Chapter 674 Like a Hot Knife Slicing through Butter

Boulders continued to tumble down from the mountain as countless gazes stared in shock at the figure deeply embedded in the rock. Such a one-sided result had truly caught everyone by surprise.

The Chosen on the other five peaks narrowed their eyes slightly as wariness began flooding out.

Shang Chunqiu’s earlier attack had already been extremely overbearing, and his condition had been near perfect. Despite this, he had failed to even shake Zhou Yuan a little.

They could tell that Zhou Yuan had not used any Genesis technique, but had relied purely on his Genesis Qi to crush Shang Chunqiu.

A hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars was simply terrifyingly powerful.

Amidst the shock, the Saint Genesis Peak disciples suddenly burst into thunderous cheers. They had almost fanatical looks in their eyes as they looked towards the figure still in a punching posture on the mountain top.

It could be said that Zhou Yuan had just steamrolled over a Chosen of the same generation.

Under the innumerable watching gazes, Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath and slowly withdrew his fist. The surging Genesis Qi in his body gradually calmed down.

He gazed at the rubble in the distance as he sighed inside. In the past, he had always been the one to be suppressed in the Genesis Qi department, but he had at long last gotten a taste of doing the same to his opponent.

With a hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars, it was very hard to find a match amongst those under the Divine Dwelling stage.

In the distance, Shang Chunqiu stumbled out from the rubble. His body was a bloody mess and his clothes were in tatters, making him look exceptionally miserable.

He wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and cast a quick glance at his battered body before letting out a bitter laugh. His gaze shifted towards Zhou Yuan, and he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations are truly unrivalled. I whole-heartedly accept this loss.”

“Thanks for letting me win.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together.

Shang Chunqiu shook his head and waved his sleeve. A stream of light shot out.

Zhou Yuan reached out and caught the stream of light, his gaze lighting up with desire as he looked towards it. It was a scroll made from old jade in which the true Mythic Saint Body was recorded.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan seems to be also practicing an external cultivation method. Although I do not know where you found it, it should have the same roots as the Mythic Saint Body. With the Mythic Saint Body, your external cultivation will ascend to the next level,” said Shang Chunqiu.

Zhou Yuan kept the jade scroll before he bowed towards Shang Chunqiu again.

The Cangxuan Sect disciples sighed inside as they watched. They had originally expected a tough and bitter battle between Shang Chunqiu and Zhou Yuan. Who could have anticipated that victory would be decided after a single exchange?

While the numerous disciples were sighing, Zhou Yuan’s figure had already shot away from the peak. Gaze after gaze converged towards him as he landed towards Spirit Rune Peak.


Atop Spirit Rune Peak, the seated Ye Ge sighed in a melonchanic manner upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s arrival. Even Shang Chunqiu, who was ranked higher, had been defeated with a single punch, so how was he going to defend against Zhou Yuan?

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, although I know I don’t have much of a chance at winning, as a Chosen of Spirit Rune Peak, I will not allow you to take away our Spirit Rune Peak art without any resistance,” declared Ye Ge.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. “Please go ahead, senior brother Ye Ge.”

Ye Ge’s expression turned a little graver as his hands clapped together in front of him. The Spirit between his brows began to ripple as Spirit power swiftly condensed towards his palm, creating a lantern.

However, the lantern appeared ethereal and was clearly made from Spirit power.

“This is the art of my Spirit Rune Peak, Spirit Lantern technique.

“Once the lantern is formed, it can be used to store and nourish Spirit fire. Although I’ve yet to reach the Divine Dwelling stage, by borrowing the wonders of this Spirit lantern, I can just barely manage to use it.” Ye Ge pointed at the air. A strand of fire immediately appeared within the Spirit lantern. It slowly grew, becoming a tiny ball.

It was a wisp of Spirit fire!

A sliver of surprise flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Besides Yaoyao, this was the second person he had seen that was capable of condensing Spirit fire before stepping into the Divine Dwelling stage.

He naturally understood the might of Spirit fire. Zhan Taiqing of the Sacred Palace had suffered substantially at the hands of Yaoyao’s Spirit fire.

“If junior brother Zhou Yuan can withstand my Spirit fire, I will gladly offer up the Spirit Lantern technique.”

The lantern shuddered as Ye Ge’s voice rang out. The wisp of Spirit fire within it abruptly shot forth, piercing space itself as it headed straight for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered faintly as he gazed at the rapidly approaching Spirit fire. He did not move or bring out his Genesis Qi, allowing the wisp of Spirit fire to shoot into his body.

Gasps sounded one after another. If the Spirit fire entered one’s body, it would be able to directly burn one’s Spirit. Although Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was overwhelming, he would still take some damage after such a direct hit, right?

Amidst the countless confused gazes, Zhou Yuan could feel the invading Spirit flame burn his Spirit. Soon after, he softly chuckled as a thought was sent out.

