Chapter 691 Obliterate

Between heaven and the earth, countless people stared in shocked disbelief at the sky, where the blood-red mushroom cloud had faded. Zhou Yuan, holding the Heavenly Yuan Brush, had appeared in their fields of vision.

Zhou Yuan didn’t appear to have many injuries, and it seemed that the terrifying explosion caused by Wu Huang’s tactic of using his body as bait did not cause any harm to him. 

But how was that possible?! 

The power of Wu Huang’s self explosion had even forced experts of the Divine Dwelling stage to make a move. Under that kind of attack, any experts of the Alpha Origin stage would be reduced to ashes in an instant. 

But why did Zhou Yuan withstand this attack and remain unscathed? 

Exclamations of astonishment sounded from the city, and the scene moved even experts of the Divine Dwelling stage. 

In the distance, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and others who were frantically speeding into the city also stopped, gazing at Zhou Yuan in disbelief. 

They also didn’t understand how Zhou Yuan withstood the attack. 

In a tall tower in Distant Saint City, a young man was staring into the sky. He was the City Lord of Distant Saint City and also an expert who possessed the strength of the Heavenly Sun stage. He also was staring at Zhou Yuan's figure with amazement. 

“I seemed to have felt a strange wave of energy before.” The city lord muttered.

That energy was extremely mysterious and obscure, and seemed to be similar to the power of the Law Domain, but he knew that this was impossible. Not only was Zhou Yuan just of the Alpha Origin stage, even he, an expert of the Heavenly Sun stage, couldn’t touch upon the mysterious power of the Law Domain. 

In the end the city lord of Distant Saint city could only conclude that Zhou Yuan possessed some kind of divine Genesis treasure that allowed him to withstand the destructive self-explosion of Wu Huang’s body. 

“Zhou Yuan is quite interesting.” The city lord smiled. The outcome of the battle had finally been determined. Wu Huang self destructing was equal to cutting all his paths of retreat, and Zhou Yuan withstood the explosion. The Wu Huang right now, was nothing but a spirit who would be kneaded by Zhou Yuan as he pleased.

Under countless gazes of shock, Wu Huang’s spirit in the high altitude was also staring at Zhou Yuan in disbelief. He roared out, “Impossible!” 

“How could you have survived my self-explosion?!” 

Wu Huang’s spirit violently fluctuated, with signs it was going to explode. The impact of that scene on him was evident. 

He had paid a heavy price for the explosion of his body, but the result wasn’t as good as he predicted. How could he accept this? 

In mid air, Zhou Yuan swept a cold glance over Wu Huang's spirit, strong killing intent flickering in his eyes.

And the killing intent in his eyes, like a splash of cold water, awakened Wu Huang. It was only then that he understood the current situation. Zhou Yuan had survived the explosion and it was him who was in trouble. 

The only thing that survived was remnants of his spirit and his fighting power had plummeted. 

Given his state, it was impossible for him to win against Zhou Yuan.

A chill emitted from Wu Huang’s heart that made even his spirit tremble violently

At this moment, everybody inside and outside Distant Saint City had snapped out of the shock. Immediately, countless eyes with different expressions shifted to the sky, because they all knew that the situation was very clear. 

The outcome of the battle between the two strongest Alpha Origin stage experts had been determined. 

In the sky, Zhou Yuan stared expressionlessly at Wu Huang’s spirit. He slowly lifted the Heavenly Yuan Brush and asked indifferently, “Wu Huang, what else do you want to say?”

Wu Huang's face twisted, but he did not speak. Instead he directly turned and headed towards the disciples of the Sacred Palace outside the city.

He had already lost his body and was no match for Zhou Yuan. Therefore, he knew he had failed once again. If he were to continue to stay here, Zhou Yuan would undoubtedly destroy even his spirit. 

However, Zhou Yuan’s eyes had already locked on him. Therefore, the moment his spirit moved, the space between Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows also glowed with spirit light. 


A suction power broke out, fixated on Wu Huang's spirit. With one step, Zhou Yuan had reappeared before Wu Huang’s spirit. 

