Chapter 69 Revelation of Skill

A particular room located in the rear courtyard of the great general’s residence.

When Zhou Yuan and the rest arrived, Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing were already waiting. The two swiftly walked forward to welcome Zhou Yuan upon seeing him.

Wei Canglan then proceeded to ask with a smile, “Your highness, will you be starting the treatment today?”

Zhou Yuan returned the smile and nodded. Without further ado, he walked into the house and arrived in front of the bed where Wei Bin was currently lying. His complexion looked much better than before, but Zhou Yuan knew that it was only because master Ying had forcibly suppressed the Devil Miasma Poison in Wei Bin’s body. When the poison erupted once again, it would instantly take his life.

Zhou Yuan reached out and lightly tapped the black Universe bag at this waist. Before they left Great Zhou City, Zhou Qing had retrieved a Universe bag from the royal treasury and given it to Zhou Yuan. Although its grade was not very high, and the rather tiny space within only extended to a few feet, it was still very convenient.

Several bottles appeared in Zhou Yuan’s hand. Next, he retrieved a plate and very carefully dripped the liquid contents of the bottles onto it, beginning a process of modulation.

An appalling stench spread the moment the liquids emerged. A single whiff would cause one to feel giddy, clearly showing just how toxic the liquids were.

Although Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing had anticipated this, their expressions still changed.

Wei Qingqing bit her red lips and asked, “Your highness, what do you plan on doing?”

Zhou Yuan grinned. “The Devil Miasma Poison is extremely domineering. The only way to neutralize it is to find a master that can draw a grade 4 poison neutralizing Genesis Rune. However, I’m afraid that such masters are extremely rare in our Great Zhou Empire.”

“Hence, I will have to use another method.”

He paused at this point before continuing, “Poison against poison.”

“As for the details, you two will have a first hand view later on. Please do not worry great general, I understand the consequences of this matter and would not have selected such a foolhardy method if I did not have any confidence.”

Zhou Yuan’s voice was indifferent as he gazed straight at Wei Canglan.

Wei Canglan took one deep look at Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “Since your highness is confident, do what you must. If your highness is truly able to cure my son, my Wei family will owe you a huge debt of gratitude.”

Zhou Yuan smiled, but did not speak any further and instead continued to adjust the vicious poisons. A long while later, he finally stopped when the horrifying smell reached its peak.

He unhooked the Heavenly Yuan Brush from his waist, and dabbed the brush tip on the poison concoction. After which, his expression grew serious as he took in a deep breath, before the brush tip slowly descended.

Yaoyao was already standing slightly behind Zhou Yuan. If anything unexpected happened, she would have to personally take action to save the situation.


The brush that had been smeared in poison landed on Wei Bin’s skin, causing ‘shch’ sound to be emitted as black strokes began to appear.

Zhou Yuan’s wrist twisted and turned, the brush tip never stopping like flowing water and moving clouds, as stroke after stroke swiftly emerged.

Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing began to frown as they stared at the strokes Zhou Yuan had drawn. Although they did not have in-depth knowledge of Genesis Runes, they were still able to tell that the rune Zhou Yuan was currently drawing was a grade 1 Genesis Rune.

A grade 1 Genesis Rune was practically useless against the Devil Miasma Poison.

Although their hearts were filled with doubt, it was not a good time for them to speak up as it would disturb Zhou Yuan. Hence, the two could only continue to watch in silence.

Zhou Yuan’s full attention was on his work, ignoring everyone else’s gazes. After completing the grade 1 Genesis Rune, his brush once again descended and another grade 1 Genesis Rune began to emerge…

In the subsequent hour, Zhou Yuan drew a total of eight grade 1 Genesis Runes.

“These eight grade 1 Genesis Runes… seem to have nicely surrounded the spot three inches above Wei Bin’s tail bone.” Wei Canglan’s eyes flashed when he finally made this discovery. The grade 1 Genesis Runes Zhou Yuan had inscribed were similar to a troop encirclement, tightly sealing off all escapes routes of the Devil Miasma Poison hidden in Wei Bin’s spine area.

Zhou Yuan exhaled, his forehead now dotted with some perspiration after drawing eight grade 1 Genesis Runes in succession. He closed his eyes and rested a little before beginning once again.

This time, his expression was much more serious than before. The rune he was about to draw was the grade 2 Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune he had recently learnt. What’s more, it was key with regards to dealing with the Devil Miasma Poison.

Zhou Yuan gathered his concentration for a moment, before his brush abruptly descended. His Spirit flickered between his brows as it seemed to fuse together with the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand.

