Chapter 698 Chaos Halo

On the Broken Dragon River, countless shocked gazes were fixed on the young figure hovering in the sky. Of course, even more gazes were on the suspended light halo behind him.

The fluctuation of energy exuded from the light halo didn’t feel unfamiliar, because it was a sign that could only be possessed once stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage. 

The halo of the Divine Dwelling! 

That meant.....Zhou Yuan had already stepped foot into the Divine Dwelling stage?!

There was a moment of stillness on the battlefield. 

Then, the next moment, deafening cheers broke out on the city walls of Broken Dragon City, and countless soldiers and generals’ faces were ablaze with excitement.   

This was because the effect that a Divine Dwelling expert could bring on a battlefield was too terrifying. The most important reason why the Great Wu could completely suppress the Great Zhou was also because of the existence of King Wu, a Divine Dwelling expert...    

The Divine Dwelling stage could be said to be invincible there. 

Just as the Great Zhou had almost lost all hopes, the Divine Dwelling halo that Zhou Yuan showed made them see a ray of hope.... 

“Your Highness, your Highness has brokethrough to the Divine Dwelling!” Wei Canglan couldn’t help exclaiming. 

Wei Qingqing also gaped at the distant figure in silence with her red lips wide open. She stared dumbly at his figure, her heart also extremely shaken. 

“Divine Dwelling Stage....”   

Black Venom King was similarly dumbstruck. He obviously didn’t expect the youngster who had once subdued him to be able to achieve that step in just a few years of time.    

On the city walls, the other generals’ faces were also lit up with joy. The look of despair they had previously had instantly vanished as though never existed.

“Your Majesty is so blessed!” They one after another congratulated Zhou Qing, who was still in a state of shocked disbelief. 

With his mouth wide opened, Zhou Qing turned to Qin Yu, who was staring at him.

Finally Qin Yu let out a gentle sigh, “I didn’t think Yuan’er would reach this stage so soon. He must haven’t relaxed at all in these years...” 

She felt her heart aching when she said this. Zhou Yuan was talented, but to achieve this step, he must had been through many hardships.   

“Heaven doesn’t want our Great Zhou to be destroyed.”  

Zhou Qing drew a deep breath, his tensed body relaxed, and his heart was also relieved of the heavy pressure he had before.    

Zhou Yuan had showed the strength of the Divine Dwelling stage, which immediately made up for the greatest flaw of the Great Zhou. They had the power to fight the Great Wu once again.    

However, Zhou Qing was somewhat puzzled studying the Divine Dwelling halo behind Zhou Yuan. 

“...Yuan’er's Divine Dwelling halo, why does it feel somewhat different?”


And while cheers broke out from the Great Zhou’s side, there was a somewhat cold atmosphere on the Great Wu’s side. Countless soldiers, had a change of expression on their faces, and the Alpha Origin experts’ expression also grew solemn. 

Because they knew very well what the Divine Dwelling stage represented to the current battlefield. 

It was just that nobody thought that Zhou Yuan could step into the Divine Dwelling stage at such a young age. His talent was indeed unbelievable. 

In the sky, King Wu’s eyes were similarly fixed on the Divine Dwelling halo behind Zhou Yuan’s body. His face twitched slightly and a stormy sea was currently brewing in his heart.  

“How could that boy of the Zhou family step into the Divine Dwelling stage?” 

“According to the information I have received he should he be at the peak of the Alpha Origin stage...” 

King Wu's face was dark. The fact that Zhou Yuan broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage could cause some changes to the situation.

“And why isn’t that boy’s Divine Dwelling halo showing any brilliance? How many Divine Dwellings did he open?”   


Zhou Yuan was also looking at the Divine Dwelling halo behind him with a strange face.

In truth, when he retrieved part of the Sacred Dragon Qi from Wu Huang, the Genesis Qi in his body was already soaring at an astonishing rate. He had been adjusting to the changes on his journey back from the Shengzhou Continent.... 

Before the completion of the breakthrough, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation had already reached the terrifying level of 300,000 Genesis Qi stars.    

This was even stronger when compared to the Cangxuan old ancestor’s foundation when he broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage back then.

Therefore, when the Genesis Qi foundation reached 300,000, Zhou Yuan's Qi Dwelling also naturally began to evolve into a Divine Dwelling.    

The most important time in the Divine Dwelling stage was the opening of Divine Dwelling, which would determine the rank and potential of the Divine Dwelling. 

That time was also the important time for the Divine Establishing Treasure to display its divine ability.

But the problem that Zhou Yuan had was that Divine Establishing Treasures couldn’t enter his Qi Dwelling, because once inside, it would be swallowed by the ‘Heaven Punishment Saint Rune’ that had occupied his Qi Dwelling...    

However, this problem didn’t trouble Zhou Yuan for too long. When the Divine Dwelling began to open, the ‘Heaven Punishment Saint Rune’ also made Zhou Yuan understand why it didn’t allow other Divine Establishing Treasures to appear....   

Because having it was already enough. 

Zhou Yuan let out a deep breath, and sank into the Qi Dwelling with one thought.

No, it should be called the Divine Dwelling now. 

The inside of the Divine Dwelling was grey, misty, mysterious, and vast like the beginning of the world, and within the Divine Dwelling, there was nine layers born...    

That’s correct. With the help of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan opened up nine Divine Dwellings, which were rarely seen in the world…

“Nine Divine Dwellings....”  

Even though Zhou Yuan had already repeatedly confirmed whether it was true or not, he still found it difficult to calm his mind. He felt a surge of emotions when he sensed the mysterious nine Divine Dwellings.

But in truth, Zhou Yuan also expected that result. After all, the fact that the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune could swallow Eight-Colour Divine Establishing Treasures suggested that the Saint Rune had unbelievable abilities. 

According to Zhou Yuan's speculation, even genuine Nine-Colour Divine Establishing Treasures couldn’t be compared to the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune.  


Zhou Yuan opened his eyes, a complicated look crossed his face as he looked at the Divine Dwelling Halo that had floated from behind him to the front.   

Generally speaking, if nine Divine Dwellings were opened, then the brilliance emitted should be nine different colours. 

But Zhou Yuan's divine halo wasn’t nine coloured, instead...was a mysterious colour that resembled chaos.    

When Zhou Yuan broke through to the Divine Dwelling and opened up nine Divine Dwellings, he watched the number of colour of the halo increase one by one, until it finally reached nine dazzling colours. 

But before he could feel excited by this change, the nine colours changed once again. The colour faded, and eventually turned into a chaotic colour that almost couldn’t be revealed.    

At that time, he was even able to sense the mysterious fluctuations of energy from the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune. It was obvious that the colour change of the halo of the Divine Dwelling was related to the Saint Rune again. 

His Divine Dwelling seemed to have transformed once again.

“When I opened up the Qi Dwelling, it was turned a blood red colour by the Dragon’s Resentment Posion...” 

“Now when I opened the Divine Dwelling, it was changed to a chaotic colour by the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune...” 

Zhou Yuan looked at the chaos halo in front of him, and sighed in a melancholy way. 

Why did my nine-colour halo change? If the flashy colours were still there, it most likely would have turned King Wu’s facial expression many times more ugly than it was now. 

“Sigh, chaotic colour....although isn’t very pretty, but it can fight, right?”  

Zhou Yuan could only try to comfort himself like so. 

Then he lifted his head and shifted his eyes onto King Wu’s dark face with a faint smile. Then, his eyes gradually turned biting cold.  

“King Wu....”    

“Now, we can put an end to the many years of enmity.”   

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