childish.

“Zhou Yuan, hand over the sacred dragon qi in your body and let all of the grudges end today. You’ve killed Wu Huang and even destroyed the Great Wu Empire, but I can let these matters go.

“I’m not interested in avenging them. In fact, I can promise to not even step into this Cangxuan Heaven in the future.”

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled in response. “What a grand ambition.

“Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I want to tell you too. Hand over those two portions of the sacred dragon qi to me and you may leave this place. All of the grudges between us shall be written off.”

Their gazes clashed as the air seemed to turn a little colder.

Black lightning began to emerge on Wu Yao’s body. She lifted her fair chain as her eyes narrowed. “Zhou Yuan, you should understand that you and I will not rest till the other is dead if the sacred dragon qi is not made whole.”

Zhou Yuan looked at her and grinned, revealing a set of eerily white teeth. “Since that is the case...we’ll fight to the death.”


A sharp and serious look abruptly arose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as a primal chaos halo emerged behind him. Alarming Genesis Qi spouted out, transforming into a giant golden hand of light that viciously swatted at Wu Yao.

He knew this was not an issue that could be solved with words. Both of them were decisive, ruthless individuals that would not easily give in. Since that was the case, a fight was unavoidable.

The giant golden hand swung downwards. Wu Yao lifted her beautiful face, but not even a single twitch could be seen while her body did not move from the spot.


The golden hand landed, causing a berserk shockwave to devastate the surroundings.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly as he looked towards the epicenter of the shockwave. Wu Yao had unexpectedly taken his attack head-on.

The Genesis Qi shockwave slowly dispersed.

Zhou Yuan immediately looked over, only for his pupils to shrink a split second later.

Wu Yao stood in the air, her red clothes wrapped around her slim and proud figure. Her hair danced around her, making her look even more soul-stirringly beautiful.

Her willow leaf like brows raised slightly, giving off a formidable and domineering presence that did not lose to any man.

What shook Zhou Yuan’s heart the most, however, were the three halos that had appeared behind her. What’s more, each halo gave off dazzling nine-color light!

“Advanced Divine Dwelling stage!

“Nine heavens Divine Dwelling!”

Fear flooded Zhou Yuan’s face. Only an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert was capable of creating three Divine Dwelling halos.

Moreover, Wu Yao’s three halos flickered with nine different colored lights, a dazzling sight that would only appear on those that had established the highest tier nine heavens Divine Dwelling!

Wu Yao was indeed the most troublesome person in the Wu clan and also his strongest foe!

Wu Yao stared at Zhou Yuan as a voice filled with ice rang out, “Zhou Yuan, you may perhaps have reached the pinnacle of the younger generation in Cangxuan Heaven, but there’s always a taller mountain and a higher sky. In the Tianyuan World, even if we exclude the five heavens occupied by the sacred race, Cangxuan Heaven is last amongst the other four heavens.

“On the other hand, Hunyuan Heaven is the greatest amongst the four. It is a true land of cultivation where there are numerous unrivalled geniuses that far surpass your imagination.

“That’s why, if you believe your strength will allow you to take the sacred dragon qi from me, I can only say that you’re overestimating yourself.”


As her voice faded, Wu Yao reached out and pointed in the air. A giant bolt of black lightning immediately shot out from her fingertip. It zigzagged through the air like a lightning dragon, roaring towards Zhou Yuan with overwhelming destructive might.

Lightning arrived in the blink of an eye. Zhou Yuan could feel the destructive energy within and did not dare to waste any time as jade light blossomed on his body.

Mythic Saint Body!

His five fingers clenched into a fist as he threw a punch, blasting away the surrounding air.

At the same time, a glowing silhouette appeared around him. It was the Omega Saint Spirit Art.


Zhou Yuan’s full power was gathered into this punch, and was accompanied by surging Genesis Qi as it collided with the black lightning.


A loud explosion rang out.

The ground was torn asunder. Zhou Yuan’s body violently jerked back, still standing as he was pushed across the ground. Fresh blood dripped from his charred black fist.