Shsch shsch!

Pitch-black stroke after stroke appeared, perfectly joined together. Subsequently, Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing watched in astonishment as a complicated and mysterious Genesis Rune slowly emerged.

“A grade 2 Genesis Rune.” Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing exchanged a look, both could sense something extraordinary about this grade 2 Genesis Rune.

The tip of Zhou Yuan’s brush finally stopped, and he let out a sigh of relief as if a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders as he gazed at the completed Genesis Rune. The Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune had been successfully completed.

“The most important step comes next.” Wei Canglan’s and Wei Qingqing’s hearts shook when they heard Zhou Yuan’s following words.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand gently dotted on the most inner grade 1 Genesis Rune. A gentle glow immediately rose from it as it began to slowly squirming like an eight-claw snake sending out a taunt.

As the grade 1 Genesis Rune twisted and taunted, Wei Bin suddenly cried out in pain. Everyone watched in horror as the skin on his spine area suddenly began to turn black as the night.

The black patch began to spread like ink, pouncing directly at the surrounding grade 1 Genesis Rune.

When the Devil Miasma Poison ferociously surged over, the grade 1 Genesis Rune suddenly dispersed as if an entire battalion had turned into smoke. This caused the surging Devil Miasma Poison to charge into the layers of Grade 1 Genesis Runes that had surrounded it.

All of the grade 1 Genesis Runes activated at this moment. As they rotated, the Devil Miasma Poison was sliced into various chunks.

Each chunk of poisonous Qi blackened patches of Wei Bin’s skin, a rather ghastly sight.

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change as the Heavenly Yuan Brush dotted once again. One of the separated pieces of Devil Miasma Poison charged out of the encirclement, arriving in front of the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune.

The Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune also contained a powerful poison. Hence, when the two poisons bumped into each other, it was akin to the meeting of two ferocious tigers in the mountainous woods, no words were spoken and the fight immediately began.

The Devil Miasma Poison transformed into a black mist as it surged towards the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune. The latter seemed to joyfully respond without any fear, the rune squirming like a gigantic mouth. It allowed the Devil Miasma Poison to flow in and thoroughly devoured it.

After swallowing the Devil Miasma Poison, the rune slowly rotated as a strange black light flickered on it. Moments later, the light dimmed as everyone saw a sliver of black poison mist rise from Wei Bin’s skin.

This sliver of poison mist gave off a nauseating miasma-like stench.

However, Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing could not help but glow with joy when they saw the poison mist. It was very familiar to them, this poison mist was the Devil Miasma Poison!

In other words, the Devil Miasma Poison in Wei Bin’s body had been neutralized!

“It’s still not finished. This is only the beginning.”

Zhou Yaun reminded them because another piece of the Devil Miasma Poison had rushed towards the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune.

Wei Canglan’s eyes shined and could not help but praise out loud, “Impressive, truly impressive!”

Wei Qingqing was somewhat puzzled. “How is this grade 2 Genesis Rune of his able to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison?”

Wei Canglan’s eyes were filled with admiration as he explained, “That is the amazing part about his highness’ method. It’s similar to a war strategy. First, one of the grade 1 Genesis Runes acts as the bait, drawing out the Devil Miasma Poison. Next, the seven grade 1 Genesis Runes slice up the Devil Miasma Poison, continuously weakening it before sending each piece to the waiting grade 2 Genesis Rune.”

“The grade 2 Genesis Rune contains a powerful poison. Poison against poison, poison to neutralize poison. Each piece of Devil Miasma Poison that comes ends up thoroughly neutralized.”

“If this continues, the Devil Miasma Poison in Wei Bin’s body will finally be fully neutralized!”

“Amazing! Truly amazing!” Wei Canglan stared at Zhou Yan as if he was a treasure. Zhou Yuan’s method may not look as impactful as when master Ying showed his grade 3 Genesis Rune, but with the teamwork of many grade 1 Genesis Runes and a grade 2 Genesis Rune, the Devil Miasma Poison could only dance on the palm of his hand.

Even an Alpha-Origin stage expert like Wei Canglan was awed by such Genesis Rune mastery and finesse.

By the side, Wei Qingqing was also inwardly shocked after hearing her father’s explanation. It was obvious that she had not expected that Zhou Yuan would be achieve such a feat.

“Looks like little brother will be saved!”

Wei Qingqing was overwhelmed by emotion, her white teeth biting into her red lips as her eyes turned slightly red. An extraordinary splendor appeared in her eyes as she looked towards the bedside where the handsome youth was seated.

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