In his mind, an endless and eternal grindstone loomed in a space of primal chaos. The divine grindstone rolled within, turning everything to nothingness wherever it passed.

Under the crushing might of the divine grindstone, the wisp of Spirit fire was instantly obliterated.

Zhou Yuan’s lightly shut eyes opened, revealing a pair of eyes that were still shining with liveliness. Opposite him, Ye Ge’s expression involuntarily changed; he likely sensed the demise of his Spirit flame.

This was quite inconceivable to him. Only a few dozen breaths had passed, but Zhou Yuan had already neutralized the Spirit fire that had invaded his body?

Ye Ge’s mouth repeatedly opened and closed. In the end, he could only smile bitterly as he sighed and said, “I’ve lost.”

True to his word, he threw the Spirit Lantern Art jade scroll to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan caught it and cupped his fists together. He likewise did not waste any time and directly turned around to fly towards the Lightning Prison Peak.


Lu Jing, the Lightning Prison Peak Chosen, stared at Zhou Yuan and said in a booming voice, “The Cangxuan art belonging to my Lightning Prison Peak is called the Lightning Prison Art. Like its namesake, it creates a lightning prison that is near inescapable. Anyone trapped within will ultimately be blasted to ashes by ten thousand thunderbolts.”


As his voice thundered, surging Genesis Qi erupted from his body with a violent peal of thunder.

Zhou Yuan looked over and found that thunderclouds had already surrounded him. Within them, thunderbolts filled with alarming destructive power were zipping like giant pythons.

Boom boom!

The thunderclouds billowed and immediately unleashed an endless bombardment of lightning.

Ten thousand bolts fell, and they exploded with dazzling light as they drowned out Zhou Yuan’s body.

The attack caused the expressions of the onlookers to change. They were not worried about Zhou Yuan’s safety, but were instead wondering whether this barrage would be able to halt Zhou Yuan’s unstoppable momentum.

Ten thousand lightning bolts roared on the mountain top. The phenomenon lasted for an entire half an incense stick of time before a pale look emerged on Lu Jing’s face, a sign that his Genesis Qi was nearly depleted.

As such, the blinding lightning light gradually receded.

A charred black peak appeared within everyone’s sights, dotted with uncountable craters. However, the crowd ignored everything else as their gazes focused on the spot where Zhou Yuan had been.

A figure silently stood there, powerful Genesis swirling around his body to form layers of defense. These layers had blocked every single thunderbolt. What was more, a jade glow seemed to be slowly blossoming from his skin, so even if any thunderbolt had managed to slip through, his sturdy body would have warmly received it.

With his Genesis Qi and tough body, Zhou Yuan barely sustained any damage after being bombarded in the lightning prison for half an incense stick of time.

The entire place was silent. Nothing needed to be said about the outcome.

Lu Jing had a calm expression, clearly anticipating this result. Hence, he sent a jade scroll shooting towards Zhou Yuan with a flick.

Zhou Yuan reached out to catch it as the Genesis Qi around him withdrew into his body. The smell of charred earth entered his nose before he released a long deep breath. Three down, three more to go.

Zhou Yuan turned around and disappeared, appearing again in Snow Lotus Peak.


Li Qingchan was seated on a boulder atop the peak, her slim figure as amazing as usual. There was currently a complicated expression on her usually frosty face as she gazed at the figure that had arrived.

She still remembered when she had first met him; he had bafflingly appeared in her personal hot spring. If not for Yaoyao, she would have most certainly taught him a painful lesson.

Back then, she had felt rather indignant at Yaoyao’s concern for Zhou Yuan. In her eyes, someone as amazing as Yaoyao should absolutely have a special place amongst the younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven.

In fact, even the Sacred Palace’s Zhan Taiqing could not compare.

Hence, she felt that Zhou Yuan was exactly like a toad shamelessly sticking to a swan. He was that offending murky green amidst the breathtaking snow white.

In the past, she had been unable to understand what Yaoyao saw in Zhou Yuan. As the saying went: a dragon does not stay with a snake, and a phoenix does not share a nest with a sparrow. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were the most unfitting of duos.

However, over the past two years, Li Qingchan had personally witnessed how the young man, who completely did not match up to Yaoyao, had advanced step by step, ultimately catching up to the Chosen amidst her occasionally surprised gaze.

In fact, he had now begun to surpass them.

At this current moment, Li Qingchan had no choice but to admit that her judgement was far worse than Yaoyao’s.

Under Li Qingchan’s complicated gaze, Zhou Yuan’s footsteps stopped as he awkwardly smiled at her. In her eyes, it somewhat resembled the awkward smile the young man had displayed two years again when he suddenly popped out from the water under her shocked gaze.

But the loathsome smile from back then now appeared calm and humble.

“Please guide me, senior sister Li Qingchan.”

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