Chapter 680 Burying the Wine


Countless black threads of light swarmed past in Zhou Yuan’s body, arriving at the Dragon’s Resentment Poison’s location in the blink of an eye. Next, the black threads charged towards the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.


Innumerable blood-red threads exploded from the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in an attempt to destroy the black threads.

However, the black threads were endless. They continuously charged through the blood-red threads like black chains and dashed into the Dragon’s Resentment Poison’s core. 


The Dragon’s Resentment Poison trembled violently.

Black thread after thread began to wrap around the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, slowly forming what appeared to be a black prison made from ancient runes, completely sealing the Dragon’s Resentment Poison within it.


The Dragon’s Resentment Poison violently struggled, but prison made by the Dragon Subduing Rune was akin to magma to the red threads, causing them to shrink back upon touching it.

The wonders of the Dragon Subduing Rune were finally being revealed.

The Dragon’s Resentment Poison struggled for a long time. In the end, it realized the futility of its efforts and slowly began to curl into itself inside the prison.

When the poison stopped, Zhou Yuan finally felt the activity in his body begin to die down. Drenched in sweat, he looked towards his palm with a sickly pale face where an ancient black rune had appeared.

The rune was composed of multiple black circles, and within the center most circle was a blood-red dot. If one listened closely, one would be able to hear the faint angry roar of a mad dragon.

“Did it work?” mumbled Zhou Yuan.

In the past, Zhou Yuan had always felt as if there was an arrow aimed at his back when he looked at the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. It was a ticking time bomb inside his body that could explode at any moment.

But now, he no longer had such a feeling when he looked at it. The Great Dragon Subduing Rune appeared to have worked.

The Dragon’s Resentment Poison had been sealed away and suppressed.

“Yup, you no longer need to worry about the Dragon’s Resentment Poison erupting and attacking you.” Yaoyao’s voice sounded from behind.

Zhou Yuan was alarmed when he heard her, because it sounded quite weak. He immediately turned around and saw a rarely seen paleness on Yaoyao’s gorgeous face.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly rose to his feet and reached out to support Yaoyao’s thin arms as he somewhat tenderly said, “What happened to you?”

Yaoyao shook her head and said, “I’ll be alright after some rest.”

Zhou Yuan frowned. It felt as if Yaoyao’s core had been damaged. His eyes flickered in thought before he suddenly said, “When the Dragon’s Resentment Poison broke through my defenses earlier, a mysterious purplish-gold substance appeared in my body and stopped the poison. What was that?”

He had tried to probe for it earlier,but the mysterious purplish-gold substance seemed to have vanished without trace, as if it were hiding in the deepest recesses of his body.

The mysterious substance gave Zhou Yuan an indescribable feeling.

Ancient, mysterious, and powerful.

Yaoyao’s eyes flickered for a moment as she replied, “You’re overthinking things.”

Zhou Yuan was helpless at her denial. He knew that Yaoyao had far too many secrets, things that his current self was still unable to understand.

Regardless, eliminating the Dragon’s Resentment Poison problem was a cause for celebration. Since Yaoyao refused to talk about it, he would not press her any further.

Yaoyao sat down beside the table and retrieved a jar of Taoyao Wine. She swept a glance at Zhou Yuan as her lips curled slightly. “We’ll use this to celebrate you no longer having to suffer the pain of any relapses from the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.”

Zhou Yuan grinned. “I’ll accompany you till the end."

When tomorrow arrived, he planned to make use of every waking moment to practice the Mythic Saint Body such as to raise his strength as quickly as possible. But tonight, he would allow himself to let go for a while.


Crystal-clear ruby-red wine poured out from the jar, filling a bowl to the brim. By the side, Tuntun’s eyes shined as it carefully pushed its bowl over. Without Yaoyao’s approval, it did not dare to touch the Taoyao Wine.

Yaoayo glanced at it, causing Tuntun to immediately reveal a fawning smile.

In the end, Yaoyao did not object, and helped it fill its bowl.

In the cave, a young man, a young woman and a little beast clinked their bowls together before draining everything in a single gulp.

Yaoyao’s red lips glittered as her eyes gently closed, enjoying the wonderful sensation. A long while later, she finally opened her eyes again as she giggled. “It’s a truly unique flavor.”

The flavor seemed to flow into the deepest part of one’s heart, sour and bitter with a lingering aftertaste.

She knew that there would only be one batch of this flavor in this world, because it would not taste the same in the future.

Even if Zhou Yuan made another batch exactly as he had done before, the flavor would be slightly different. Because the Spirit Blood Peach needed to be nourished by blood, and the future Zhou Yuan’s blood would be filled with even more power as he grew stronger, causing the many variations in the final product.

As such, these three jars of Taoyao Wine would never appear ever again.

Of course, to Yaoyao, it was more about how there was once a guy who had foolishly used his own blood to nourish the ingredients for half a year to make her a batch of wine...

It was these very same idiotic actions that had caused tiny ripples to appear in Yaoyao’s usually calm-as-a-deep-pool-like heart.

As bowls continued to be clinked, the fragrance of wine filled the cave.

Later on, both Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan grew rather flushed as faint traces of drunkenness emerged in their eyes. They had purposely chosen not to expel the alcohol in their bodies using Genesis Qi or Spirit power.

Yaoyao grabbed the jar and tilted it repeatedly but nothing came out.

A jar of Taoyao Wine had unknowingly been finished.

Yaoyao hugged the jar as she pouted, a sight that was adorable to the extreme. Such an appearance would usually never appear.

“Is there any more?” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Yaoyao shook her head before she suddenly kept a jar into her spatial bag. “I’ll slowly savor this jar.”

She pondered for a moment before grabbing the last jar. She turned around and stumbled towards the little brook in the cave where pink flower petals blossomed on the peach tree, a backdrop that made her appear even more lovely than usual.

Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head and followed, completely clueless about what she was doing.

Yaoyao arrived under the tree and Spirit power poured out from between her brows. A deep hole was dug before she placed the final jar of Taoyao Wine inside.

“What are you doing?” asked Zhou Yuan in a puzzled manner.

Yaoyao stared at the mound of dirt as a slightly dazed look appeared in her eyes. She stumbled as a hand hastily reached out from behind, catching her slim waist.

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed as she turned around and wrapped her arms around Zhou Yuan’s waist. With a blushing face, she gently rubbed her face against Zhou Yuan’s shoulders as a barely audible dreamy voice sounded, “Let’s hide this jar here…

“Its taste is very unique, so unique that I will never forget it...

“Zhou Yuan...if a day comes…

“When I forget everything, even you and’ll have to bring me back here...

“To drink this Taoyao Wine again.”

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