Chapter 677 Agreement

The Chosen challenge was over.

However, the entire Cangxuan Sect was still in shock. It was, after all, an unprecedented feat that was not the least bit inferior to the birth of a legend.

In the future, this would most likely become the legend every generation of disciples would hear about the moment they joined the Cangxuan Sect.

Zhou Yuan’s name would forever be passed down in history.


The official discussion hall.

Sect master Qing Yang sat on the highest seat with the peak masters spread out on his left and right.

The Chosen were just below them, complicated expressions currently coloring their gazes as they looked at the youthful figure to their front who had created such a storm in the Cangxuan Sect.

Sect master Qing Yang looked over and chuckled warmly as he said, “Today is a joyous occasion for the Cangxuan Sect. Well done, Zhou Yuan.”

There was no way to hide the admiration and praise in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan was somewhat awed by such praise. The main reason why he had caused such a commotion today was due to his selfish wish of obtaining the other six Cangxuan arts.

“The seven Cangxuan arts were split from the Saint Genesis technique my teacher had created. Although the saying goes that when all seven arts are gathered, the Saint Genesis technique will appear, this does not mean that you’ll be able to immediately transform the seven arts into a complete Saint Genesis technique.

“Only when you master all seven arts will you have a chance to begin learning the Saint Genesis technique, and when you finally gain full comprehension, the seven arts will transform into the Saint Genesis technique.” Sect master Qing Yang smiled.

Zhou Yuan did not find this strange at all. It would be too easy if all it took was gathering the seven arts to create the Saint Genesis teachique.

Moreover, even if he obtained a Genesis technique at that level, he would not be able to use it given his current cultivation.

Instead, it would be far better to begin learning the seven arts. He believed that the day would eventually come when he fully mastered all of them.

Sect master Qing Yan nodded in approval at Zhou Yuan’s patient appearance. “The Cangxuan Sect will help spread today’s matter. It can be considered a counter-attack of sorts against the Sacred Palace.”

Previously, the Sacred Palace had set up an amazing show of Wu Huang defeating Jiang Taishen to claim first place on the Chosen List, stunning the many factions. It was also aimed at stifling the momentum the Cangxuan Sect had gained in the Mythic Utopia.

News of this matter had been a substantial blow to the Cangxuan Sect disciples. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had perfectly succeeded in the Chosen challenge, a feat which had most likely wiped away all negative feelings brought about by Wu Huang.

Zhou Yuan nodded. He naturally had no objections to such a strategic decision.

“On another note, I’ve already communicated with palace master Sheng Yuan through our Spirits.”

These words immediately caused every gaze in the hall to shift towards sect master Qing Yang, while Zhou Yuan’s expression turned serious. These two were considered the most powerful existences in Cangxuan Heaven, and every move they made would create enormous ripples.

“With regards to the war between the Great Wu and Great Zhou Empires, he has indicated that the Sacred Palace intends to interfere.”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank as his fists involuntarily clenched. The Sacred Palace’s interference was the worst possible news he could receive.

Sect master Qing Yang indifferently said, “But I’ve also let him know that if the Sacred Palace interferes, the Cangxuan Sect will not idly stand by. In the end the sects may even come to blows.”

His tone was calm, but even the eyes of the other peak masters turned grave at this moment. Every single one of them clearly understood that if these two titans were to move for real, it would be an earth-shattering affair that would likely affect the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

Peak master Lianyi’s eyes grew as deep as a silent pool as she said, “What does Sheng Yuan want? If he wants a fight, the Cangxuan Sect has already restrained ourselves for many years, and it’s about time for some grudges to be properly settled.”

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand and said, “Although he finds the Cangxuan Sect to be a thorn in his eyes, he also understands that a clash would only leave both parties gravely injured, allowing others to take advantage.

“However, he insists that Zhou Yuan has humiliated the Sacred Palace and has to be punished for it. Hence, he made an agreement with me: in the war between the Great Zhou and Great Wu Empires, the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect cannot send any Divine Dwelling stage and above experts.”

The other peak masters were taken aback. “Cannot send any Divine Dwelling stage and above experts? What are his intentions?”

Sect master Qing Yang slowly explained, “In order words, the Sacred Palace will not allow Zhou Yuan to return to the Cangmang Continent. As long as he leaves the sect, he will be endlessly attacked by the Sacred Palace disciples.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes instantly turned frosty. If he did not return, the Great Zhou Empire would definitely not be the Great Wu Empire’s match.

Although he was basically invincible within the Alpha-Origin stage, the outcome of being attacked by endless waves of Sacred Palace disciples would not be pretty.

At the end of the day, the Sacred Palace intended to aid Wu Huang.

Was it because of what he had done in the Mythic Utopia?

Below, Chu Qing rubbed his shiny bald head as he said with a smile, “Since sect master has said that the Divine Dwelling stage and above are forbidden from interfering, we should be within the permissible range, right?”

Sect master Qing Yang softly chuckled and did not deny it.

Chu Qing instantly understood. He looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “When junior brother Zhou Yuan leaves, the disciples of our Cangxuan Sect will follow and protect you along the way to the Cangmang Continent.”

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. He did not say anything, but solemnly cupped his fists together towards Chu Qing and the rest.

He knew that when the disciples from both sects clashed, a bloody storm that would shock the entire Shengzhou Continent would surely follow.

Peak master Lianyi icily said, “Sheng Yuan clearly wants to vent his anger on Zhou Yuan and not bring things to an irreversible stage. He’s truly petty for a sect master.”

The other peak masters did not say anything. Although they did not fear a fight to the death, the consequences were indeed far too dire. It would naturally be best to avoid such a situation.

“Zhou Yuan, when do you plan on leaving?” asked sect master Qing Yang.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment before he answered, “I will first use the next few days to master the Mythic Saint Body before departing.”

Sect master Qing Yang nodded. “Since you practice the little Mythic Saint Body, you should be able to quickly master the Mythic Saint Body and become even stronger.”

He too understood that Zhou Yuan would have to soon face a tough battle. Every bit of strength he gained now would increase his chances.

“Everyone should go and prepare. Today is a joyous occasion for our Cangxuan Sect, so let the disciples let loose a little.”

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand.

The peak masters bid their farewells, while Zhou Yuan, Chu Qing and the others withdrew from the official discussion hall.

When everyone left, sect master Qing Yang lifted his head. His eyes turned as deep as the night.

“Sheng Yuan, are you really going through so much effort solely to release a breath of frustration and punish a mere disciple?”

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