Chapter 707 Meeting of the Dragon and Phoenix

“Father, do you still remember how mother died?”

The girl in red’s cold and lonely voice rang out in the cemetery, seemingly accompanied by a chill that made the entire place grow even colder.

King Wu was first stunned by these words. His face rippled slightly before he forced a smile and said, “Wu Yao, it’s been so many years already. Why are you bringing this up?

“You should understand that it was an accident. It was not my intention.”

A sliver of cloudiness seemed to flit across his eyes.

Wu Yao was expressionless. Not even a single ripple could be seen in her eyes as she said, “All those years ago, did father plan on removing the sacred dragon blessing from my body and handing it over to Wu Huang?”

King Wu’s expression turned even more unnatural. Wu Yao had seemed incapable of awakening the sacred dragon blessing back then, which was extremely wasteful in his view. Instead of allowing her to waste it, it was naturally better to extract it from her.

“Even if your sacred dragon blessing was extracted, it will not have threatened your life. You would at most have been incapable of cultivating.” explained King Wu.

Wu Yao calmly said, “And then I’ll be forever locked in the palace, allowing Wu Huang to control me, right?”

A trace of deep disgust flashed in her eyes. “Those disgusting thoughts of his were likely encouraged by father, right?”

King Wu’s expression turned rigid. How could he now know of Wu Huang’s abnormal desire to own Wu Yao. However, it was indeed true that he had not put a stop to them because he felt that it would instead become a source of motivation for Wu Huang.

While feeling awkward, King Wu could not help but be somewhat angered. Wu Yao had never dared to say such words to him in the past. Perhaps, she had hidden these thoughts in the deepest recesses of her heart, and had now brought all of them out to rebuke him.

“Wu Yao, I’m still your father. Do you feel that your wings have hardened after staying in Hunyuan Heaven for a few years?” King Wu’s voice was tinged with anger.

Wu Yao uncaringly said, “I honestly did not wish to return because this place is really hateful. But I made a promise before mother’s grave and it’s finally time for me to fulfil it.”

The expression in King Wu’s eyes fluctuated indeterminately. “What do you plan on doing?”

Wu Yao slowly raised her hand, revealing black lightning leaping on her palm. In the next instant, countless bolts of black lightning erupted.

Boom boom!

Black lightning shot out and rained down upon the royal palace and city. The ground trembled violently as flames began to dash into the sky.

“Wu Yao! You dare!” roared King Wu.

This unfilial child actually dared to burn the royal palace and capital city!

Flames rose like fireworks. Wu Yao watched the flames fill the heavens, her beautiful face completely frozen like a cold and emotionless statue.

King Wu was so angry that his Spirit rippled violently. Soon after, he gritted his teeth and said, “Did you take the Treasure Lotus Paste? Give it to me!”

With a grasp of her hand, a jade bottle appeared. Dark red paste slowly squirmed inside. She stared at the bottle as any icy smile rose from the corners of her rosy lips.


Black lightning exploded, instantly obliterating both the bottle and its contents.

King Wu was dazed. Moments later, his eyes nearly popped from their sockets as he howled, “Wu Yao! You wretched girl!”

He had gone mad with anger. His Spirit dashed forward as a palm viciously struck at Wu Yao. Murderous feelings surged due to his rage, clearly not intending to show any mercy.

However, Wu Yao merely sent out a light flick in response. A bolt of black lightning shot out and smashed into King Wu’s Spirit.


Thunder boomed as a blood-curdling scream exploded from King Wu. A good chunk of his Spirit instantly cracked and fractured as he miserably withdrew.

“Father, are you planning to kill me again?” said Wu Yao.

King Wu’s Spirit violently trembled as it turned more and more incorporeal, a sign that it was about to dissipate. His face twisted as he sternly shouted, “Wu Yao! You unfilial spawn! Are you intending to kill your father?!”

He never imagined that Wu Yao had returned not to help but kill him!

