Chapter 679 Yaoyao’s Gift

“What gift?”

In the cave dwelling, Zhou Yuan’s heart rate jumped up again as he gazed at Yaoyao in his arms, his mouth somewhat dry.

Yaoyao escaped from his embrace, a faint blush still visible on her pretty face as she pointed at him and said, “Take off your clothes first.”

“Here?” Zhou Yuan was stupefied.

Yaoyao glanced at him. “Where else?”

Zhou Yuan hesitated as he looked towards Tuntun happily drinking on the table. Embarrassed, he said, “Tuntun is still here, how about we get it to sleep outside the cave tonight?”

Tuntun: “???”

Yaoyao’s expression turned calm as a dark green jade-like Genesis Rune Brush appeared in her hand. “I’m saying that I’m going to help you inscribe the Great Dragon Subduing Rune.

“Take off your clothes, so I can draw it.”

The Dragon’s Resentment Poison in Zhou Yuan’s body had resurged a year ago, and Yaoyao had barely managed to suppress it with the help of Tuntun’s blood. But to truly subdue it and prevent further backlash, Yaoyao had flipped through numerous ancient books and found a certain method known as the Great Dragon Subduing Rune.

However, the ingredients required were extremely rare. As such, it had taken Yaoyao a considerable amount of time and effort over the past year to finally procure all of them.

Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned rather blank. The corners of his lips twitched for a few moments before he said in a hoarse voice, “The gift you were referring to is this Great Dragon Subduing Rune?”

Although the Great Dragon Subduing Rune could temporarily resolve one of his biggest problems, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison, why did Zhou Yuan find that he was unable to be happy about it?

The Genesis Rune Brush twirled between Yaoyao’s slender fingers. She seemed to grin as she focused on Zhou Yuan and asked, “Oh? What kind of present did you think it was?”

Zhou Yuan could sense an extremely dangerous aura coming from Yaoyao’s beautiful smile. His survival instinct immediately blared. He smiled in a fawning manner and said, “Nothing, I absolutely can’t wait to receive the Great Dragon Subduing Rune!”

“Strip.” Yaoyao did not waste any time as she gently nodded her sharp chin like a proud queen.

Zhou Yuan swiftly removed his clothes, revealing his lean body.

On the table, Tuntun continued to drink the wine as it pointed at Zhou Yuan with a paw and laughed mockingly.

Zhou Yuan’s face burned with embarrassment as he sent a vicious glare at Tuntun.

Tuntun responded with a disdainful look before patting its round, slightly bloated stomach. Its eyes swept across the area before reaching towards the three jars of Taoyao Wine, evidently intending to have a taste of the alcohol made from the idiot Zhou Yuan’s blood.

Yaoyao coldly said without looking over, “If you don’t want your tongue, go ahead and try to drink it.”

Tuntun’s paw immediately froze, and Tuntun released a wail of complaint.

Yaoyao softly snorted and threw Tuntun the jade gourd hanging from her waist. Her meaning was clear; any other alcohol was drinkable, but no one could touch the three jars of Taoyao Wine.

Paying no further attention to Tuntun, she made a grabbing motion, and a crystal bottle appeared. Viscous black liquid flowed within the bottle, giving off an alarming undulation.

Countless black threads of light seemed to swirl within the black liquid, creating quite a bizarre sight, and numerous faint hisses seemed to echo from it.

Evidently, Yaoyao had already modulated the Dragon Subduing Rune ingredients.

“There will be some pain, try to endure it,” cautioned Yaoyao as the Genesis Rune Brush in her hand dipped into the black liquid. With a light flick, the tip of the brush darted flew across Zhou Yuan’s body.


Black strokes meandered over Zhou Yuan’s body, leaving rising black smoke in their wake, and burn marks began to appear on Zhou Yuan’s skin. 

Intense pain accompanied the swimming black strokes, causing Zhou Yuan to grimace in pain as he silently endured.


Yaoyao’s wrist gently jerked as stroke after stroke took shape. A strange black pattern slowly emerged on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Countless black threads of light extended in all directions like wiggling black chains.

Zhou Yuan could feel a strange power slowly arising.


However, as the Great Dragon Subduing Rune gradually took form, violent blood-red light suddenly surged from the center of Zhou Yuan’s palm. He watched in horror as the Dragon’s Resentment Poison seemed to awaken. Countless blood-red threads rushed out and frantically invaded his body.


A piercing shriek erupted from Zhou Yuan’s mouth.

The Dragon’s Resentment Poison had begun to counter-attack!

Yaoyao’s pupils shrank a little as she quickly said, “The Dragon’s Resentment Poison has sensed danger. Hold it back Zhou Yuan, it’s trying to destroy the incomplete Dragon Subduing Rune!”

Zhou Yuan immediately gritted his teeth, fighting against the intense bone-eroding pain as Genesis Qi roared out of his Qi Dwelling to stop the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.


Blood-red and golden light interweaved on Zhou Yuan’s arm as a fierce battle erupted in his flesh.

However, although Zhou Yuan had grown much stronger, the Dragon’s Resentment Poison had also rapidly strengthened after absorbing the majority of the sacred dragon blessing from Wu Huang, and it had merely remained dormant all this time. As such, even Zhou Yuan had not realized its power.

But now, it had erupted upon sensing danger. Its overwhelming power rapidly destroyed Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi. Countless blood-red threads whizzed past under his skin, moving towards the incomplete Dragon Subduing Rune as they tore apart the golden Genesis Qi.

“I can’t stop it!” howled Zhou Yuan, his eyes entirely red.

Yaoyao was fully focused as she continued to work on the Dragon Subduing Rune. She cast a quick glance at the countless blood-red threads that were rapidly charging through Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi defenses. Her eyes flickered in thought for a moment before she suddenly gritted her teeth.

Spirit power suddenly pricked one of her fingertips, causing strands of mysterious purplish-gold light to stealthily flow downwards along the brush and into Zhou Yuan’s body.

On the table, Tuntun, happily drinking, seemed to sense something, and it suddenly stood up. Its golden eyes looked in Yaoyao’s direction, and Tuntun released several anxious barks.

It seemed to have realized something.

Yaoyao glanced at it and gently shook her head.

Tuntun had no choice but to sit back down, but there was a worried look in its eyes.

“The Dragon’s Resentment Poison has broken through!” Zhou Yuan suddenly shouted, clearly too busy to notice Tuntun’s actions. All his Genesis Qi defenses had crumbled, shattered to pieces by the charging Dragon’s Resentment Poison.

However, purplish-gold light suddenly blossomed in Zhou Yuan’s body just as the Dragon’s Resentment Poison pounced towards the incomplete Dragon Subduing Rune.


As the purplish-gold light swept past, the previously unstoppable blood-red threads melted away like snow meeting lava.

In that moment, Zhou Yuan seemed to hear the furious and alarmed roar of a tyrannical dragon.

Yaoyao remained calm as her hand nimbly moved until, finally, she completed the final stroke of the Dragon Subduing Rune, perfectly joining it together.


Black rays of light blossomed on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s body.


Countless black threads of light shook as the sound of a chain faintly echoed.

The blood-red threads immediately shrank back as if sensing an enormous danger.

Yaoyao stared at the rapidly retreating Dragon’s Resentment Poison as her eyes turned extremely frosty. With a gentle thrust of her brush, she fully activated the Dragon Subduing Rune.

“You’ve caused mischief for so many’s about time for you to be subdued.”

In the wake of Yaoyao’s voice, countless black threads of light swarmed towards the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.

The Dragon’s Resentment Poison violently trembled as it seemed to bellow like a trapped beast.

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