Chapter 697 Who isn’t?


When the voice of the youngster with the black mottled brush on his back resounded like thunder, the gigantic wave behind him had already roared out like a dragon, running through the battlefield of the two armies. 

The huge wave roared through the Broken Dragon City. Some of the Great Wu ships were directly whirled up and smashed into pieces. It immediately created a great disturbance. 

The generals and soldiers in Broken Dragon City were still staring at the distant figure in shock.

“That's His Highness Zhou Yuan?!” 

“His Highness really is back!”  

Many generals and soldiers could clearly feel that the Genesis Qi surging out from the distant young figure was much stronger than all of them.

Black Venom King’s mouth was also gaped open. That figure was evidently more mature than back then. But what was the most terrifying was that, even at such a distance, he could feel the feeling of oppression brought about by him. 

This guy, just how many times stronger than before did this guy get. 

A flash of excitement emerged in Wei Canglan's eyes. Wei Qingqing was also staring dumbfoundedly at the figure.    


Qin Yu was similarly filled with joy to see the figure that she had been thinking about day and night, but that immediately turned to worry, “That silly child, why did he come back!”    

Zhou Qing was also gazing at the figure. Although his face did not show it, his clenched fists revealed the surge of emotions in his heart.

“He really has grown up....”   He muttered.

While the Great Zhou’s side was shaken by Zhou Yuan’s appearance, there were also changes on the Great Wu’s side. Some Alpha Origin stage experts’ faces also become solemn. They evidently also felt the oppression brought about by Zhou Yuan. 

“That’s the Prince of the Great Zhou?”    

“I didn't think he'd appear at this time...”  

“Well, do you think he can change anything on his own? Our king is at the Divine Dwelling stage. That boy is seeking death.”

“Yes, nobody can save the Great Zhou today!”  


Generals in the Great Wu’s direction whispered to one another, and ultimately didn't attach much importance to Zhou Yuan. After all, King Wu was invincible in their hearts. 

However, no matter what, Zhou Yuan's appearance had attracted all the attention of the two armies.

In the high altitude, clad in a dragon robe, King Wu indifferently studied the distant figure. “You are Zhou Yuan?”    

“I didn't think you'd really come back...where's Wu Huang? How could he bring you back?” 

King Wu already knew that Zhou Yuan was blocked by many obstacles on his road home, and Wu Huang was the biggest obstacle among them. 

Zhou Yuan fixed his eyes on King Wu. It was that person who took away the Qi of the Sacred Dragon from his body when he was born, making him suffer from the Dragon’s Resentment Poison from a young age.    

It was also him who usurped the prosperous Great Zhou, cut off his father's arm, and also led to his mother's life span being significantly reduced....

There were many things that were caused by that person alone. 

Zhou Yuan’s face was devoid of expression when he clenched his hand and a jade appeared in his grip. He crushed it directly and suddenly there were rays of light bursting out to form a light image in midair.

In the light screen were two shadows crisscrossing in the air. It was the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang.

As the light images swept past, it finally froze on the scene of Wu Huang’s spirit being shattered by Zhou Yuan.... 

The light screen had dissipated, but the gasps of shock from two armies did not stop.

“His Highness Wu....Wu Huang...was killed by him?” A horrified voice rang out from the Great Wu’s direction, and immediately set off stormy waves. Wu Huang was the heir to the Great Wu so his status was extraordinary, but Zhou Yuan had destroyed his spirit!

“How is that possible? King Wu has said that His Highness Wu Huang joined the Sacred Palace and is ranked first on the Chosen List of the Shengzhou Continent because of his outstanding talent. Nobody of the young generation is a match for him!”  

“Zhou Yuan managed to kill His Highness Wu Huang?!” 


Amidst the countless gasps of astonishment, King Wu’s face became twisted as he watched the light screen dissipated. A storm of frightening Genesis Qi suddenly burst forth from his body.   

“You killed my son!”   

King Wu's eyes were like a malicious ghost, staring intently at Zhou Yuan, and a bitter resentful voice roared out from the gaps between his teeth.  

