Chapter 683 Friends gather

The distance from the Cangxuan Sect to the Cangmang Continent was extremely long, requiring one to pass through dozens of long-distance transfer point in large-scale cities. One needed to follow this path and cross great distances to reach the Cangmang Continent.

So to return home, Zhou Yuan must pass the cities where those transfer points were located.

And those places were already occupied by disciples of the Sacred Palace. To go to those transfer points, he must fight his way through.    

If Zhou Yuan was alone, even if he was much more powerful than before, he was only at the Alpha Origin Stage. If he were caught in the sea of disciples of the Sacred Palace, he also had no chance of winning.   

But the good thing was that he wasn’t alone. 

The disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, headed by Zhou Yuan, mightily whizzed across, tearing down the defense line of the Sacred Palace.   

There was killing everywhere. 

Even if there were killings along the way, Zhou Yuan did not stop once. Instead he led many disciples through the numerous transfer points and constantly moved forward.

It was a bloodbath wherever he passed. 

Countless forces of the Shengzhou Continent had focused their attention on that side. They felt their scalp going numb when they saw the disciples in a killing frenzy. Through this battle, the grudges between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect would most likely deepen even more.   

Some of the tyrant-like families and forces of the big cities hid in the city and did not dare to interfere.    

Although those killed were only the disciples of the two Sects, and the experts of the tyrant-like families perhaps did not attach any importance to the strength of the Alpha Origin stage, they all still understood what the battle represented. 

The Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect were in a killing frenzy. If they were to ignorantly interfere, causing the death of disciples of any one side, it would directly anger the two sects. They feared they would be turned to ashes as a result of this.

While the disciples of the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect were fighting, in a valley-----  

Several figures flashed out. The two people in front, one was petite and cute and the other beautiful. It was Luluo and Zuoqiu Qingyu.

Beside the two women were Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan. 

“Zhou Yuan is leading the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect to fight against the disciples of the Sacred Palace, and are charging through the obstacles.” 

Zuoqiu Qingyu gave a sweet smile at Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan, “But the Sword Seeker Sect and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall have always remained neutral, you two also want to participate in this fight?” 

Li Chunjun responded in a hoarse voice, “We can’t represent our sect, but can represent ourselves. Zhou Yuan is my friend. Although I perhaps won’t be of much help, but whether I come or not is another matter.” 

Ning Zhan also grinned, “I believe you guys have also received the Seven-Colour Divine Establishing Treasure that Zhou Yuan sent over? He is so loyal and righteous, how can I stand by and watch when he’s in a battle?”   

Zuoqiu Qingyu smiled, “So you guys indeed have a conscience.”

“Didn't Zhen Xu come?” Luluo darted her eyes about, looking around.

Ning Zhan shrugged, “The relationship between the Cangxuan Sect and the Heavenly Ghost Sect isn’t good. It’s understandable that he didn’t come. If he’s discovered, it would be difficult for him to escape punishment.”   

Luluo pursed her lips when she heard this.

“It's not just you guys who received a Seven-Colour Divine Establishing Treasure.” A slightly gloomy voice sounded from behind, and a black shadow flashed across and landed beside the group.  

Luluo twisted around in surprise. The person who had come was pale as a ghost with cold, gloomy eyes. Who else could it be besides Zhen Xu? 

“Hey, I’m surprised you could come.” Ning Zhan said with a grin.

Zhen Xu hid his hands in his sleeve and had the same cold expression. He did not pay attention to Ning Zhan but just looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu and Luluo, saying, “The Distant Saint City is one hundred miles away. If Zhou Yuan wants to return to the Cangmang Continent, the Distant Saint City is the last stop.” 

“I've been secretly investigating. It’s likely that the strongest among the disciples of the Sacred Palace are there waiting, acting as the last hurdle to block Zhou Yuan’s path.”    

“Jiang Taishen and the others are there?” Zuoqiu Qingyu asked. 

Zhen Xu nodded.  

“What about Wu Huang?” Li Chunjun pondered for a moment before he asked.  

A complicated expression crossed everybody’s face when this name came out. Back then Zhou Yuan destroyed Wu Huang's body in the Saint Remains Domains, but who would have thought that, a few years later, Wu Huang would reappear and be ranked first on the Chosens list of the Shengzhou Continent. He had even surpassed them all by a lot.

“No trace of Wu Huang has been found.” Zhen Xu stated.  

Li Chunjun nodded, “What are we going to do next?” 

Zuoqiu Qingyu gave a smile, patting her spatial bag. She then tossed a few sets of clothes to Li Chunjun and the others, “This is the uniform of the Cangxuan Sect, change into them, and once Zhou Yuan and the others arrive we will sneak onto the battlefield and secretly kill some of the Sacred Palace disciples.“ 

“Although we can’t change anything with our strength, as Li Chunjun had said, whether we do anything is one thing, and not doing anything is another.” 

Li Chunjun and the others took the clothes and nodded. 

Ning Zhan patted the clothes in his hand. “In fact, the disciples of the two sects, including the Chosens of both sides, are just the sidelines. What really could affect the overall situation is the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang.”  

The others slowly nodded. This point was most likely known to everyone.

Regardless of the large-scale killings between the disciples of the two sects, the outcome of this match was based on the fight between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang.

It was unknown how many experts in the Cangxuan Heaven were waiting for the outcome of this battle.

“Can Zhou Yuan defeat Wu Huang?” Luluo asked in a concerned voice.

They had never fought Wu Huang before, but they knew how strong Jiang Taishen was. From the fact that Jiang Taishen was defeated in the hands of Wu Huang, they could imagine how strong Wu Huang was.    

“I heard that Zhou Yuan defeated the Chosens of the six peaks of the Cangxuan Sect, including Chu Qing. His strength has reached a terrifying level, so even if he were to face Wu Huang, he won’t necessarily lose.” Li Chunjun stated. 

A complex expression came onto his face as he spoke. He remembered that back when they were all in the Cangmang Continent, his strength was equal with Wu Huang, but now both Wu Huang and Zhou Yuan had surpassed him.  

Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others exchanged glances with one another, and let out a sigh.   

“The battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang in the Saint Remains Domain back then can be regarded as the focus of the Cangmang Continent.”

“And now, when they collide again, the entire Shengzhou Continent and even Cangxuan Heaven will be watching.”   

Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others lifted their heads and gazed into the distance, where darks clouds were rolling in and vaguely a bloody smell seemed to have saturated the air. 

They knew that the battle between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang would most likely become the most important battle of the young generation of the Cangxuan Heaven in the past hundreds of years.

It was just that, in this ultimate battle, who would have the last laugh?

Most importantly, if they lost, it may not just be a defeat but the beginning of the collapse of an empire.   

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