Chapter 706 Wu Yao part B


Thunderclouds gathered above Great Wu’s capital as thunder rumbled within. 

The atmosphere felt extremely oppressive.

King Wu slowly walked along a corridor in the royal palace with Wu Huang blindly following at his side.

Wu Huang looked around as he puzzledly asked,  “Father, where are we going?” 

King Wu’s gaze did not turn to the side. He was silent for some time before he slowly said, “Wu Huang, as someone with the sacred dragon blessing, you are a born king. In the future, you will surely soar across the nine heavens and be worshipped by millions.”

Wu Huang smiled as he continued, “Father, I am not surprised to know this.”

His tone was filled with haughtiness and confidence.

Countless people had looked up to him ever since he became sensible. No matter what he did, the results he achieved would draw gasps of amazement from everyone.

These admiring gazes had told him long ago that he was extraordinary.

Wu Huang chuckled before he continued, “However, you only have half of the sacred dragon blessing, while the other half is with Wu Yao. I plan to shift the other half of the sacred dragon blessing in her body to you.”

Wu Huang was taken aback, a rare trace of hesitation arising within him as he said, “Father, you want to take away Wu Yao’s sacred dragon blessing? Will that hurt her?”

Although Wu Huang was young, his maturity far exceeded his peers.

King Wu calmly said, “There may be a little side effect but it will not threaten her life.”

Wu Huang’s eyes seemed to struggle.

King Wu looked straight at Wu Huang and slowly said, “Wu Huang, will you be able to accept it if Wu Yao marries in  the future?”

Wu Huang suddenly raised his head and forcefully shook it as he said, “How can anyone else in this world be worthy of Wu Yao?!”

Wu Yao was his twin, and in the proud Wu Huang’s eyes their bloodline was the purest. Perhaps because they both possessed the sacred dragon blessing, Wu Huang sincerely felt close to Wu Yao.

This intimacy had slowly degenerated over the years, transforming into the desire to control her. As a result, Wu Huang would grow extremely angry when he saw Wu Yao show concern towards unimportant things.

In his eyes, nothing else was worthy of Wu Yao’s attention besides himself.

As for allowing Wu Yao to marry, it was completely unacceptable to Wu Huang.

A faint smile hung from the corners of King Wu’s mouth as he said, “If Wu Yao doesn’t have the sacred dragon blessing, she may be incapable of cultivating. In the future, she will have no choice but to stay in the palace, while you can keep protecting her. When that happens, she will listen to everything you say.”

Wu Huang lowered his head as he fell silent. In the end, he gave a slight nod.

King Wu smiled as he stroked Wu Huang’s head.

“Good boy.”

Black clouds spread in the sky as thunder boomed through the air. King Wu brought Wu Huang along the corridor, ultimately coming to a stop somewhere deep in the palace where an altar stood.

A stone bed could be seen at the very top of the altar where an unconscious young girl lay. It was Wu Yao.

Countless strange Genesis Rune flickered below the stone bed.

“Go lie down.” King Wu pointed at another stone bed beside Wu Yao’s.

Wu Huang nodded and walked up the altar. He looked at the peacefully sleeping Wu Yao for several moments before lying down as he reached out and grasped her icy hand.

He softly said, “Wu Yao, only we should be together in this world…”

King Wu slowly raised his hands as the surrounding Genesis Qi rapidly surged towards him. The strange runes on the altar soon began to flicker. 

The runes squirmed as if they were alive, slowly climbing up to cover Wu Yao’s and Wu Huang’s bodies.

The runes began drilling into Wu Yao’s body, causing a look of pain to appear on her tiny face even in her unconscious state. Threads of blood seemed to wiggle in her body, flowing into Wu Huang’s body through their touching hands.

The faint roar of a dragon seemed to echo across the place.

King Wu continued to control the altar with a serious expression, not daring to allow himself to be distracted. Feverish excitement surged in his eyes. As long as today was a success, Wu Huang would enjoy the blessing alone, and his future prospects would become limitless.

When that happened, the Great Wu Empire would never fall.

“Your majesty, what are you doing?!”

While King Wu was concentrating on controlling the altar, a piercing voice suddenly rang out behind him.

King Wu frowned as his gaze swept backwards, only to find the pale-faced queen quickly walking over.

King Wu withdrew his gaze after a single glance and said in an indifferent voice, “Your majesty, this has nothing to do with you. Go back to rest.” 

The queen stared at the two figures on the altar as she cried out, “You, you’re actually going to lay a hand on Wu Yao? Your majesty, are you really so heartless?!”

King Wu indifferently replied, “I’m merely removing the sacred dragon blessing from her body. In the worst case scenario, she will be unable to cultivate in the future, but her life will not be in danger.”

The queen laughed in a mournful manner. “Is everyone merely tools in your eyes?”

“You did everything back then to delay my children’s birth for three years for the sake of your plans. Do you really understand how seriously it has affected me? Do you know how much longer I have left to live?

