Chapter 676 Congratulating the Leader of the Chosen

Under the attention of countless excited gazes, Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly landed on the Cangxuan Peak, his gaze fixed on the figure to his front from start to end.

Chu Qing was seated on a pine tree, his bald head gleaming under the sunlight, making it extremely attention grabbing.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s arrival, he sighed as he caressed his head and said, “How troublesome, this battle is going to be even more tiring than a fight with Jiang Taishen.”

He had originally believed he would get to rest for some time after the duel with Jiang Taishen in the Mythic Utopia. Who could have expected another tough battle to find him so soon?

Upon hearing his ramblings, Zhou Yuan chuckled and said in an apologetic manner, “Sorry for disturbing senior brother Chu Qing.”

Chu Qing waved his hand and helplessly said, “You’re facing even greater troubles, so I can understand.”

He knew that Zhou Yuan had initiated the Chosen challenge because he urgently needed to grow stronger. After all, although sect master Qing Yang and the rest were supporting Zhou Yuan, he still needed to follow the rules in order to obtain the seven Cangxuan arts.

Once he obtained all seven, he would leave the Cangxuan Sect and head straight for the Cangmang Continent, where he would have to face Wu Huang, who defeated Jiang Taishen...and the Divine Dwelling stage King Wu.

The battles that awaited him were going to be the biggest challenges he would ever face. In fact, Zhou Yuan may even fail to return.

This was not strange, because though Zhou Yuan was admittedly very powerful, Wu Huang was definitely no push-over. Moreover, there was also King Wu, a Divine Dwelling stage expert. There was a difference of an entire greater realm of cultivation. Zhou Yuan’s hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars may have made him near invincible within the Alpha-Origin stage, but it was still not enough to take on those in the Divine Dwelling stage.

The thought of such challenges made even Chu Qing secretly wet his lips. If he were in Zhou Yuan’s place, he would have scratched his head open in frustration long ago.

Chu Qing stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “But though I can empathize with your predicament, as a Chosen of Cangxuan Peak, I cannot allow you to easily pass this stage. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain myself to the many Cangxuan Peak disciples.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, indicating he understood.

“Please, senior brother Chu Qing.”

Countless gazes converged onto Chu Qing’s body.

Chu Qing rubbed his shiny bald head as he sighed once more. His expression turned solemn as he stood up from the pine. Under everyone’s gazes, long black hair began growing from his bald head.

In a short span of a few breaths, his long hair hung behind him like a black cape. However, his hair looked as sharp as needles and gleamed icily under the light.

A peerless Genesis Qi undulation erupted from Chu Qing’s body.

In the face of Zhou Yuan’s current strength, even Chu Qing did not dare to show any negligence. He knew that if he held back anything, he would instantly fall into a disadvantageous position the moment Zhou Yuan’s assault began, making it very difficult for him to recover.

Genesis Qi raged around Chu Qing’s body like a storm as he extended his hand. Golden light began to condense towards his palm, ultimately forming a golden shuttle.

The golden shuttle seemed to flicker in and out of existence as it gently rippled and exuded an extremely terrifying aura.

“The Spirit Severing Golden Shuttle…”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank at the sight of the shuttle. Back in the Mythic Utopia, Chu Qing had used this very same golden shuttle to stop Jiang Taishen in his tracks, making it impossible for him to move.

Since Chu Qing currently had a Genesis Qi boost from the Cangxuan Peak, the golden shuttle was undoubtedly much more concentrated and condensed, making it even stronger than when it had been used against Jiang Taishen.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, the Spirit Severing Golden Shuttle was obtained in one of my training excursions years ago and is not the art of my Cangxuan Peak…

“The art of my Cangxuan Peak is called the Azure Sky Art.”

Chu Qing made a seal with one hand as his voice rang out. Zhou Yuan felt a strange ripple spread around them as a mysterious Genesis Qi began to condense in front of Chu Qing, ultimately forming a deep azure liquid.

