Chapter 689 Asura Sacred Dragon Transformation vs Dragon’s Resentment Transformation

Inside Distant Saint City, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was surging like a storm. Waves after waves swept out from his body and attracted countless shocked gazes.

Anyone could clearly feel that Zhou Yuan’s strength had skyrocketed to a terrifying level. 

And compared with Wu Huang, he most likely was stronger.

People couldn't help but sigh at this sight. This battle between a dragon and tiger was really marvelous. They were both of the Alpha Origin stage but the battle was comparable to a competition between Divine Dwelling experts. 

Wu Huang and Zhou Yuan were really worthy of being called the strongest amongst the young generation of the Shengzhou Continent.

Today's battle was bound to spread throughout the Shengzhou Continent for quite some time. 

Countless gazes, at this time, began to shift onto Wu Huang who was in mid air. His face had darkened. He evidently seemed to have detected a strong dangerous aura from Zhou Yuan’s body. 

However, Wu Huang's changing expression slowly returned to normal after a while. He was too familiar with Zhou Yuan’s silver armour. It was the mysterious silver armour that Zhou Yuan relied on to destroy his body back then.    

So he had always been a little vigilant of Zhou Yuan's trump card.


Wu Huang took a deep breath, staring at Zhou Yuan's eyes, where blood light was flowing around. “Zhou Yuan, you were able to destroy my body with that thing back then. Do you think you can do the same now?”    

Zhou Yuan smiled, “Try it and you’ll know?”

Wu Huang gave him a cold glare and did not utter another word. He then abruptly folded his hands together.


A mysterious current of golden qi began to rise slowly from Wu Huang's body. The stream of qi circled around him and vaguely there seemed to be the majestic and imposing cry of a dragon sounding quietly.   

The stream of golden qi grew stronger and stronger, and finally turned into a golden dragon, wrapping around Wu Huang's body.

An indescribable force was being released. 

Zhou Yuan stared expressionless at the stream of golden qi, but the chilling look in his eyes grew more and more intense, because that was the familiar Sacred Dragon qi! 

“Zhou Yuan, is it familiar?” Wu Huang taunted. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes slightly drooped as he responded indifferently, “The Sacred Dragon Transformation? Wu Huang, have you forgotten? Back then, I destroyed your body after you activated this technique?” 

Wu Huang’s mouth curved in a strange arc and his hands folded together in a hand seal.


A dragon’s cry resounded as the gigantic dragon suddenly soared skywards, and then, amidst countless exclamations of shock, struck into the blood asura soul that shrouded the outside of Wu Huang’s body.   


The collision between the two had suddenly turned into the fusion of golden light and blood light, and an extremely strange wave of energy broke out.    

Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank a little.

Wu Huang was able to integrate the Sacred Dragon transformation and the blood asura soul?! 

“Zhou Yuan, thanks to you for destroying my body, it is no longer called the Sacred Dragon Transformation.”

“I named it the Asura Sacred Dragon Transformation!” 

Wu Huang's chilling voice died away only to see the blood red and golden current of qi fused together, forming a mysterious scarlet red liquid that fell on Wu Huang's body.    


During the moment of contact, there seemed be mist rising. As though the liquid possessed its own life, it constantly slithered as it wrapped around Wu Huang's body. 

It was also then that Wu Huang's body underwent a tremendous change. His body expanded to dozens of feet tall and scarlet red thorns that were dripping with blood punctured through his skin from the inside of his body. 

At this moment, Wu Huang simply resembled a dragon-like asura monster. 


Wu Huang roared skywards, causing the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth to explode. An extremely violent wave of Genesis Qi surged out from his body, destroying all obstacles in the way.  

Countless people were frozen in terror, looking at Wu Huang, who had become more and more terrifying after every eruption. 

They couldn’t help but wonder what Wu Huang’s limit was?

Did he really want to surpass the experts of the Divine Dwelling Stage while he was still at the Alpha Origin stage?

Wu Huang hovered in the air, and behind him, there was a pair of red light wings that stretched out. 

He peered down at Zhou Yuan, and a shrill voice sounded, “Zhou Yuan, this is the last meal that I prepared for you. What do you think? Are you satisfied?”    

As he spoke, it was as if the air in front of him were constantly exploding, making rumbling and crackling noises.

“If you have other trump cards, it’s best to display them now. If not, haha, then Distant Saint City will most likely be your burial place!” Wu Huang’s voice resounded across the city.

Outside the city, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and others all had serious looks on their faces.

“The silver armour should be Zhou Yuan’s last trump card. He is no match for Wu Huang in that state.” Li Qingchan remarked in a quiet voice.    

They now had a good understanding of Zhou Yuan's methods. Zhou Yuan had already taken out all the trump cards he had in the previous rounds against Wu Huang. 

The mysterious silver armour was a trump card that Zhou Yuan had kept hidden for a long time, but now, in the face of Wu Huang, even the silver armour wasn’t enough. 

Chu Qing rubbed his head, and said decisively, “Look for an opportunity to rescue Zhou Yuan.”   

“That Wu Huang---” Li Qingchan hissed.  

“I'll stop him.” Chu Qing said nonchalantly, but there was a determined look in his eyes. 

Li Qingchan clenched her teeth. She knew that Chu Qing was no match for Wu Huang. Even if he were to obstruct him for a moment, he might have to pay such a price with his life.

“Zhou Yuan is stronger than me, and has more potential than me. The Cangxuan Sect needs him.” Chu Qing darted a glance at her.

Li Qingchan remained silent for a good while, and finally nodded with difficultly. 

She knew that Zhou Yuan was no match for Wu Huang if he had used all his trump cards. 

Countless gazes were fixed on Zhou Yuan. 

Right now, it was as though the two sides were gambling cards. Wu Huang had flipped over the last card, and if Zhou Yuan couldn’t play the same card, then the outcome of the game would soon be decided. 

Under the gaze of countless people, Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at Wu Huang who was like a dragon asura. His transformation had indeed surprised him.    

It seemed that Wu Huang had made a lot of preparation all these years in order to deal with him. 

Facing Wu Huang’s last trump card, if it were before, he most likely would have felt helpless, but unfortunately----    

Zhou Yuan slowly stretched out his hand. In the palm of his hand was a black speck, which upon a closer look, were multiple black halos, like a prison.    

And deep in the prison, there was the Dragon’s Resentment Poison being suppressed. 

In the past, Zhou Yuan simply couldn’t mobilise the power of the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. But now that the poison was suppressed by the Great Dragon Subduing Rune, Zhou Yuan was finally able to use its power as well the Sacred Dragon Qi that it had once swallowed. 

This Sacred Dragon Qi was naturally the qi that was retrieved from Wu Huang back then. 

Zhou Yuan slowly clenched his fingers into a fist. The black halo in the centre of the palm started to rotate and a dragon cry filled with resentment poison sounded out.    

A powerful current of blood red qi flowed out from the centre of Zhou Yuan’s palm, and then wrapped around his body.

Zhou Yuan's body also slowly rose into the sky. 

The blood red glow condensed behind him, and finally gradually seemed to be forming a tremendous blood-red dragon.

The gigantic dragon roared skywards, its eyes filled with terrifying resentment. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes also gradually turned red, but there wasn’t the slightest violence in them. Instead, they were unexpectedly calm as he looked at Wu Huang.  

“Sacred Dragon Transformation? Thanks to you, I now also have it, but I prefer to call it------”

“Dragon’s Resentment Transformation!”    

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