Chapter 696 Halo of the Divine Dwelling

When the biting cold voice of King Wu, which was filled with strong killing intent, rang across Broken Dragon River, the Great Zhou Army on the city walls all had a change of expression at the same time. Their eyes blazed with anger. 

King Wu really treated the Great Zhou as nothing!

If Zhou Qing took his life in front of the two armies that was simply a great humiliation that the Great Zhou simply couldn’t wash away!

“Wu Xuan, you really think our Great Zhou will do what you want?!” Wei Canglan thundered, his face flushed with rage.

The other generals and soldiers roared with rage. 

However, King Wu paid no attention to them. Instead his icy cold eyes were locked on Zhou Qing. 

Zhou Qing slammed his spear into the ground: “My Great Zhou would rather die in battle than surrender!”  

King Wu couldn’t help but smile and said in a pitiful voice, “as always, you fail to appreciate kindness.”

“Since that’s the case, your Great Zhou will be destroyed...”

King Wu stretched out his hands, and the next moment, incomparably Genesis Qi surged up like a storm from his body. The Genesis Qi was as red as fire, as though it was going to incinerate the sky. 

The temperature between heaven and earth instantly rose.

King Wu's body slowly ascended, standing at the highest point of the battlefield. His tremendous Genesis Qi could be seen accumulating behind him and finally gradually formed a halo.

The halo bloomed out a luster of five different colors that suspended behind King Wu, making him appear incomparably mysterious. 

At the same time, an intense pressure spread out, shrouding the entire battlefield. 

Under that pressure, even the Alpha Origin stage experts on the Great Zhou’s side had a drastic change of expression. Clenching their teeth, they muttered, “Divine Dwelling......halo!” 

They were no strangers to the halo that appeared behind King Wu, because it was also the most obvious sign of the Divine Dwelling stage that they sought.

Once one stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage, Genesis Qi would appear outwards and form a light halo. This was called the Divine Dwelling halo.

The Divine Dwelling halo wasn't for appearance. Once this object was formed, it could make one more sensitive to the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth, and during training, the divine dwelling halo also had the ability to gather, absorb, and refine the Genesis Qi of the world. 

The speed of cultivation was far superior to that of the Alpha Origin stage.

It could be said that the possession of the halo of the Divine Dwelling was equal to having a great helper during cultivation training.  

Of course, in addition to this, the Divine Dwelling halo also had the ability to protect the body, as long as the Genesis Qi of the body hadn’t been exhausted. If it encountered danger, the halo will automatically sense it and obstruct the enemy. 

During a battle, the Divine Dwelling halo would also constantly absorb the Genesis Qi between heaven and the earth for its master.

It could be said that the greatest goal for countless people to pursue the Divine Dwelling stage was because of the Divine Dwelling halo. 

And the Divine Dwelling Halo, like the Qi Dwelling, also had different grading, which depended on the number of Divine Dwelling formed when the Divine Dwelling was opened... 

For example, King Wu’s Divine Dwelling halo was blooming with five colors. This indicated that when he stepped into Divine Dwelling stage, he opened up five Divine Dwellings. 

Of course, the Divine Dwelling halo with more colors represented a higher quality. This meant the halo was stronger.

A five-color divine dwelling, in the major sects of the Shengzhou Continent, could be regarded as an elite. On the Cangmang Continent, it was simply an invincible existence. 

Therefore, while King Wu was standing proud in the void, revealing the Divine Dwelling halo, many experts of the Great Zhou had turned utterly pale. Their morale was also greatly impacted. 

Zhou Qing knew that King Wu intended to target the morale of the troops. He roared immediately, sending Genesis Qi bursting forth from his body. 

In these years, Zhou Qing had been trying to improve his strength and was now at the eighth layer of the Alpha Origin stage, and could be considered a top expert of the Great Zhou. Therefore, he knew that he couldn’t let King Wu affect the morale of the troops.


Zhou Qing roared. The spear in his hand abruptly shot into the sky, wrapped in majestic Genesis qi. 

He used all his strength in that attack. 

However, in the face of Zhou Qing's move, King Wu only gave a cold glance in response and did not budge an inch. 

When the spear light had whizzed over, the five-color Divine Dwelling had suddenly spread out to protect King Wu.  It rapidly rotated like a light barrier. 


The spear heavily struck the Divine Dwelling halo, producing crisp, loud noises that caused the space to vibrate. 

Then, countless people were astonished to see the spear shattered to pieces. It was unable to shake the Divine Dwelling halo in the slightest, let alone wound King Wu. 

King Wu's mouth twisted in a sneer, as he stretched out his fingers and flicked gently. 


The fragment of spear struck by him was instantly shot back, producing sharp explosive noises, and aimed for Zhou Qing on the city walls. 

Seeing this, Zhou Qing thrust his fist while Genesis Qi frantically surged out from his body. 


His fist slammed into the fragment, producing an explosion of frantic Genesis Qi. 

But he underestimated the strength of the Divine Dwelling stage. The piece of debris that was wrapped in King Wu’s powerful Genesis Qi directly tore through the fist light and skimmed his fist. 