Zhou Yuan was clearly at a complete disadvantage after a single exchange.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned exceedingly grave. The advanced Divine Dwelling stage Wu Yao was several times stronger than King Wu. If not for his advancements in external cultivation, the black lightning attack would have destroyed his arm and seriously injured him.

Wu Yao watched this scene as she said, “To think that you managed to receive an attack from me with the strength of the initial Divine Dwelling stage. You are indeed somewhat capable. However, it’s a pity that you are currently not my match.”

Her face soon turned akin to the cold of winter as a freezing aura spread.

She did not waste any more time speaking as she raised her head. Black lightning began to spiral around her like lightning dragons, giving off extremely alarming Genesis Qi undulations.

“Black Dragon Mystic Lightning!”


The howl of a dragon echoed as black thunderbolt after thunderbolt roared out. The attack seemed to fill the entire sky, as if it wanted to destroy the entire city.

Zhou Yuan’s expression sank a little as the sight of the terrifying attack. He struggled inside for a few breaths before letting out a helpless sigh. He knew that he currently had no chance against Wu Yao.

Wu Yao was a true-blue advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert that had even established a nine heavens Divine Dwelling!

No matter how one looked at it, it was a fight he would most likely lose.

Zhou Yuan was a decisive person. After judging the gap in power between them, his figure rapidly retreated without the slightest shred of hesitation.

“Trying to leave?” Wu Yao’s eyes turned a little colder.


Black thunderbolts snaked through the air as if they were alive, appearing around Zhou Yuan in the twinkle of an eye. The thunderbolts blocked all of his retreat routes as they roared towards him.

“What a ruthless woman.” Zhou Yuan frowned deeply. The feeling of danger Wu Yaogave him was more than a hundred times greater than King Wu.

With a deep breath, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hand as the Genesis Qi in his body began to churn. He knew that he would have to risk his life in battle in order to escape Wu Yao today.


The roaring black lightning arrived. However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to use all his might to tear through them and search for a way out, the pouncing black lightning stopped as if hitting an invisible wall.

Boom boom!

Black lightning exploded, but the frightening shockwaves were unable to reach Zhou Yuan’s body because an invisible shield had appeared around him.

“Spirit power?!’

Zhou Yuan was startled but soon recognized the familiar presence from the invisible Spirit power.

“Who is it?1” Wu Yao icily shouted as her piercing eyes narrowed.

Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao turned towards the same spot in the distance where a gorgeous figure was standing on a giant tree.

She held a little creature in her arms, and her pretty eyes were as clear as a lake. The corners of her skirt fluttered without any wind, while her hair danced around her, giving her the presence of an untouchable goddess.

Zhou Yuan joyfully cried out in surprise, “Yaoyao!”

Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked over. Her lips stuck out a little at the sight of Zhou Yuan’s pitiful appearance as she unhurriedly said, “Suffered enough?”

Zhou Yuan felt somewhat helpless. He had indeed been too careless this time. He had not expected Wu Yao to be at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. What’s more, she had even established a nine heavens Divine Dwelling!

“Who are you?” Wu Yao’s gaze locked onto Yaoyao as a somewhat grave look appeared on her face for the very first time. She had evidently sensed a dangerous aura from the latter.

This somewhat surprised Wu Yao. How could there be such a formidable individual from the same generation in Cangxuan Heaven?

Yaoyao’s eyes also shifted towards Wu Yao. Her eyes slowly regained their usual icy indifference as she said, “Who I am is not important. The important thing is that you cannot hurt him.”


Yaoyao gave off a pressuring aura, but Wu Yao was likewise no ordinary individual. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she replied, “What if…I say no?”

The gazes of the two girls clashed, causing even the wind to freeze in place in that moment.

Both were world-shaking beauties. If Yaoyao’s aura was indifferent and aloof like an untouchable goddess, Wu Yao would be a formidable and domineering empress that ruled everything under the heavens, calling rain and wind with a flip of her hand.

The most dazzling spotlights in this world seemed to gather on these two individuals.

Hence, when they appeared together, all the light in the world seemed to shine on their bodies, making Zhou Yuan appear dull and ordinary in contrast as he shivered...

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