“This art creates a substance called the Azure Sky Essence from the surrounding Genesis Qi. Any Genesis Weapon, artifact or technique can be fused with it to amplify its power.”

With a thought, the drop of mysterious deep azure liquid slowly fell onto the golden shuttle.

The golden shuttle began to shudder violently as ancient azure runes quietly emerged on its surface, spiralling towards the tip.

The golden shuttle gained an azure-gold hue as a faint but clear sound rang out. The light that gleamed off its edge seemed to cut even the fabric of space itself.

Countless gazes gravely stared at the azure-gold shuttle in Chu Qing’s hand. Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the rest of the Chosen had a blaring feeling that if the shuttle were to target them, they would likely face certain death.

Chu Qing slowly raised his hand, staring at the azure-gold shuttle as he said, “Without the boost from the Cangxuan Peak, my Spirit Severing Golden Shuttle would likely be unable to withstand this drop of Azure Sky Essence.”

He lifted his gaze and looked towards Zhou Yuan. “If junior brother Zhou Yuan manages to withstand it, this match shall be your victory.”

Zhou Yuan stared at the slowly vibrating golden shuttle with a rather grave expression. This was Chu Qing’s strongest attack, an attack that was going to be far more powerful than the one Chu Qing had used against Jiang Taishen.

Even Zhou Yuan, with his current strength, did not dare to be careless.

His ten fingers uncurled as golden Genesis Qi rushed out of his body like a tsunami. Golden light shined from his body, so resplendent that it eclipsed even the sun in the sky.

Chu Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly. He took in a deep breath as a serious look suddenly rose in his eyes.


A piercing noise suddenly rang out across the area.

When the golden shuttle shot forth, a flash of light seemed to pierce through space itself. It was so quick that numerous disciples were unable to detect anything with their naked eyes.

Only the more powerful practitioners were able to catch the trajectory of the shuttle.

Such speed was basically impossible to avoid!

Would Zhou Yuan be able to withstand this attack?!


Under the countless watching gazes, Zhou Yuan’s figure swiftly jumped back as his cheeks ballooned. A split second later, dark gold flames poured out like a dragon’s breath.

“Heavenly Sun Flame!”

With Zhou Yuan’s current Genesis Qi foundations, the Heavenly Sun Flames grew into a majestic sea of fire, creating an astonishingly intimidating sight.


However, the azure-gold light instantly ripped through the vast sea of flames with unstoppable momentum.

Zhou Yuan made a grabbing motion and the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared. Snow-white hairs immediately burst forth, transforming into innumerable white threads that filled the sky as they weaved towards the azure-gold light.

“Genesis Breaker!”

With a low shout, white instantly turned to pitch-black, and it gleamed with peerless sharpness.

Clang clang clang!

Countless sparks erupted in the air. Strand after strand of pitch-black hair seemed to turn into a sea of pythons as they attempted to stop the azure-gold light through sheer numbers.


However, the deadlock between the two forces only lasted for a few breaths before the azure-gold light pierced through the black python sea and headed straight for Zhou Yuan.

The exchange between both parties was akin to a nerve-racking but thrilling roller coaster ride. Both individuals were clearly pouring all of their strength into this lightning quick clash.

“Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

At the sight of the swiftly approaching shuttle Zhou Yuan sent out a thought. Genesis Qi whizzed out as a mysterious glowing silhouette emerged around his body. A pair of wings unfurled to their full length before folding in front of him, creating a shield of wings.


The azure-gold light mercilessly smashed into the wing shield, causing the surrounding space to ripple violently. The two sides seemed to freeze in time for a few breaths, then the wings suddenly shattered a split second later.

Countless disciples cried out in alarm. This was the first time today that Zhou Yuan was forced back and his numerous techniques were unable to achieve any effect.