However, facing the storm of Genesis Qi erupted from King Wu's body, there wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face, “All the enmity started because of you.”   

None of this would have happened had King Wu not taken the Qi of the Sacred Dragon.

King Wu continued to stare intently at Zhou Yuan with blood red eyes. It was only after a good while that he suddenly took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing his rage.   

It was just that the biting coldness in his eyes was enough to make people shudder all over. 

King Wu slowly closed his eyes, saying, “What I now regret the most is that after taking the Qi of the Sacred Dragon, I did not kill you right away.”

“But since it has already happened....”     

“It’s good that you are back. If you had hid in the Cangxuan Sect then there really is nothing I could do to you, but since you have come back, you can go on the journey with your father and mother. The most important thing for a family is to be together...” 

“And after I kill your family, I will massacre the entire Great Zhou as an offering for my son...”    

King Wu's voice faintly sounded across the Broken Dragon River. Although there weren’t much waves, the countless people on the city walls still turned pale, because they could feel the ruthless killing intent in King Wu's voice. 

If that killing intent was poured out, it most likely could massacre the entire Great Zhou.  

Evidently, Wu Huang's death had a huge impact on King Wu.

Zhou Yuan stood on the surface of the river, and wasn’t in the slightest angered by King Wu’s ruthless threats, “You may indeed have been able to destroy my Great Zhou, but from now will be impossible.”   

King Wu roared with laughter at the skies. His thunderous laugh caused his berserk Genesis Qi to set off waves rolling on the Broken Dragon River.    

“Haha, because of you?!”

“If you are smart enough, then you should hide on the side and watch me massacre the Great Zhou. Wait until the day you step foot into the Divine dwelling stage to say those words to me again!”   

King Wu's eyes, like a poisonous snake, locked on Zhou Yuan. A look of ridicule came onto his face, because from his observation, although Zhou Yuan possessed incredibly strong Genesis Qi, he hadn’t stepped foot into the Divine Dwelling stage.   

On the Broken Dragon City walls, many worried eyes were also looking at the distant figure of Zhou Yuan. If Zhou Yuan hadn’t broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage, it was true that his return wouldn’t have much significance.   

Qin Yu's hands were tightly clenched, and her face scrunched up in worry.

“But unfortunately, since you've come, don’t think of leaving now.”

“I want you to be buried today as an accompaniment to Wu Huang!” 

King Wu roared skywards. The next moment, scarlet red Genesis Qi spewed out from his palm strike, forming a giant red palm of thousands of feet in the sky.    


The giant palm slammed down, tearing apart the surface of the Broken Dragon River below. The attack from a Divine Dwelling expert clearly revealed a Genesis Qi foundation that far surpassed the Alpha Origin Stage. 

The scarlet red palm slammed down from the sky, striking where Zhou Yuan stood.

On the city walls, the generals and soldiers all gasped in shocked. King Wu’s attack was without any mercy, and clearly showed his strong murderous intent towards Zhou Yuan. 


The giant red palm, under countless shocked gazes, perfectly struck Zhou Yuan. Genesis Qi raged out and tore a giant pit, where the depths of the Broken Dragon River could be seen......   

The Genesis Qi wreaked havoc for a few moments before it gradually dissipated.

Zhou Qing, Qin Yu and others fixed their eyes on the river with their heart in their mouths.

Countless people on both sides of the armies were staring there unblinkingly.

There, the water vapour gradually dissipated, and then, everyone's pupils rapidly shrank, when they saw a figure hovering in the air.    

King Wu’s expression also abruptly changed. 

Countless people were astonished to see Zhou Yuan hovering in the air with the huge mottled black brush on his back. And behind him was a mysterious halo quietly suspended, swallowing the Genesis Qi of heaven and earth.

That figure strode out slowly, and at the same time, an incredibly calm voice leisurely echoed across the two armies.    

“The Divine Dwelling stage?”   

“Who said I wasn’t at that stage....” 

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