Chapter 70 Get

Wisps of black smoke together with a nauseating stench occasionally rose into the air within the bright and spacious room.

However, the people in the room did not show any disgust in response to the appalling smell. Instead, only joy could be seen on their faces.

It was because this meant that more and more of the Devil Miasma Poison was being neutralized.

Wei Canglan’s eyes were filled with emotion as he looked at Wei Bin’s waist area, where the patch of pitch-black had already receded substantially, the black from before not as deep as it had been.

By the side, Wei Qingqing tightly clenched her fists. It was hard for her to control her overflowing emotions.

Although they were both a little overwhelmed, they did not make any noise that would disturb Zhou Yuan. The latter currently wore a solemn look on his face, while perspiration dotted his entire forehead.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand continued to descend, patching the parts of the Genesis Runes that had faded due to the repetitive attacks of the Devil Miasma Poison.

In fact, several places had even been broken.

Thus, Zhou Yuan needed to continuously do repairs to maintain the formation. If not, it would become much more difficult to encircle and draw out the Devil Miasma Poison again if it were allowed to break out.

Light flickered between Zhou Yuan’s brow, a sign that his Spirit was being pushed to its limit.

Controlling a formation of eight grade 1 Genesis Runes and a grade 2 Genesis Rune was pretty exhausting even for someone like Zhou Yuan whose Spirit was at the mid Illusory stage. The only thing he could do was tough it out, clench his teeth and endure.

Sweat fell dripped from his forehead into his eyes, causing a prickling pain.

Suddenly, a faint fragrance drifted over as a fair hand reached out with a handkerchief, wiping away the sweat on Zhou Yuan’s head.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned and was somewhat shocked to see that the owner of the handkerchief was Wei Qingqing.

Upon sensing Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Wei Qingqing pursed her lips into a slight smile.

Zhou Yuan nodded, indicating his gratitude, before casting his attention back to the Genesis Runes.

Time slowly flowed and noon unknowingly arrived.

Only a half-fist sized patch of pitch-black Devil Miasma Poison was left at Wei Bin’s lower backbone area. In addition, it had also become less concentrated. From the looks of it, full neutralization was not far off.

However, just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the lump of Devil Miasma Poison suddenly began to squirm, suddenly splitting up and charging in all directions as if it had gone mad.

“Oh no! The Devil Miasma Poison wants to escape. It intends to hide in the depths of little Bin’s body!” Wei Canglan’s expression changed slightly. The Devil Miasma Poison was troublesome indeed, it had instinctively began to search for somewhere to hide the moment it sensed its life was threatened. It will be very dangerous if it was allowed to conceal itself again.

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “Relax, it will not be able to escape.”

After which, with a dot of the Heaven Yuan Brush, the layers of Genesis Runes suddenly began to swell, cutting off all routes of escape. At the same time, the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune that was originally outside the encirclement also slipped in and began to counter-attack.

Blobs of Devil Miasma Poison dashed in all directions, but it was completely useless. Every one was eventually swallowed by the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune, transforming into wisps of black smoke that rose into the air.

After dozens of minutes, the final piece of Devil Miasma Poison was purged and the entire room lapse into silence.


Zhou Yuan breathed out heavily as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Just as he desired to stand up, a wave of dizziness washed over his head, causing him to stumble backwards.


However, his body did not fall to the ground. Instead, he crashed into something fragrant, warm and soft. This caused him to be stunned, his eyes quickly turning as the sight of a beast baring its fangs appeared before him.

Tuntun was snarling at him.

He raised his head, only to find Yaoyao’s distant eyes staring at him.

Yaoyao’s red lips parted slightly and she said, “If you don’t get up, I will let Tuntun swallow you whole.”

Tuntun grinned, showing its teeth to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s body instantly straightened, standing up while secretly cursing the insatiable little beast in his heart. All of the dried Genesis Beast meat he had fed it had truly been wasted.

Zhou Yuan massaged his forehead as he smiled at the still silent Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing, “Great general, I have by some chance not humiliated myself and managed to complete the task.”