This also excited the Cangxuan Peak disciples. Would Zhou Yuan’s Chosen challenge journey come to a stop at their Cangxuan Peak?

In contrast, the disciples on the Saint Genesis Peak side were so nervous that they did not even dare to breathe too loudly, their gazes unable to turn away from the dual on the mountain.

Under these countless watching gazes, the azure light broke through Zhou Yuan’s numerous obstructions and finally appeared right in front of him.


Without losing any momentum the azure light shot straight towards Zhou Yuan’s head.

At this distance, there was already no way for Zhou Yuan to escape.

A solemn look flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and he stomped his foot on the ground. His figure came to an abrupt stop as a glow emerged from his body.

The power of his physical body had fully erupted.

Meanwhile, ripples appeared on the ground under his feet as heavy earth Genesis Qi roared towards him and poured into his body.

All one hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars twinkled brightly, combining with his raw physical might  and the earth Genesis Qi gathered by the Earth Saint Rune.

Bloody wounds began to split open on Zhou Yuan’s body.

His eyes were solemn as he stared at the rapidly approaching azure-gold light. When it was a single foot from his brows, his hands suddenly slapped together in front of him like two mountains colliding.

All of his power had gathered between his palms.


A deep muffled sound rang out.


A giant Genesis Qi shockwave violently unfurled like a tsunami with Zhou Yuan at its epicenter.

The surrounding boulders were turned to dust as the shockwave completely levelled everything in the vicinity, leaving not even a single tiny protrusion in sight...

However, no one paid any attention to this, their gazes fixed only on Zhou Yuan’s location.

As the shockwave dispersed, Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly appeared once more.

Everyone’s pupils violently shrank. Zhou Yuan was still standing there with his hands pushing together in front of him, an azure-gold light visible between his palms, only half a finger from his head.

However, this half a finger distance was akin to an uncrossable chasm.

The shuttle furiously spun, leaving a small bloody dot between Zhou Yuan’s brows that slowly dripped down his face...

The entire place was completely silent.

Amidst the silence, Zhou Yuan slowly relaxed his hands, leaving the shuttle hovering in the air. It soon began to evaporate, and it completely faded away a few breaths later.

Zhou Yuan used a finger to wipe away the blood on his forehead as he looked towards Chu Qing with a solemn expression. “Senior brother Chu Qing’s Spirit Severing Golden Shuttle is truly invincible.”

To have injured him despite his hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars, Chu Qing’s strength was indeed very astonishing.

Chu Qing blankly stared at the fading shuttle. He was silent for a long time before he finally exhaled a long drawn out breath in a somewhat gratified and relieved manner, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, I’ve been with the Cangxuan Sect for ten years and have been the leader of the Chosen for many years. I never imagined that I would finally pass on this position today…

“But this is good because it means the Cangxuan Sect is overflowing with talent, and each generation is stronger than the previous.”

Chu Qing’s long black hair began to recede, returning his bald head.

He looked straight at Zhou Yuan as a dazzling smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Congratulations, junior brother Zhou Yuan. From now onwards, you are the new leader of the Chosen.

“I also congratulate you for achieving a magnificent feat that no one has ever attained since the Cangxuan Sect was founded: gathering all seven Cangxuan arts…”

He took in a deep breath and cupped his fists together as his clear voice rang out, “Cangxuan Peak congratulates the leader of the Chosen.”


A frenzied atmosphere abruptly descended. Countless Cangxuan Sect disciples were flushed with excitement as unstoppable emotions churned within them. They were witnessing the birth of a legend!

The voices of Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan, Shang Chunqiu and the other Chosen rang out across the land.

“Sword Cometh Peak congratulates the leader of the Chosen!”

“Snow Lotus Peak congratulates the leader of the Chosen!”


Innumerable disciples began to join in one after another. Congratulatory voices boomed in the Cangxuan Sect like thunder, shaking the many peaks.

That day a new legend had been born in the Cangxuan Sect.

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