“Even so, I do not blame you. I would willingly give my life to bear Wu and Yao Wu Huang.

“But why, why must you be so cruel to Yao’er?!”

The queen suddenly pounced at King Wu, her face filled with tears. “Let Yao’er off! Please I beg you!”

She grabbed King Wu’s arm.

King Wu was currently fully focused on controlling the altar, and was unable to concentrate due to the disturbance. He immediately shouted in anger, “Get lost!”


A surge of Genesis Qi exploded from his body.

The queen did not cultivate, and her body was very frail. How could she possibly withstand a wave of Genesis Qi from the king? She was immediately sent flying, crashing head first into a stone pillar as blood began to overflow.

“Your majesty?” King Wu was alarmed by this and wanted to go over to help her up. However, it was currently a critical moment, and he had no choice but to stamp his foot in frustration as he heartlessly shifted away his gaze.

The queen slowly slid down the stone pillar, blood pouring down her face and slowly obscuring her vision,

She weakly reached out and grabbed at the altar, as if wanting to pull that tiny body down.  However, her hand ultimately fell to the ground.

Darkness descended, filling her vision.

Yao’er...mother is truly sorry that she failed to protect you.

Perhaps she should not have agreed to King Wu’s request back then. If she had not delayed the birth of her twin children for three years, perhaps none of this would have happened.

This could be retribution...


Thunder boomed across the area. Giant thunderbolts snaked through the sky like giant pythons, creating an incomparably sinister sight.

On the altar, Wu Yao’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened at this moment. She immediately rose from the stone bed, seemingly sensing something as she looked down from the altar.

In a pool of her own blood beside the stone pillar, the queen’s body was slowly turning cold.

King Wu was startled by this scene, not expecting Wu Yao to awaken at this moment.

“Mo...mother?” Wu Yao’s voice trembled as she climbed down from the stone bed.

“Wu Yao?” Wu Huang also crawled to his feet as he forcefully grabbed Wu Yao’s tiny hand in an attempt to stop her.


However, an extremely powerful wave of Genesis Qi suddenly exploded from Wu Yao’s body as she threw a punch at him.


The punch sent Wu Huang flying as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

He stared in shock at Wu Yao, whose long hair slowly moved around her without any wind. The power in that punch had far exceeded his own. Moreover, the Genesis Qi that pulsed from her body was even more powerful than his own!

“Scram.” muttered Wu Yao before she shakily walked down from the altar towards the pool of blood.

King Wu dazedly stared at Wu Yao. Moments later, wild joy surged out in his eyes.

“All nine merdian channels opened!

“Wu Yao, you’ve finally awakened the sacred dragon blessing!”

Wu Yao did not even notice King Wu’s overjoyed gaze. She arrived beside the queen’s corpse and slowly knelt down as she forcibly hugged the queen’s body.


Lightning cut through the night.

Torrential rain began to pour from the sky as a curtain of rain enveloped the land.

Wu Yao’s tiny body trembled as she hugged the queen’s corpse. In the end, she could not help but raise her head, tears dyeing her pale face as a heart-wrenching cry rang out within the rain.


“Mother please wake up!

“I’m Yao’er, will you please wake up?!

“Yao’er promises that she will forever listen to you in the future!

While the bawling Wu Yao’s heart was being ripped apart, she did not notice the fire rising behind her and the flaming phoenix slowly emerging within.


The Great Wu Empire mourned their queen’s death.

Wu Yao silently knelt before a giant tomb, dressed in a white dress of mourning. Her little face had been numbed of all emotion long ago as she robotically threw paper money into the fire. She was completely indifferent even when the fire burned her hands from time to time.

 Numerous servant ladies were kneeling behind her.

No one knew how long they knelt for when a trace of vigor finally appeared in Wu Yao’s glazed eyes. Her face extremely cold and distant, the pure smile from the past already forever washed away by the torrential rain that day.

The surrounding servants trembled at Wu Yao’s frosty aura. They could feel that the little princess was now different from before...

Wu Yao slowly raised her head and looked towards the palace.

Although it was the queen’s funeral, she knew that the palace was in a state of celebration. They were celebrating her awakening of the sacred dragon blessing, because from this day, the Great Wu Empire would flourish to even greater heights.

How mocking.

Wu Yao’s mouth twitched for a moment, the paper money still burning her hand as she lifted it to eye-level. 

Fire seemed to burn in a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes.

This hateful palace, this loathsome city and its people,  and the most abominable sacred dragon blessing...

You’re right mother. In this world, only power can stop others from hurting you...

In that case, I will become the strongest person in this world.

Mother, I know that you never liked this palace...and perhaps, you may also never been fond of this Great Wu Empire...

Since that is the case...

I will burn all of them as an offering to you if the chance presents itself in the future...

Wu Yao’s eyes slowly began to close.

When they opened again, the once pure eyes that were once filled with kindness were slowly covered by cold, heartless ice.

From this very day---

I will be a new Wu Yao!

The future strongest person in this world!

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