Chapter 673 First Choice

It was the winter month, and snowflakes were drifting across the land.

However, the atmosphere within the Cangxuan Sect was boiling like a cauldron, melting even the snowflakes that filled the sky.

Countless Cangxuan Sect disciples stood everywhere, figures present as far as the eye could see. With such a grand event happening today, every disciple had put aside their training in order to personally watch this event.

Countless excited gazes were cast towards the heart of the Cangxuan Sect.

Sect master Qing Yang, the peak masters and the many elders of the sect were gathered in the air, their gazes observing the entire sect.

Under these countless watching gazes, a Genesis Qi cloud rose from Saint Genesis Peak. Two slim figures stood atop the cloud, a male and a female, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan was quite handsome, but when put next to the otherworldly beauty beside him, any points he had in looks and presence instantly plummeted. If he was not the main star today, countless gazes would have only looked towards Yaoyao, regardless of whether the gazes belonged to a guy or a girl.

Yaoyao currently had Tuntun in her arms, and she was gently stroking its soft fur. She naturally saw the innumerable figures that filled her vision. This was the first time she had seen such a grand line-up in her two years at the Cangxuan Sect.

Under the crowd’s attention, the Genesis Qi cloud came to a stop in the sky.

Zhou Yuan surveyed the area before him where six giant peaks towered over the land. As he took a closer look, six astonishing pillars of Genesis Qi light suddenly dashed into the sky from the top of each peak.


The Genesis Qi pillars reached straight into the clouds, stirring the wind and clouds.

Six powerful Genesis Qi undulations spread, accompanied by a Genesis Qi pressure that caused the expressions of the numerous disciples to change. The disciples could see six figures silently seated within each light pillar.

These were the six Chosen that were ready to meet Zhou Yuan in battle.

Cangxuan Peak, Chu Qing.

Sword Cometh Peak, Kong Sheng.

Snow Lotus Peak, Li Qingchan.

Hongya Peak, Shang Chunqiu.

Lightning Prison Peak, Lu Jingshen.

Spirit Rune Peak, Ye Ge.

The strength of these six Chosen had soared to extremely powerful levels with the Genesis Qi boosts from their respective peaks.

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the six figures seated within the glowing pillars. His eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “The homeground advantage is really quite substantial. No wonder even senior brother Chu Qing failed to complete the Chosen challenge.”

Every gaze was glued to Zhou Yuan. They wanted to see who his first choice would be.

Amidst these gazes, Zhou Yuan displayed little hesitation as he smiled at Yaoyao and said, “I’m getting off.”

Yaoyao looked at him, seemingly cocking her head in thought as she replied, “If you achieve a total victory, I’ll accompany you for a few cups tonight.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened as he could not help but say, “Will there be other services?”

Yaoyao was taken aback before frost began to gather in her clear-as-a-lake eyes. Her tone turned icy as she said, “It seems that your breakthrough has also made you more daring.”

In her arms, Tuntun also looked at him as if he were a dead man. It felt that if this fellow continued in this manner, Zhou Yuan would not die at someone else’s hands because Yaoyao would soon beat him to death.

Upon sensing the piercing iciness, Zhou Yuan shivered as his instincts shouted at him to leave.

He instantly leaped down from the sky, somersaulting in the air as he fell like a shooting star towards one of the giant peaks below.

Low gasps sounded from the numerous disciples when they saw the peak he had chosen. “His first battle is the Hongya Peak!”

This was surprising to the majority. After all, Ye Ge’s side clearly appeared to be the easiest amongst the six, while the Hongya Peak’s Chosen, Shang Chunqiu, was ranked fourth amongst the ten Chosen, which made him a much more difficult opponent in comparison.

On the tallest peak in Hongya Peak, Shang Chunqiu, with a grave expression, watched the figure descend from the sky and ultimately land standing up in front of him.

Light flowed on Shang Chunqiu’s skin, and blood was rushing within his body, churning with tremendous power.

With the Genesis Qi boost from Hongya Peak, he was more powerful than he had ever been. Despite this, Shang Chunqiu’s eyes were filled with wariness because Zhou Yuan’s seemingly thin body seemed to contain the might of a terrible primordial beast.

Shang Chunqiu slowly said, “I did not expect junior brother Zhou Yuan to select my Hongya Peak.”

Zhou Yuan grinned at Shang Chunqiu. If asked which of the other six Cangxuan arts interested him the most, there would only be one answer: the Mythic Saint Body!

The little Mythic Saint Body he practiced was a simplified version that originated from the Mythic Saint Body.

