Chapter 700 The Middle of the Divine Dwelling Stage

King Wu hovered in the air above the Broken Dragon River, his face gloomy, and behind him were two divine dwelling halos slowly rotating, swallowing the Genesis Qi of the universe.

An incredibly strong pressure emitted from his body and swept across the world. 

There were three levels in the Divine Dwelling stage, the initial, middle and advance, and as one progressed to the next level, one would gain another halo. Therefore, when King Wu’s second halo appeared, it represented that he had already set foot onto the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage. 

Evidently, King Wu had concealed a part of his power from the beginning.

And when King Wu revealed his concealed strength, numerous generals and soldiers on the Great Wu’s side immediately lit up with joy and cheered excitedly, “King Wu is invincible!”   

They were all frightened when King Wu had lost the upper hand. After all, it would be a fatal blow to the morale of the Great Wu once King Wu lost to Zhou Yuan.   

At that time, let alone destroy the Great Zhou, the Great Zhou might even fight back. At that time, the army would collapse like an avalanche. It would be too heard to regain morale then.

However, King Wu was indeed King Wu. He was unfathomable; he had already stepped into the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage without anybody knowing.

And compared with the wild cheers on the Great Wu’s side, on the city walls of Broken Dragon City, Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and other people's faces had turned solemn. King Wu’s move was beyond all their expectations.   

“This thief is as cunning as ever!” Wei Canglan gritted his teeth.

Zhou Qing scrunched his brows. Back then, King Wu had also concealed his strength to launch a fatal blow at the Great Zhou. 

“Be ready to provide reinforcement.” Zhou Qing ordered.  

A combat of this level meant that ordinary attacks had no effect, but fortunately the Great Zhou had battle puppets on their side, which should have an impact on Divine Dwelling experts through its self-explosion ability. 

Wei Canglan nodded, but still looked very serious.   


King Wu paid no attention to the response from the two armies. His fierce eyes were simply locked on Zhou Yuan, knowing that Zhou Yuan was the biggest obstacle in the destruction of the Great Zhou.   

If he could get rid of Zhou Yuan then the Great Zhou would undoubtedly be destroyed! 

“I have always held back a trick or two. I didn’t think all my tricks would be forced out by you.”

“But now that you have forced them all out, you're going have to pay the price.” King Wu spoke in a chilling cold voice and his eyes flashed with killing intent.  

As his voice fell, the two halos began to spin, and scarlet red Genesis Qi spread out like blazing clouds. If that were measured in terms of Genesis Qi stars then it most likely would have exceeded 1.5 million.    

King Wu’s Genesis Qi foundation had directly soared by half a million after breakthrough to the middle of the Divine Dwelling stage!

The increase was simply unthinkable for people of the Alpha Origin stage, but for the Divine Dwelling stage, it wasn’t anything special. 


Red Genesis Qi roared. The next moment, directly under the control of King Wu, it thundered out like a raging scarlet python, skimming across the sky, and bombarded Zhou Yuan with incomparable strength.   

Genesis Qi swept over the area, causing the space to incessantly tremble. 

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. Golden Genesis Qi surged, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand was turned into a beam of gold light. It rapidly sped out and collided with the scarlet python-like Genesis Qi.


Violent Genesis Qi raged.    

Zhou Yuan's body shook violently, and was unexpectedly blasted hundred of feet across the void before he could steady his body.  

Evidently, in the face of King Wu, who had reached the middle level of the Divine Dwelling Stage, Zhou Yuan seemed to be at a disadvantage. 

Suddenly a loud cheer broke out from the Great Wu’s side. 

On the other hand, the Great Zhou’s side had turned gloomy once again.

“Boy of the Zhou family, so what if you have broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage?!” The long golden sword in King Wu’s hand quivered, while his eyes were fixed coldly on Zhou Yuan.   

“Hmph, return the Zhou family’s Sacred Dragon? I am going to kill you in front of Zhou Qing today, and make him lose all hope!”    

King Wu's hands folded together.


Behind him, the two halos also suddenly rotated, spraying out surging scarlet red Genesis Qi that gathered around King Wu. Vaguely, there seemed to be a gigantic scarlet-red light seal being formed.    

And on top of the light seal, there seemed to be a red dragon silhouette, releasing an earth shaking power as it roared.

“Oh? Heaven Genesis Technique?” Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised to see King Wu display a Heaven Genesis Technique. It should be said that Heaven Genesis Techniques were extremely rare in the Cangmang Continent, so he didn’t expect King Wu to know any.  

