Chapter 701 Kill King Wu

Clad in silver armour, Zhou Yuan stepped across the water. The outside of the silver armour was glowing in a mysterious light, and behind him was a pair of stretched out wings. If one carefully examined, one would be able to discover that the silver armour was fluctuating with a green yellow colour. 

Earthshaking Genesis Qi was emitted from his body, stirring up tremendous waves. 

Countless gazes from both sides, filled with shock and disbelief, focused on his body.  

This was because Zhou Yuan’s imposing aura was too tremendous. Even King Wu, who had just stepped into the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage, seemed to have been suppressed by him... 

“Your Highness is really...invincible.”    

On the city walls, Wei Canglan couldn’t help but exclaim when he looked at the figure in silver armour. He still remembered that day when Zhou Yuan turned the tide when King Qi rebelled. At that time, he was like he was now, dressed in silver armour. 

However, back then, Zhou Yuan wasn’t as strong as he was now. 

The other generals also nodded repeatedly with awe in their eyes. The strength that Zhou Yuan showed was indeed too terrifying.    

Hearing their praises, Zhou Qing couldn't help but laugh, his eyes filled with pride. 

“King Wu thought that Yuan’er wouldn’t be able to rise after he took away his Sacred Dragon Qi. But my Zhou family’s Sacred Dragon won’t be destroyed so easily by him!”   

Zhou Qing was in high spirits.    


While Zhou Qing was beaming with happiness, King Wu’s face was incredibly gloomy when he stared intently on the silver armoured figure below and the corners of his mouth twitching involuntarily. 

He could feel that Zhou Yuan had used several Genesis Techniques at the same time. If his predictions were correct, they were all Heaven Genesis Techniques that were a higher grade than the Scarlet Dragon Seal that he performed! 

Otherwise, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have possessed such powers.  

But this made King Wu felt somewhat indignant. His scarlet dragon seal was something he only obtained after he exhausted all his strength, but even so, it was only a mid-grade Heaven Genesis Technique. 

Was any one of the Genesis Techniques that Zhou Yuan used weaker than his?    

Therefore, even if Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi was slightly less than his, through those powerful Genesis Techniques, he was still able to force him into a difficult situation.  

Looking at the silver figure below, there was finally a trace of uneasiness rising in King Wu's heart.  


But when emotions were tumbling within King Wu, Zhou Yuan fiercely flapped his light wings behind him. Huge waves rolled up, but his figure had disappeared from where he was like a ghost. 

King Wu's face changed abruptly, retreating rapidly. 


However, as his figure retreated, a silhouette had appeared in front of him, and a mottled black brush, wrapped in terrifying power, was thrust directly at his vital point. 

King Wu swung the golden sword in his hand to block the attack with all his strength.    武


Metallic clang echoed, sparks sputtered, and King Wu’s expression changed rapidly, because he felt an incomparably fierce power gushing over like a mountainous torrent. The hand that gripped around the sword hilt instantly cracked, blood rapidly trickled down, and his body was blasted away.

Zhou Yuan had activated the Mythic Saint Body, Omega Saint Spirit Art, and Earth Saint rune...Under that tremendous power, each strike was over 1.5 million Genesis Qi foundation!    

So even if King Wu had stepped foot into the middle level of the Divine Dwelling Stage, Zhou Yuan was still able to suppress him.    


Zhou Yuan fought without holding back. His power soared unreservedly, and the overwhelming brush shadow whizzed out. 

King Wu frantically tried to withstand. He roared repeatedly, but all attempts were useless. His figure constantly retreated, while blood trickled down the body of his sword.

The troops of the Great Wu all watched anxiously. Some Alpha Origin stage generals also felt a feeling of uneasiness shrouding their hearts.    

No one thought that King Wu, who had stepped into the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage, would lose to the Prince of the Great Zhou! 


The brush and spear collided in the sky once again.

“Million whale!” 

As Zhou Yuan roared, there were multiple ancient whale images emerging outside the Heaven Yuan Brush, and as the black brush was swung down, the space also began to crack. 


Sparks sputtered in all direction. King Wu’s face was deathly pale as a jet of blood sprayed out his mouth. He stumbled and collapsed, rolling thousands of feet across the raging river.    

Zhou Yuan stood tall in the air. Under the silver armour, his eyes were coldly staring at King Wu, and an indifferent voice sounded, “Dog Wu, when you took my Sacred Dragon Qi, have you thought about today?”  

King Wu's face was covered with blood, looking incomparably terrifying, as he roared, “What I regret the most is that I failed to take your life when I took your Sacred Dragon Qi!”   

He was indeed filled with regret. When he took the Qi of the Sacred Dragon, he was full of arrogance and thought that everything was sorted.    

But who would have thought that, more than a decade later, the baby, who was almost crippled by him, hadn’t died, but had grown to be extremely strong.  

What the Wu family had plotted for years was completely destroyed!   

Zhou Yuan indifferently remarked, “A thief will always be a thief.” 


His figure transformed into a stream of light and shot out.   

King Wu's Genesis Qi erupted as his figure rapidly retreated.


The void shook and the brush shadow thrust forward, aiming directly at King Wu with inescapable speed.


King Wu let out a miserable shriek, blood sputtered, and an arm was hurled into the sky.  

“This is the arm you owe my father!”  

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were piercing sharp like a knife. As he stepped forward, the brush shadow, like a dragon, directly pierced King Wu’s chest. 

“This is for causing my mother’s lifespan to reduce!” 

King Wu screamed, and retreated frantically.   

The sharp brush shadow enveloped him, and directly tore King Wu’s body into two with lightning speed.    

Blood streaked across Zhou Yuan. 

“This is for the torture of the Dragon’s Resentment Poison that I had to suffer....”   

King Wu’s body looked incredibly tragic. With blood red eyes, he clutched tight onto the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he sneered, “boy, your family was useless back then. They deserved to be turned into stray dogs by me!”    

“So what if so? In fact, if it weren't for the hardships you caused me, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” Zhou Yuan remarked indifferently. 

Without those suffering, and if everything had gone smoothly, Zhou Yuan perhaps would only be sitting in the Cangmang Continent and staring at the sky, just like King Wu.    

King Wu’s face twisted with rage, “Boy, what makes you think you can kill me, I am going to make you be buried along with with me!” 

His body suddenly erupted into thousands of rays of light.  

His body had self-destructed!  


Incomparably terrifying Genesis Qi broke out. It tore the vast Broken Dragon River apart, and formed a huge pit that made it even difficult for the river to flow.


Zhou Yuan's figure blasted away, landing hard on the river surface.   


A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth, and cracks began to appear across his silver armour. The silver armour suddenly dissipated as he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. His eyes were still coldly fixed on where King Wu had self-destructed. 

“If you really had self-destructed, then I might have respected you a little, but unfortunately you only used it to escape!”

From the area that his eyes were fixed on was an invisible spirit shooting out with two halos surrounding it. It was trying to break away at indescribable speed. 

It was the spirit of King Wu.    

“Zhou Yuan, I will get back at you for this!”   

“I will return to massacre your Great Zhou!”    

The roar of King Wu echoed throughout the world.    

“Great Wu, retreat!”  

When King Wu's scream resounded, the endless formation of the Great Wu army on the Broken Dragon River also completely crumbled. 

At this point, everyone knew that the battle in which the Great Wu exhausted all its strength to attack the Great Zhou had ended.   

The Great Wu troops were completely defeated like a landslide. 

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