In the past, Wu Yao had never displayed even the tiniest hint of hatred towards him in the Great Zhou Empire. When he thought about it now, King Wu could not help but shiver inside. Wu Yao had clearly buried these feelings deep within herself, because she did not have the qualifications to challenge him back then.

But now that she had grown strong, there was already no longer any need for pretense.

As he gazed upon the young lady in red standing in front of the tomb, King Wu felt a chill rush through him. Perhaps, Wu Yao had deeply etched this hatred in her heart on the day the queen had died.

“Wu Yao, Yao’er, it was father’s mistake back then. But when has father ever treated you badly over the years?” The expression in King Wu’s eyes rapidly fluctuated. In the end, he lowered his posture in fear.

He had to first pacify Wu Yao for the moment. As long as he managed to preserve his life, there will be a chance for payback in the future.

However, despite his lowered posture, Wu Yao merely responded in a soft voice, “Father, can you go and keep mother company? She’s been very lonely for so many years.”

King Wu angrily roared, “Wu Yao, you’ve really gone mad!”

Wu Yao dazedly stared at him as a sliver of sorrow flitted past in the depth of her eyes. “Father, is there even a single sane person left in the Wu clan? Everything has happened because of you.”

She lifted her hand as block lightning flickered between her fingertips.

King Wu was terrified. His Spirit frantically backed away in hopes of escaping.


However, black lightning swifty shot forth from Wu Yao’s hand, piercing through the air like lightning chains and tightly binding King Wu’s Spirit.

King Wu crazily struggled but was unable to break free.


It was at this moment that the sound of rushing wind was heard above the capital. A glowing figure descended from the sky and landed in the cemetery at the back of the palace.

It was Zhou Yuan, who had been chasing King Wu all along.

When he landed in the cemetery, the first thing he saw was the sight of King Wu being bound by black lightning. He was stunned for a brief moment before he quickly raised his gaze and saw the girl in red standing in front of a grave.

The girl also lifted her eyes at this moment, causing their gazes to meet as their pupils shrank slightly.

Lightning seemed to strike them both in that moment, causing their hearts to beat faster in unison. It felt as if a tiger and lion had met in the mountain forest.

Zhou Yuan stared at the beautiful girl in red with a grave expression as he slowly opened his mouth, “Wu Yao.”

Although they had never met, Zhou Yuan realized her identity at that very moment.

“Zhou Yuan.” Wu Yao’s long eyes narrowed a little.

The silence lasted for several breaths. Zhou Yuan frowned a little at this scene, somewhat unable to understand what was happening. Why did it seem as if Wu Yao was attacking King Wu?


King Wu suddenly burst into laughter at this moment, laughter that was filled with sorrowful despair. “The phoenix must not meet the dragon. If they do, it will be Wu’s death. Haha, this prophecy is not wrong at all.

“I originally believed the dragon and phoenix referred to Wu Huang and Wu Yao, but from what I can see now, it actually refers to the two of you. Haha!”

Wu Yao’s gaze returned to King Wu. her eyes slowly closed as she softly said, “Father, please go and accompany mother.”

As her words faded, she suddenly clenched her hand. The black lightning chains around King Wu abruptly tightened.

Black lightning frantically eroded King Wu’s Spirit.

In his despair, King Wu released a bitter laugh. “Haha, I never expected this. I truly never imagined that I, Wu Xuan, would ultimately be killed by my own child. Haha, Wu Yao ah Wu Yao, I’ve truly underestimated you!

“I’ve schemed and plotted for so many years, only for the two of you to have the last laugh…

“Haha, how interesting. Wu Yao, do you know the final part of our Wu clan prophecy?

“Dragon and phoenix clash, and only the devourer will live!

“Haha, the fight between the two of you is fated, and will be the most splendid sight. Unfortunately, one of you will ultimately be devoured. Haha, no matter who it is, it will surely be an excellent show to watch. I will wait for both of you below!”

His voice was filled with bitter resentment.


Black lightning exploded as King Wu’s Spirit disintegrated with a loud band.

The King Wu of this generation had schemed for many years, only for a such a fate to befall him.

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