He speculated that King Wu’s technique most likely had reached the mid grade of Heaven Genesis Technique.

The technique should also be King Wu’s last trump card.

“Scarlet Dragon Seal!”   

King Wu roared out as the Scarlet Dragon Seal took shape. The next moment, it suddenly smashed through the void. A huge shadow descended from the sky and directly enveloped Zhou Yuan.    

Although King Wu only used a mid grade Heaven Genesis Technique, under the activation of his 1.5 million Genesis Qi foundation of the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage, the power was incredibly astonishing. As the light seal descended, the vast river also seemed to be split into two.   

That power made experts on both sides reveal a look of fear on their faces.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the Scarlet Dragon Seal pressing down. His expression also turned solemn. An expert of the middle level of the Divine Dwelling stage indeed mustn’t be underestimated. 


The Scarlet Dragon Seal whizzed down, and under countless shocked gazes, directly struck Zhou Yuan.  


His body fell and plunged into the Broken Dragon River, with the Scarlet Dragon Seal immediately following after him. Tremendous waves were lifted up in the river. The scarlet dragon that occupied the light seal let out a deafening roar, and that violent force turned the Broken Dragon River upside down.   

All eyes were nervously fixed on the area where the Scarlet Dragon Seal was currently pressing down on.

Zhou Qing’s fists were clenched tight, and Qin Yu had pounced over to the edge of the wall, anxiously murmuring, “Yuan’er, Yuan’er...”    

In the sky, a fierce look flashed in King Wu’s eyes as he thundered, “Once suppressed by my Scarlet Dragon Seal, you will be refined!”   


On the scarlet dragon light seal, the red dragon silhouette turned abruptly, slamming towards the bottom of the light seal. It evidently intended to forcibly refine the person that was suppressed below. 

“King Wu is invincible!”   

In the direction of the Great Wu, many Alpha Origin stage experts erupted in wild cheers.    

The army also burst into thunderous cheers.    

On the Broken Dragon City walls, Zhou Qing clenched his teeth and roared, “Get eady to activate the battle puppets to self-explode!”

Everybody’s expression turned solemn, nodding vigorously.

However, just when Zhou Qing intended to activate the battle puppets, from the depths of the Broken Dragon River, there were faint noises coming out from the deep silt suppressed by the Scarlet Dragon Seal. 

“Mythic Saint Body.” 

“Omega Saint Spirit Art.”  “

“Silver Shadow.”    

“Earth Saint Rune.”    


Hearing the faint voice coming from the bottom of the Broken Dragon River, King Wu's pupils shrank, and then he said coldly, “Stop pretending, refine him!” 

The scarlet dragon silhouette roared down, and drilled into the bottom of the river. 


However, as the scarlet dragon silhouette rushed down, a palm covered in silver armour suddenly stretched out from under the scarlet dragon light seal and grasped the scarlet dragon silhouette, squeezing tight. 


The scarlet dragon light seal emitted a tragic wail and was directly crushed the next moment!   

King Wu’s face changed dramatically upon seeing this.   

The wild cheering on the Great Wu's side also halted abruptly.

On the city walls, a look of astonishment had crossed Zhou Qing’s face. 

Countless eyes were fixed on the depths of Broken Dragon River, where the scarlet dragon light seal was violently jittering, and then, the light seal seemed to be slowly rising.   

King Wu clenched his teeth and forcefully activated the scarlet dragon light seal to press down once again, but it continued to rise slowly.   

In a short period of ten seconds, the scarlet dragon light seal had rose out of the water surface.   

At this moment, everybody saw that under the scarlet dragon light seal was a figure clad in silver armour, and exuding terrifying energy all over. His hand was stretched out and forcefully pushed the scarlet dragon light seal back.  

“Was that your last trump card?”  

The silver armoured figure held the scarlet dragon light seal in his hand, and shifted his indifferent gaze onto King Wu. 

King Wu's face was dark, and in the depths of his eyes, there was a hint of fear flashing. 

The silver armoured figure clenched his hand, and slammed his fist into the scarlet dragon light seal. It immediately quivered, before exploded into countless rays of red light. 

In the misty red light, Zhou Yuan, clad in silver armour, stepped across the surface of the river. Behind him were two slowly fluttering light wings that brought up gigantic waves.

At that moment, he was exuding terrifying Genesis Qi all over his body. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes, without the slightest ripple of emotions, locked on King Wu, and an indifferent voice reverberated throughout the heavens and earth. 

“If this is your last trump card then....”   

“King Wu....”   

“Today, you will die.”   

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