Chapter 699 Against King Wu

King Wu stood tall in the sky, studying Zhou Yuan’s cold expression. He drew a deep breath, and immediately suppressed the surging emotions, “Arrogant boy, even if you have stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, you only have a glimpse of the stage, while I have been there for many years.” 

Numerous generals and soldiers on the Great Wu’s side nodded. That was indeed correct. Even if Zhou Yuan had stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, he would only be at the beginning stage and King Wu should still have the upper hand. 

Zhou Yuan sneered, “You have stepped foot into the Divine Dwelling for many years, but is still at the initial level. You’re not that impressive.”   

The corners of King Wu’s mouth twitched slightly, “Nonsense!”


This word faded and he no longer said anything else. He stamped his feet and crimson red Genesis Qi erupted from his body, turning the entire sky red.

Ferocious Genesis Qi pressure spread out, like red clouds. If that majestic strength were measured in terms of Genesis Qi stars then it most likely would have reached at least one million!    

As powerful Genesis Qi shrouded the entire battlefield, many Alpha Origin experts revealed a look of awe. Their Genesis Qi stars most likely were only over ten thousands, which was hundred times less than that of King Wu. 

This was the absolute strength of the Divine Dwelling stage!

It wasn’t something that an expert of the Alpha Origin stage could compete with.

Of course, based on the Genesis Qi foundation, King Wu was certainly at the initial stage of the Divine Dwelling, though he most likely had reached the peak of the initial stage....    

On the walls of Broken Dragon city, Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others’ faces also had turned solemn. A foundation of millions of Genesis Qi stars was simply too terrifying to them.

“Your Highness has only just entered the Divine Dwelling stage, and his foundation is probably not as deep as that of King Wu.” Wei Canglan remarked in a concerned voice. 

Zhou Qing nodded, “If Yuan’er isn’t strong enough then activate the battle puppets to help.” 

Now that they also had a Divine Dwelling expert on their side, the advantage that the Great Wu had was greatly weakened. Although they may not beat the Great Wu, they hoped to at least drag the situation to a stalemate. 

Wei Canglan and others accepted the order with a nod. Zhou Yuan was the Great Zhou’s last hope. So long as they could protect him, there would be hope for the Great Zhou.   

When everybody present was being suppressed by King Wu's Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan lifted his head. The crimson red sky reflected in his pupils, but there wasn’t much amazement in his eyes, instead he just laughed, “A foundation of millions is indeed terrifying.”

The gap between the Alpha Origin stage and the Divine Dwelling stage was too great. If he hadn’t broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage, then no matter how many trump cards he had, it would have been difficult for his foundation to reach one million.  

“It’s too late to regret your actions now!”  

King Wu sneered. He only had killing intent towards Zhou Yuan. The fact that Zhou Yuan had stepped foot into the Divine Dwelling stage at such a young age was enough to show his terrifying talent, and if he was given some more time, the Great Wu most likely would be destroyed in his hand.   

So King Wu had made up his mind to get rid of the trouble once and for all!


As the murderous spirit surged, King Wu’s hands rapidly folded in hand seals. His Divine Dwelling halo drifted in front of him, and suddenly rotated. 


Overwhelming Genesis Qi whizzed out, drilling directly into the halo of the Divine Dwelling. 


In the next instant, a pillar of crimson red light spurted out from the Divine Dwelling halo, like a red dragon, causing the space to vibrate, and aimed directly for Zhou Yuan’s head.   

That torrent of Genesis Qi wasn’t only vast, but also extremely condensed. Evidently, once stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, one’s control of Genesis Qi would be much stronger than when at the Alpha Origin stage.   

As the red torrent gushed down, Zhou Yuan let out a long roar. His hands folded together, and erupted out dazzling golden Genesis Qi that met the red torrent head on.    


Violent Genesis Qi shock waves raged out. 

That red torrent was blasted to pieces, but Zhou Yuan's figure remained standing in the air, not budging an inch.    

The golden Genesis Qi that was emitted from his body had shrouded half the sky.

The pressure of that attack was in no way inferior to King Wu’s!

He stretched lazily and smiled at King Wu, “that million Genesis Qi foundation doesn't seem so great afterall?”

Countless gasps of astonishment broke out from the battlefield. Whether it was on the Great Wu or Great Zhou’s side, everybody was dumbstruck.    

In the sky, King Wu's pupils also rapidly shrank. He hissed through gritted teeth, “How is it possible? You have just broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage, why is your foundation so strong?!”   

The foundation shown by the Genesis Qi that erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body was over one million, and was in no way not inferior to his!  

King Wu found it hard to believe. It should be said that back when he had just reached the Divine Dwelling stage, he only possessed a foundation of 580,000 Genesis Qi stars, which couldn’t be compared to Zhou Yuan’s!    

On the city walls, Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others were staring at one another in disbelief.

“How could your Highness's foundation be so strong?” Wei Canglan asked puzzledly.

“The only explanation is that the Divine Dwellings that Yuan’er opened up is extraordinary.” Zhou Qing answered after a thought.

“Just like when King Wu opened up five Divine Dwellings. His Highness had just broke through, but his foundation is already as strong as King Wu’s...... Did His Highness open up seven Divine Dwellings, or even eight?” Wei Canglan swallowed a mouthful of saliva.   