“Wu Huang, a thief will always be a thief. Return what belongs to me!” 

Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand and grabbed at Wu Huang’s spirit.

Wu Huang’s spirit emitted a shrill cry, “Palace Master, save me!”


When his voice faded, the void in the sky suddenly was vibrating, and an indescribable force seemed to have penetrated the space from a place far away.

The instant the force appeared, Zhou Yuan felt his body had frozen. He was even unable to operate the Genesis Qi within his body. 

A look of horror came to his eyes. Only the Palace Master of the Sacred Palace was able to do something like that!

“Haha, Sheng Yuan, are you going to intervene in the battle between youngsters? Do you really want the Sacred Palace to lose face?” However, while Zhou Yuan was stunned by the power, another majestic force broke through the void and descended to intercept the previous force.


The heaven and earth violently trembled, and even the Genesis Qi of the universe was emitting a deafening roar. The whole world seemed to be about to collapse. 

Countless people’s expression changed abruptly. The movements were far greater than that during the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang. They could feel that the power emitted could truly destroy heaven and earth.

The slightest explosion could wipe out the entire Distant Saint City in an instant. 

Everyone knew the source of those two forces. 

Palace Master Sheng Yuan of the Sacred Palace! 

Sect Master Qing Yang of the Cangxuan Sect! 

These two were the strongest existences in Cangxuan Heaven! 

While the two forces were in conflict in the void, Zhou Yuan’s frozen body had recovered, a fierce look flashing in his eyes. The next moment, he thrusted his palm in the direction of Wu Huang’s spirit.

Wu Huang’s spirit shrieked, but couldn’t escape. The look of despair rising in his eyes eventually turned into spite, “Zhou Yuan, so what if you kill me? Your Great Zhou is doomed to be destroyed by my Great Wu!” 

“So what if you rush back there? The Cangxuan Sect can't help you. Do you think you can win against my father, who has reached the Divine Dwelling stage?” 

“Haha, I'll waiting for you down there, and also your Great Zhou Empire!” 

Zhou Yuan’s face remained expressionless. He mercilessly aimed a palm strike at Wu Huang's spirit, and frantic Genesis Qi instantly tore apart Wu Huang’s spirit. 


Wu Huang's tragic cry of despair reverberated throughout the world.

In Distant Saint City, countless people’s scalp went numb. It was evident that they were shocked by Zhou Yuan’s ruthlessness. He had directly shattered Wu Huang’s spirit, which was clearly intended to completely obliterate Wu Huang. 

In the void, the furious voice of Palace Master Sheng Yuan rang out, “What a cruel method!”

Boundless mighty force turned into a pillar of light, penetrating the void. As it descended, even the space below was wiped out. 

However, before the light pillar had fallen, the void cracked apart, forming a space abyss that engulfed the light pillar into another space. It was obviously Sect Master Qing Yang’s doing.


Earth-shaking noises rang out, and the whole sky seemed to have been shattered.

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the terrifying vibrations in the void. His eyes were just fixed on the place where Wu Huang’s spirit was destroyed. At this time, there were mysterious streams of qi gathering together, producing low pitched cries of a dragon.

The Qi of the Sacred Dragon! 

This was the other half of the Sacred Dragon Qi in Wu Huang's body. 

Back then, Zhou Yuan destroyed Wu Huang’s body in the Saint Remains Domain. This was to retrieve his Sacred Dragon Qi, but in the end Wu Huang's spirit took away half. But this time Wu Huang no longer had that kind of luck. 

With one thought, the mysterious Sacred Dragon Qi came speeding over to Zhou Yuan and penetrated his body.

He had finally retrieved one third of the Sacred Dragon Qi that was taken away from him. 

And Wu Huang, who he had regarded as his greatest opponent since a young age, was completely obliterated by him.

“The enmity between me and you finally comes to an end.” 

Gazing at where Wu Huang’s spirit was destroyed, Zhou Yuan’s expression was incredibly calm.

“But there are two more parts of the Sacred Dragon Qi that I'll do my best to get back, because that's what belongs to me.” 

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