Chapter 687 The Soul of Blood Asura

A deep crevice was torn through the middle of the city, and houses along the way collapsed and turned to rubble.

At this moment, countless gazes filled with shocked disbelief were fixed on where Wu Huang was buried. The power that Zhou Yuan suddenly broke out with had struck everyone dumb.    

“The power of Zhou Yuan’s brush just now----even Chu Qing or Jiang Taishen, would have been severely wounded, right?” 

“It's hard to imagine that the strength of the Alpha Origin stage could be so powerful.”

“Those two people have reached the pinnacle of the Alpha Origin Stage. I haven’t seen such strong Alpha Origin Stage experts in the Cangxuan Heaven in many years.”

“Wu Huang must have been severely wounded, right?”

“If it were an ordinary person, that attack would have ended the fight, but since Wu Huang could defeat Jiang Taishen then I don’t think he would be dealt with that easily?”    


Whispers ran through the crowd in the city.

Zhou Yuan tightly clasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush, his eyes fixed on the ruins in the distance. His previous attack should have been able to injure Wu Huang, but it would be somewhat lacking if the battle ended just like that.  


The ruins in the distance suddenly exploded, and blood-red Genesis Qi like a torrent surged out, shattering countless boulders instantly.  

All eyes were focused on that place.

A body shrouded in blood light slowly rose from a deep pit. It was Wu Huang. 

His arms were riddled with scars, which had resulted from forcibly withstanding Zhou Yuan’s previous attack. At that moment, there was still blood constantly flowing out from the wounds.  

Wu Huang seemed to not care about the injuries on his arms. His blood-soaked eyes were filled with killing intent as they fixed on Zhou Yuan. “You have repeatedly surprised me.”    

Zhou Yuan stared at Wu Huang, eyebrows slightly scrunched together in a frown, because the Genesis Qi flowing around Wu Huang’s body was becoming more and more violent.  

The injuries on his body didn’t seem to have any effect on his condition.

Wu Huang stood in the air, clasping the blood crystal spear. The tip of the spear shook and blood-red Genesis Qi burst forth from his body.


He whizzed down like a beam of blood light, and ferocious aura surged out from the blood crystal spear in his hand as it thrust towards Zhou Yuan. 

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hands glowed a golden light as it shot out to meet the spear.


A loud metallic clank rang, and waves of qi surged out.

Zhou Yuan's expression also abruptly changed, because he felt that Wu Huang's attack was much more ferocious than before, and even the power of his Genesis Qi had soared.   

“What's going on?” Zhou Yuan was slightly frightened.


As though he sensed Zhou Yuan’s puzzlement, Wu Huang’s lips curved in a cold smile, but his attacks did not diminish. The blood crystal spear transformed into shadows of spears that filled the sky, like a torrential rain, and tightly surrounded Zhou Yuan. 


Everybody was dazzled by the lightning-fast attacks from the two men.

Wu Huang’s offensive was incomparably ruthless. He seemed to have completely abandoned defending, and allowed Zhou Yuan’s brush to break through his defense and slash wounds all across his body.   

Wounds also began to appear on Zhou Yuan's body. 

The two men seemed to be fighting with everything.

But as the frenzied exchange of attacks continued, some people began to felt something wrong. They found that as the number of scars on Wu Huang’s body increased, the blood red Genesis Qi around him grew more and more violent. Indistinctly, there seemed to be an ear-splitting hissing noise that was being emitting.

On the other hand Zhou Yuan gradually began to retreat.


It was another violent confrontation. The sharp tip tore through the air and directly pierced Wu Huang's shoulder. Blood came gushing out, but Wu Huang seemed to not care. The tip of the spear trembled, and similarly ripped through Zhou Yuan’s chest.   

They both reeled back at the same time.

Wu Huang steadied his body, examining the hole on his shoulder. He smeared his hand with blood and licked it. The fierceness in his eyes grew more intense and at the same time a shrill voice sounded from his mouth.  

“Haha, Zhou Yuan, is that all you have?” 

“Haven't you noticed? With the blood asura body, the more heavily wounded I am, the stronger the Genesis Qi in my body!”

“So, how are you going to fight me?” 

Countless exclamations rang out from inside and outside Distant Saint City. It was no wonder that Wu Huang grew more and more fierce as the battle continued, and he even did not care about being injured!   

This can be seen from the fact that the two were evenly matched at first, but then Zhou Yuan was gradually suppressed. 

In the sky outside the city, Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and others’ faces grew grave. They didn’t expect Wu Huang’s blood asura body to possess such an abnormal ability.

Both sides were wounded, but Wu Huang grew stronger and stronger with more injuries!

Under these circumstances, Wu Huang was fully in control.

But the situation was somewhat disadvantageous for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. As expected, this guy was indeed stronger the more he fought. My speculation was correct.    

The body of the blood asura was indeed tricky. 

Zhou Yuan looked down at his body, where there were multiple scars left by his previous injuries. But he did not care. With one thought, blurry ancient patterns came to the surface of his skin, and majestic life force seeped out from his body.   

The scars across his body began to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Taiyi Green Wood Mark! 

Wu Huang’s cold smile instantly faded from his face. The speed at which Zhou Yuan’s injury was healing was indeed unique.

It seemed that he did not waste these two years of time, and was as difficult and troublesome as before.

But even if this was the case, so what?    

“Zhou Yuan, I’ll let you see how strong the blood asura body is!”

Wu Huang’s eyes became increasingly red. Staring at Zhou Yuan, the corners of his mouth twisted in a cruel smile. He folded his hands together, and the blood crystal spear slowly rose and finally thrust towards his abdomen amidst countless exclamations of shock.    


The blood-crystal spear pierced Wu Huang's abdomen, and blood came gushing out. Even the intestines seemed to be visible.

But Wu Huang seemed to be unaware of the severe pain. His handsome face twisted in a chilling expression as he rapidly performed a hand seal with lightning speed.    

The blood all over his body began to flow across the surface of his body. It finally fused with the Genesis Qi and formed dense blood mist, slowly rising up from his body.   

“Blood Asura soul!”    

A hoarse roar emitted from Wu Huang's mouth. 


The wisps of blood rapidly accumulated, and finally, under countless astonished gazes, turned into a tremendous blood shadow. 

The blood shadow had no features, but there seemed to be a curved horn on its skull. It appeared to be hissing while monstrous fiendish blood aura, like a volcano, swept across the sky and earth.   

A blood stench saturated the air.

The appearance was as though a blood asura was crawling out the ninth underworld to swallow the world. 

Under countless horrified gazes, Wu Huang's blood-red eyes shifted to Zhou Yuan, and his hoarse voice sounded with indescribable intent to kill. 

“Zhou Yuan, you destroyed my body back then!”  

“This time, I’m going to make you pay back thousands of times!” 

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