Hence, it could be said that he and Shang Chunqiu shared the same roots in external cultivation. Of course, it must be noted that the latter practiced the true Mythic Saint Body, which held far more wonders than his own little Mythic Saint Body.

If Zhou Yuan managed to obtain the Mythic Saint Body, it would be a smooth transition from the little to the real deal because he had already accumulated plenty of comprehension and experience.

As for the other five arts, even if he obtained them, Zhou Yuan would have to invest a substantial amount of time and energy into studying them. In contrast, the Mythic Saint Body would be the quickest way to raise his battle power.

This was the reason he had selected the Hongya Peak first.

“Please guide me, senior brother Shang,” said Zhou Yuan.

Shang Chunqiu’s expression was solemn. He wasted no time talking. The sound of surging blood instantly rang out from his body, and the solid rock under his feet cracked open.

Jade light flowed on his skin, making it seem pure and clear like a crystal.

Under his skin, silver light blossomed from his bones, a faint hint of starlight surfacing within the silver.

The true Mythic Saint Body also had three stages; however, their names were different from the little Mythic Saint Body’s jade skin, silver bone and golden blood. Instead, they were known as mythic-jade skin, star-silver bone and molten-gold blood...

From these names alone, one could see that the Mythic Saint Body practiced by Shang Chunqiu was more refined and profound than Zhou Yuan’s little Mythic Saint Body.

Of course, not only the names were different. Their power was too.

Qi ripples that could be seen with the naked eyes exploded from Shang Chunqiu’s body like a tide. His current appearance was quite sinister, with power crazily churning within his body.

Although the power was already extremely overbearing, Shang Chunqiu knew that this was not enough!


A beast-like roar suddenly erupted from his mouth. His body grew a size bigger as the rock beneath his feet crumbled to dust.

The countless gazing onlookers watched as the silver light deep within Shang Chunqiu’s body brightened to its limit and a ray of golden light emerged.

The golden light was laced with red, as if it were gold melting in fire!

Joy filled the faces of the Hongya Peak disciples when they saw this, and they involuntarily cried out, “Senior brother Shang’s Mythic Saint Body has reached the molten-gold blood stage!”

With the Genesis Qi boost from Hongya Peak, Shang Chunqiu had finally stepped out from the realm he had long stagnated at and had stepped into the third stage of the Mythic Saint Body, the molten-gold blood stage!


Shang Chunqiu was currently akin to a giant that had bathed in golden blood. Molten gold flickered in his pupils as he locked his gaze on Zhou Yuan. A split second later, his foot slammed the ground, shattering it once more.

His figure turned into a flash of light, as he shot forth with torrential momentum.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, receive this punch of mine!”

Shang Chunqiu’s roar was akin to thunder as he swung his fist like a war god. The air before him was blasted away, and deep crevices were torn open in the ground below.

It was a punch that could split a mountain.

Zhou Yuan remained where he stood as the reflection of the glowing figure rapidly grew in his eyes. The raw, overwhelming force causing his hair to dance around him.

But he did not try to evade.

He took in a deep breath, his face completely calm and composed as a hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars surged within his Qi Dwelling. In the end, an unprecedented amount of boundless Genesis Qi began to circulate in his body.

The raw power within his body made even Zhou Yuan’s heart tremble.

Was this the power of a hundred and eighty thousand Genesis Qi stars?


Gazing at the rapidly approaching Shang Chunqiu, he clenched his fingers and punched.

Two fists brazenly collided amidst countless shocked gazes.

It was akin to an explosion of heavenly thunder and earthly fire.

Boom boom!

A shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled. The surrounding ground rapidly crumbled as enormous cracks instantly grew.

Every gaze was tightly glued to the two clashing figures.

Their bodies seemed to freeze in time for a split second.

Everyone turned pale as they watched the ferocious Shang Chunqiu’s body violently jerk. He vomited a mouthful of blood as the pores of his arms ruptured and spurted blood out like fountains.


His body was flung backwards, his feet digging two long tracks in the ground. In the end, he was sent flying off the peak and crashing into a mountain some distance away.

Boulders tumbled downwards, his body deeply embedded into the rock.

All the Cangxuan Sect disciples were dumbstruck as they stared at this scene in a daze.


Gasps rang out in rapid succession.

No one had expected that a single move was all it would take for Zhou Yuan to steamroll over the seemingly unstoppable Shang Chunqiu.

Countless gazes stared in shock at the peak where the youthful figure was still in his punching pose. Various expressions rapidly flitted across their eyes before reverence began flooding out.

Was this the level Zhou Yuan had reached?

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