For people of their level, they would already be pleased beyond expectations to achieve four divine dwellings when breaking through to the Divine Dwellings stage. Seven or eight divine dwellings were simply unattainable to them. 

They wouldn’t even dare to think about Nine Divine Dwellings..... 

Other high-ranking generals of the Great Zhou also gasped with amazement. 

On the other side, Wei Qingqing was similarly gazing at the young figure in the sky with a complicated look in her eyes. She still remembered when Zhou Yuan was just a little youngster of the Great Zhou residence, and his Qi Dwelling hadn’t been formed yet. Who would have thought that after a few years that young man had already reached this level?   

Black Venom King wiped away a bead of cold sweat on his forehead. He immediately turned to Zhou Qing, cleared his throat and spoke in a sincere voice, “With a talented genius like Your Highness, Your Majesty simply don’t need to do anything. Your Majesty really is blessed.”  

Zhou Qing looked at him with a faint smile that was not quite a smile, “You don’t think my Great Zhou is going to be destroyed?”

Ever since the Great Wu had invaded the Great Zhou, Black Venom King had been extremely negative and even thought he would die. 

Black Venom King flushed with embarrassment, “I was shortsighted, how can I compare with Your Majesty?”

How could he have known that Zhou Yuan was able to break through to the Divine Dwelling stage and return to the Great Zhou? From the current situation, his highness was too terrifying, like he was not human. He had just broken through the Divine Dwelling stage, but already he was not in the any least inferior to the Wu King who had broken through for so many years. His martial talent was absolutely rare.

So he hastened to make his stance clear to avoid Zhou Yuan getting back at him if the Great Wu really was defeated.

After all, given Zhou Yuan’s strength, he could simply kill an expert of the Alpha origin stage to death with a wave of his palm. Moreover, now that Zhou Yuan had returned, his existence didn’t matter to the Great Zhou at all. 

While both the Great Zhou and Great Wu were struck dumb by the Genesis Qi that broke out from Zhou Yuan’s body, Zhou Yuan fixed a piercing stare on King Wu and smiled, “it is impolite not to reciprocate. Why don’t you try some moves of mine?” 


When his voice faded, bright golden Genesis Qi had already broken forth from his body. His figure transformed into a beam of golden light, and the Heavenly Yuan brush flashed to his hand.   


The sharp brush tip vibrated rapidly, causing the space to tremble. In an instant, there were countless brush shadows ruthlessly shrouding King Wu.   

Upon seeing this, King Wu’s expression also changed, a long golden sword forming in his hands. Crimson red Genesis Qi whizzed out to meet the brush head on. 


The sword and brush came into contact and exploded with an earth-shaking noise. 

Two figures collided like lightning in the sky. The violent shock waves brought up monstrous waves on the river below.

However, no matter how many attacks King Wu launched out, he wasn’t able to gain the slightest upper hand, because his foundation of millions of Genesis Qi stars had no effect in front of Zhou Yuan.    

As the battle continued, Zhou Yuan's lips curved in a cold smile, and his body began to glow.    

Mythic Saint Body! 

Bodily strength broke out! 

Shadows of brush whizzed down and the space trembled. 


The brush and sword shadows forcibly collided once again, but this time, King Wu’s face took on a drastic change, because the power coming over had suddenly surged, like a giant mountain was crushing down.

Under that majestic force, the golden sword in King Wu’s hand trembled violently, and his figure was directly blasted out, blood trickling down his fingers.  


And when King Wu was blasted away, exclamations of shock also broke out from the battlefield.   

This was followed by deafening cheers on the Great Zhou’s side. 

While on the Great Wu’s side, everybody was deathly pale.

Who would have thought that the invincible King Wu in their hearts would be defeated by a youngster of the Great Zhou. 

Zhou Yuan stood tall in the air, swung the Heavenly Yuan brush in his hand to point at King Wu and said nonchalantly, “Although you are at the Divine Dwelling stage, it’s easier to deal with you than Wu Huang.”   

When he fought against Wu Huang, he had to bring out all his trump cards. But now that he had stepped foot into the Divine Dwelling stage, even in the face of King Wu, who was at the peak of the initial stage, he did not have to yield. 

Evidently, King Wu simply possessed a higher cultivation level than Wu Huang, but In terms of trump cards, King Wu couldn’t be compared to Wu Huang. 

This was the difference in environment. Even if King Wu was renowned in the Cangmang Continent, and he was a king of an empire, compared with the Sacred Palace and Cangxuan Sect, he really wasn’t worth mentioning.   

King Wu’s face was ashen. He evidently never thought that one day he would be look down on by the young man he could pinch to death in the past.  

“That kid of the Zhou family is too arrogant.”  

King Wu's sinister voice rang in the sky, and the veins on his forehead bulged.  

“You really think I came completely unprepared?” 

A scarlet light flashed in King Wu's eyes. He suddenly clasped his hands together, and the next moment, powerful Genesis Qi suddenly gushed forth from his body. This Genesis qi began erupting at a shocking speed.    

While the Genesis Qi skyrocketed, everyone was shocked to see that, behind King Wu, was another halo slowly formed around the first divine dwelling halo.    

Two halos, one surrounded the other.   

Zhou Qing and other people's facial expressions changed again. 

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes.    

“Two Divine Dwelling halos...”  

“So you have been concealing you strength. You have already stepped into the middle level of the Divine Dwelling Stage....what a cunning old fox.” 

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