Chapter 68 Preparation

In the following ten days, all of Zhou Yuan’s energy was invested into learning the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune. After all, the method Yaoyao had chosen this time was a little on the fiercer side, and it was very likely that the sickly Wei Bin would die if even the slightest mishap occurred.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan had no choice but to redouble his enthusiasm to ensure that he would not be killed by a Wei Canglan turned crazy due to the loss of his only son.

Fortunately, his Genesis Rune talent was pretty good, plus his Spirit had reached the advance Illusory stage. Therefore, it was not too strenuous for him to learn a new grade 2 Genesis Rune.

After about seven days, Zhou Yuan had managed to grasp the Thousand Poisons Erosion Rune. Next, he would have to practice.


Great general’s residence, the study.

Wei Canglan raised his head, looking towards Wei Qingqing as he asked, “What has prince Zhou Yuan been up to these past few days?”

Wei Qingqing hesitated for a while before answering, “He seems to be practicing Genesis Runes.”

Since Zhou Yuan was staying in the great general’s residence, every little thing he did was naturally easy to monitor.

Wei Canglan’s face twitched. Was this a hasty last-minute effort? What exactly was prince Zhou Yuan doing?

“Besides this… I have discovered that Lu Tieshan has recently bought several things in the city.” Wei Qingqing hesitated somewhat, but eventually retrieved a piece of paper and handed it to Wei Canglan. Recorded on the paper were the poisonous ingredients Zhou Yuan had asked Lu Tieshan to purchase.

Wei Canglan received the paper and took a look. His face soon began to twitch once again. If he was not certain of Zhou Yuan’s identity, he would suspect that Zhou Yuan had a secret motive.

“Father, are we really going to let prince Zhou Yuan treat little brother? Should we find someone else instead?” Asked Wei Qingqing. Zhou Yuan’s situation really made one apprehensive after all.

Wei Canglan sighed. “Have we not already spent so much time and effort searching? If the Black Venom King’s Devil Miasma Poison was so easy to neutralize, he would not be reigning as a tyrant in Blackwater for so many years.”

“Now… we can only place our trust in prince Zhou Yuan.”

Wei Canglan swept a glance in the direction of the guest courtyard as his eyes narrowed slightly. “Moreover, this prince of ours is very intelligent. He should clearly understand what will happen if he thoughtlessly treats little Bin.”

Wei Qingqing nodded when she heard this. Zhou Yuan had been both earnest and serious back then, even stating all his conditions. He would not do dare to do so unless he had some confidence, else it would only be akin to humiliating himself.

“Then we’ll wait during these final three days. I hope that he will be able to save little brother.” Wei Qingqing sighed. Wei Bin’s poison had already become a disease in the hearts of their Wei family. If this disease was not eliminated, the great general’s residence will continue to be choked by its stifling atmosphere.

Zhou Yuan had brought them a sliver of hope, but it was unknown whether this hope would turn into even greater despair.


A certain large manor in the city.

“Hehe, Zhou Yuan’s self-confidence is really something. To have even stated all of his conditions already.” In the room, Wei Ting stood before a stormy-face Qi Hao. 

It was evident that he had obtained news of Zhou Yuan’s current situation in the great general’s residence from her.

Wei Ting remarked in disdain, “That kid is very arrogant indeed. Even the master Ying you invited was unable to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison, what does someone like him think he can do?” 

“Is there any other news?” Asked Qi Hao.

Wei Ting beamed as she pressed against Qi Hao, while the latter reached out an arm and wrapped it around her slender waist. Subsequently, Wei Ting fished out a piece of paper from her sleeve. “This is a list of things Lu Tieshan recently bought in the city.”

Qi Hao received the paper and took a look. His brows immediately furrowed. “All of these items are poisonous. Just what exactly are they up to?”

He pondered for a moment, but did not arrive at any answer. Thus, he could only coldly chuckle and say, “Let them do what they want, we’ll see whether Wei Canglan will go mad if Wei Bin ends up dead due to their shenanigans.”

He too did not believe that Zhou Yuan had the ability to neutralize the Devil Miasma Poison.

Qi Hao said, “Tingting, help me keep a good eye on Zhou Yuan in the great general’s residence and inform me at once if anything occurs. In addition, if he makes any mistakes, find a chance to secretly fan the flames and thoroughly anger Wei Canglan. We cannot allow Zhou Yuan to leave the great general’s residence alive.”

“Besides all this, Wei Qingqing will definitely be heartbroken if Wei Bin dies at Zhou Yuan’s hands. When that happens, ask her out for me. Her guard will be greatly lowered and it will be the best time for me to take advantage.”

Wei Ting’s pouted upon hearing this. “You want me to help you obtain another woman?”

Qi Hao smiled slightly as he explained, “Tingting, you will need my father’s consent to mary into Qi Manor. As long as you are able to help me obtain Wei Qingqing, I will be able to dabble my hand in the pie that is the Canglan army. Our success will be a huge contribution to Qi Manor and my father will surely allow me to marry you.”

Even after a year in the Canglan army, he had ultimately been unable to enter the inner circle. He knew that Wei Canglan was wary of him, thus, the only way for him to obtain the Canglan army was by first getting to Wei Qingqing.

This woman was had a strong influence in the Canglan army.

Wei Ting foolishly asked, “Really?”

Qi Hao nodded with a smile.

Wei Ting bit her red lips. Soon after, she forcefully nodded and said, “Alright, I will do all I can to help you!”

The two continued to cuddle for a while, before a satisfied Wei Ting left.

The smile on Qi Hao’s face turned cold as he watched her leaving figure. Subsequently, he somewhat irritatedly tugged at this clothes and said in a dull voice, “What a delusional woman.”

A figure walked out from the screen behind him. It was the housekeeper of Qi Manor, Qi Ling.

Qi Ling said with a frown, “First young master, what exactly is Zhou Yuan up to? Could he really be able to cure Wei Bin?”

Qi Hao immediately let out a icy laugh upon hearing this and answered, “A brat like him? In his dreams.”

Just how many years had Wei Canglan struggled with the Devil Miasma Poison? It was not as if he had not seeked the help of various experts and masters. However, all of them were ultimately powerless. All of these facts made Qi Hao greatly doubt that a mere Zhou Yuan, who had not even stepped into the Qi Nourishing stage, would be able to do what everyone else had failed to.

“Although I do not believe that brat will succeed, we should still plan for the worst.” Iciness flickered within Qi Hao’s eyes.

If Zhou Yuan somehow miraculously succeeded like a blind cat bumping into a mouse, Wei Canglan would inevitable chose to help the former obtain the Fire Spirit Grain.

Qi Hao raised his head, killing intent surging in his eyes as he looked towards the great general’s residence.

“Wei Canglan ah Wei Canglan. If you really decide to help Zhou Yuan, I will have no option but to think of a way to get rid of you. Don’t worry, I will make sure to take good care of your daughter and the Canglan army after you are gone.”


Under the watch of various parties, the final three days unhurriedly passed by.

In the courtyard, Zhou Yuan was busy keeping his things. He could not help but roll his eyes as he shot a glance at the grim-faced Lu Tieshan, before he beckoned to Yaoyao and Su Youwei with his chin.

“Let’s go. Today will determine whether we live or die!”

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