“*Sniffle*, little brother!” Wei Qingqing was the first to regain her senses. She immediately pounced over and hugged the young boy as she cried.

The only son of their Wei family had at long last been saved.

Wei Canglan’s somewhat trembling hands wiped at his eyes, before he turned towards Zhou Yuan and bowed deeply.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly pulled the great general up as he said, “Please rise great general, I cannot accept such a grand gesture.”

“Your highness, there is not much to say. My family will remember this debt.” Wei Canglan’s voice was a little soft.

By the side, Lu Tieshan, whose entire body had been tense while he stared at Wei Canglan from start to end, inwardly sighed in relief. Thankfully, his highness had succeeded.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “Each of us did what we had to for what we needed. There is no need for great general to go so far.”

Wei Canglan waved his hand. A servant girl brought over a small jade box which he took and personally passed to Zhou Yuan. “The Genesis Swallowing Rock is inside.”

Excitement rose in Zhou Yuan’s heart when he heard this. He very carefully received the small jade box and opened it. A palm-sized dusty-yellow rock lay within it. There were two holes on the rock, a big one and a small one. A suction force spread from the small hole, absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi while Genesis Qi poured out from the big hole. He could feel that the Genesis Qi that exited the big hole was purer than normal.

This was indeed a Genesis Swallowing Rock!

Joy emerged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he kept the box in his Universe bag. The Genesis Swallowing Rock was his at last. Now, he only needed to obtain the grade 4 python-type Genesis Beast spirit and all the ingredients for him to learn the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture would be gathered.

This transaction was not a loss for him at all.

Wei Canglan solemnly said, “Your highness, I will discuss with you in detail with regards to the ruins in Blackwater later on. Don’t worry, since I’ve agreed to your conditions, I will definitely do all I can to help!”

“Then I’ll have to give my thanks to great general.” Zhou Yuan was elated. With Wei Canglan’s promise, he now had some guarantee of sorts in the battle of the ruins. After all, the great general’s faction was one of the two strongest powers in the area.

Zhou Yuan and the rest understood that the Wei family was currently in a celebratory mood,  thus and did not plan on disturbing. Hence, they bid their goodbyes, giving the family some time for themselves.


“Zhou Yuan cured Wei Bin?! How is that possible?” In a certain manor, Qi Hao abruptly stood up, his face full of disbelief.

By the side, Qi Ling also had an expression of shock.

Wei Ting smiled bitterly as she nodded. Although she too felt that it was unbelievable, it was indeed the truth.

Qi Hao’s face was white with anger, cracking sounds emitting from his tightly clenched fist as he howled in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan, you dare to spoil my plans!”

Now that this had happened, the entire year of effort he had invested in Canglan County had basically been wasted.

Qi Hao’s eyes turned as dark as a storm as he said, “If Zhou Yuan has really cured Wei Bin, given Wei Canglan’s character, he will very likely do all he can to aid Zhou Yuan in obtaining the treasures in the ruins.”

“First young master, we cannot linger any longer in Canglan County or we will surely fall under Wei Canglan’s surveillance.”

Qi Hao gnashed his teeth, eyes filled with iciness, his face sinister as he cursed, “Wei Canglan, since you wish to seek death, I will grant your wish!”

After cursing in a low voice, he decisively said, “Go, we’ll leave Canglan County. Qi Manor must obtain the Fire Spirit Grain. If Wei Canglan dares to help Zhou Yuan vie with us, I will let him know that he is not as important as he thinks in the eyes of Qi Manor!”

As he walked out of the door, a dark gaze shot towards the general’s residence while his five fingers clenched into a fist.

“Zhou Yuan, do not think that you have won because Wei Canglan is now aiding you. If you dare to enter Blackwater, I will ensure you that you do not return!”

“Qi Manor has already decided that the Fire Spirit Grain will be ours. If you dare to have any designs on it, Blackwater will be your grave!”

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