Chapter 702 Great Zhou’s Counterattack

Atop the walls of Broken Dragon City, Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and the rest stared with dazed expressions and hanging mouths at the Great Wu Empire army that had been crushed in the blink of an eye.

No one had expected the aggressive and menacing army that had threatened to destroy the Great Zhou Empire to fall apart so easily.

The area atop the city walls fell into a temporary silence.

Countless people rubbed their eyes in disbelief, feeling as if they were in a dream.

Was they seeing a final impossible delusion before their deaths?

Some of the warriors could not help but give themselves a slap, causing slapping noises to sound one after another, which were quickly followed by painful yelps.

“Ouch! Wait, so this is real?”

“Hey! Can’t you hit yourself? Why the hell did you hit me!”


“The Great Wu Empire army has collapsed?”

“That seems to be the case…”


The city walls turned somewhat chaotic. Everyone finally returned to their senses as wild joy flooded their faces.

Deafening cheers exploded a split second later, shaking even the sturdy city walls.

Everyone had been prepared to die for their country just moments ago, not because they no longer wished to live, but because the situation had been hopeless and there was no other path left for them to take.

Who could have imagined hope to descend from the sky amidst their despair?

“His highness is invincible!”

“His highness is invincible!”


Cheers that could over turn even the sea itself boomed across the land.

The Great Zhou Empire army gazed at the youthful figure atop the river with incomparable excitement. The reverence and worship in their eyes so concentrated that it was nearly about to overflow.

Having Zhou Yuan descend like a god from the heavens and single handedly save them from what should have been sure death likely made them revere him even more than Zhou Qing.

The eyes of Wei Canglan and the other commanders turned red with emotion as they sighed deeply, “His highness truly is the sacred dragon.”

Their hearts were filled with shock. No one had expected the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage King Wu to be forced to flee after having his physical body destroyed by Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Qing’s face was likewise flushed red with emotion, no longer any trace of his usual steady expression. He slammed his hands onto the city walls as he mumbled, “Great! Great!

“Wu Xuan, you wanted to ruin the Sacred Dragon of my Zhou clan. How do you like the taste of the consequences?!

“The Sacred Dragon of my clan will not succumb so easily!”

While the city walls were bathing in jubilation, Zhou Yuan cast a glance in the direction King Wu had fled in before flying towards the city walls under the countless stares of near fanatical reverence.

“Father, mother.”

When he landed, his gaze immediately looked towards Zhou Qing and Qin Yu as he smiled.

Qin Yu was the first to rush over, her eyes red as she carefully looked Zhou Yuan up and down. “Yuan’er, are you hurt anywhere?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he hugged his mother. “Relax mother, I’m fine.”

Zhou Qing also strided forward, his eyes filled with emotion as he looked at Zhou Yuan. In the end, he forcefully patted the latter’s shoulder as he said, “You’ve finally grown up.”

Zhou Yuan had merely been a very young Heaven Gate stage practitioner when he left his home years ago. After returning again, he was now a Divine Dwelling stage expert.

While it did make Zhou Qing feel a little sad, he was also extremely proud and happy.

“The Great Zhou Empire really has to thank you this time.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and smiled, “I’m the prince of the Great Zhou Empire, and it's my duty to protect it.


He fell silent for a moment as a set of gleaming white teeth were revealed. “Father, after so many years...I can’t keep ignoring my responsibilities.”

When he left his home years ago, Zhou Yuan had told Zhou Qing that he would pay back all of the humiliation they had received back then.

At that point in time, perhaps even Zhou Qing had merely taken these words as the boasting of a kid. However, this very same kid had actually done it.

King Wu, who had once brought endless endless pain, suffering and humiliation for Zhou Yuan, Zhou Qing, Qin Yu and the Great Zhou Empire...the very same King Wu that had always seemed invincible, almighty and peerless in their eyes...had been defeated by Zhou Yuan in front of everyone.

All the past grudges and humiliation felt as if it had been fully repaid at that moment.

Zhou Qing’s red eyes finally turned somewhat moist as he nodded, “Although I’ve been suppressed in nearly every aspect by King Wu over the years, there’s one thing that I have over him; my son is stronger than his!

“I did not know how to answer earlier when King Wu asked me on what basis did I dare to compete with him, but now that I think about's because I have a great son!”

At this point, Zhou Qing could not help but laugh.

Zhou Yuan also chuckled as he shook his head.

“Father, with King Wu defeated and their army falling apart, the Great Zhou Empire can’t let this opportunity slip past.” After conversing a little more with Zhou Qing, Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards the direction of the defeated Great Wu Empire.

Zhou Qing’s pupils shrunk a little. “What do you wish to do?”

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “Although King Wu’s physical body was destroyed, he has likely made preparations for such a situation, and it will not be difficult for him to recover. In the near future, he will become a big threat to the Great Zhou Empire again.”

In addition, he could not stay in the Great Zhou Empire forever. The world here was far too tiny, and would not be beneficial to his cultivation. Hence, he needed to eliminate the problem at its root.

“The sacred dragon blessing taken from me back then was divided into three parts by King Wu. I’ve already taken back Wu Huang’s portion, but there’s still one more with the Great Wu Empire. Only by destroying Great Wu will I be able to take back the blessing.”

Zhou Yuan looked straight at Zhou Qing as his voice turned cold, “Hence, the Great Wu Empire needs to be destroyed for the Great Zhou Empire to regain its former glory!”

Zhou Qing’s eyes immediately flooded with intense emotions. It was a day he looked forward to at every waking moment.

Zhou Qing took in a deep breath and said, “King Wu’s defeat is a fatal blow to the morale of the Great Wu Empire army. This is the best chance for us to counter attack.”

He seemed to regain the dignity of the Great Wu Empire’s king at this moment.

He looked towards Wei Canglan and the other commanders and solemnly said, “Great general, the Great Zhou Empire will pour all of our forces into counter attacking. The things that we once lost shall be taken back by us this time!”

Wei Canglan’s face flushed red with excitement as he cupped his trembling fists together, “I’ve received your command!”

As Wei Canglan left to carry out his orders, the interior of Broken Dragon City soon began a beehive of activity. An enormous army was swiftly assembled before the gates were flung open, revealing countless battle carriages filled with high spirited troops.

Zhou Yuan stood atop the city walls and nodded as he observed the grand sight.

“Father, this is still not the time to relax…

Zhou Yuan turned towards Zhou Qing and said, “I will go after King Wu and make it impossible for him to reorganize his army. As for the rest, I’ll leave it to you guys.”

He could kill King Wu, but it was not very possible for him to siege a thousand cities alone. That would be far too exhausting for a single individual.

Zhou Qing nodded and said in a concerned voice, “Be careful, even a cornered rabbit will bite back.”

By the side, unwillingness was visible in Qin Yu’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he smiled at Qin Yu, “Don’t worry mother, even King Wu at his full power was not my match, let alone now that he’s already lost his physical body.”

As his voice rang out, Zhou Yuan’s figure had already soared into the sky, transforming into a flash of light as he sped away.

“Father, I will be waiting for you guys at the capital of the Great Wu Empire. We’ll celebrate again when we meet once more!”

Bright and clear laughter echoed above the Broken Dragon River as his figure faded into the distance.

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