Zhou Qing reeled back dozen steps from the force. A blood mark appeared across his fist and blood trickled down his fingers. 

It was only a slight touch but Zhou Qing was injured. And this was only a casual strike from King Wu.

The gap between the Alpha Origin stage and the Divine Dwelling stage could be clearly seen.

“Your Majesty!” Wei Canglan and others hurried forward. 

Deafening cheers broke out on the Great Wu’s side. 

“King Wu is invincible!” 


On the walls of the Great Zhou it was utterly silent. The power of the Divine Dwelling stage could make one feel despair.

Zhou Qing wiped the blood from his fist and waved to Wei Canglan and the others. His face was tense, but his eyes flashed a hint of sadness. 

He didn't think that he would still be completely suppressed when he faced King Wu again many years later.

Beside him, Qin Yu’s eyes welled with tears, but she gritted her teeth and fought back the tears. She knew that she shouldn’t disturb Zhou Qing. 

In the high altitude, King Wu looked down condescendingly, and his indifferent voice rang out, “Zhou Qing, do you see the gap between us? You're far inferior to me in everything, why fight?”

“I'll give you one last chance, take your life before the two armies otherwise I will wash the Great Zhou with blood today!” 

Zhou Qing clenched his teeth, swung his spear once again and thundered, “My Great Zhou will never surrender!” 

On the city walls, Wei Canglan and other generals’ eyes reddened as they roared out “Never surrender!”  

Countless soldiers of the Great Zhou waved their weapons and roared, “Never surrender!” 

“Never surrender!”   

The voices shook the clouds. 

King Wu mockingly shook his head, “a bunch of idiots, since you want to stop me with your utterly insignificant strength, I will utterly destroy the Great Zhou today!” 

“Everyone listen to order!”   


“Destroy the Zhou!”


The violent beating of war drums once again resounded throughout the world.

The Great Wu Army roared out loud, and battleships cut through the waves one after another and sped off towards Broken Dragon City. 

Murderous spirit filled the air.    

And in the Broken Dragon City, the Great Zhou army was also red with rage. Countless gushes of Genesis Qi surged up, ready for the final battle. 

Even though they all knew that the Great Zhou had no chance of winning the battle.

After all, the Great Wu and King Wu were too powerful.    

In the city gate tower, Zhou Qing tensely watched the Great Wu army charge over. He turned his head to look at the tearful Qin Yu and grasped her hand.

“Yu, it’s my fault for being useless....”    

Qin Yu shook her head with tears in her eyes, “Yuan’er has grown up, I have no other regrets.”

Zhou Qing also nodded contently, “Yes, Yuan’er has grown up. We have nothing else to worry about. Today we will take our last journey along with the Great Zhou.”

He looked at the army that was rushing across the great river in the distance, a resolute look emerged in his eyes. 

Countless battle ships, wrapped in murderous spirit, whizzed through the waves, racing to Broken Dragon City.

However, just as the countless warships were getting closer and closer to Broken Dragon City, there suddenly seemed to be strange noises ringing between heaven and earth. 


It was as if a huge wave was crashing down.   

The numerous Alpha Origin experts on the Great Wu’s side also stood bewildered in the air as they sensed this strangeness.  

On the Broken Dragon City wall, Zhou Qing, Wei Canglan and others were also taken aback.    

In the high altitude, King Wu similarly sensed the strange movements. He immediately scrunched his brows and then suddenly shifted his gaze onto the distant river surface. 

At that moment, the gazes of everybody of the two armies were also fixed on that direction.  

Immediately after, a commotion broke out.    

Because on the distant river surface there was unknowingly a monstrous wave rolling across, cutting through the vast Broken Dragon River and headed straight to the battlefield like a torrent.

“What's going on?!”    

“What is that?”   

Many puzzled voices sounded from the Great Wu army.    

The expressions on the Alpha Origin experts’ faces also changed. “There seemed to be someone in front of the giant wave?”   

At this moment, many people clearly saw that, in front of the huge wave was a figure treading on the river. His speed seemed to be slow, but with every step he took, he reappeared hundreds of meters away. 

Wei Canglan, Wei Qingqing and others somehow felt that the figure on the river seemed a little familiar....    

But Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were frozen in shock. Even if the figure was a great distance away, how could they not recognise him?    

Qin Yu's delicate body trembled and her eyes glistened as she mumbled, “That’s...”    

Zhou Qing said in a trembling voice, “It seems like it’s....Yuan’er?”    

Trembling, Wei Canglan, Wei Qingqing and other people also exclaimed, “His Highness Zhou Yuan?”   


Under the countless shocked gazes of the two armies, the monstrous wave came rumbling over, and a young figure marched forward on the wave with a mottled black brush on his back.

The young man carried a brush on his back and came stepping on the river.   

While the waves were roaring, a calm voice, like a clap of thunder, resounded across the universe.    

“You piece of Wu dog....”  

 “You want to destroy my Great Zhou...” 

“Have you asked me first?!”   

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