Chapter 670 Strength Skyrocket


A huge pillar of Genesis Qi shot up from Saint Genesis Peak. The majestic Genesis Qi attracted the gaze of countless astonished disciples in the Cangxuan Sect.

When the disciples gazed at the tall and slender figure within the light pillar and then heard the long thunder-like roar, all faces were filled with excitement. 

“It’s senior brother Zhou Yuan!”    

“He made a breakthrough again?” 

“Such strong Genesis Qi. Is this the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage? How strong is senior brother Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation now? 

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan managed to kill Chosen when he was only at the eighth layer. Now that he has stepped into the ninth layer, his strength must have soared once again. I wonder how he is compared to Wu Huang of the Sacred Palace?” 

“Wu Huang even defeated Jiang Taishen. He won’t be easy to deal with.”


Countless whispers spread out within the Cangxuan Sect. After Zhou Yuan’s breakthrough, there was most likely going to be another addition to the top disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

However, the majority of the disciples still held a somewhat pessimistic attitude when they compared Zhou Yuan to Wu Huang.

Evidently, the fact that Wu Huang defeated Jiang Taishen and ascended to the top of the Chosen List had a huge impact on their confidence.

Under countless astounded gazes, the beam of Genesis Qi hovered in the sky for a good while before it gradually dissipated and revealed Zhou Yuan’s figure. With a flash, he directly sped into the meeting hall. 

At this moment, sect master Qing Yang and every peak master were standing outside the hall, as well as Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others. They all intently stared at Zhou Yuan. 

And when Zhou Yuan landed, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the other Chosen’s eyes shrank rapidly. Genesis Qi uncontrollably gushed out from their bodies to protect them.

This was the natural reaction of the Genesis Qi inside their bodies upon sensing danger.

They, who were clear about what the situation represented, couldn’t help staring suspiciously at Zhou Yuan. Their expressions changed indefinitely.

Even Chu Qing focused his eyes as Zhou Yuan approached, and a solemn expression came onto his indifferent face. 

The Zhou Yuan at this moment felt extremely dangerous, and the degree of danger was unexpectedly stronger than when they had met Jiang Taishen!

Chu Qing found it somewhat unbelievable. It should be said that he didn’t have this feeling when Zhou Yuan was at the eighth layer. But why would there be such a terrifying increase in strength after the breakthrough? 

Although the Genesis Qi foundation was known to increase dramatically in the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage, it shouldn’t be an uncontrolled increase. According to Chu Qing’s speculation, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation should have already exceeded one hundred thousand stars. 

While Chu Qing and other Chosen were bewildered, sect master Qing Yang and the other several peak masters had a flicker of surprise in their eyes upon seeing Zhou Yuan. 

Although Chu Qing and the others might be able to somewhat sense that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation had become extremely strong, they were able to clearly perceive just how strong he had become.

“Right now, your cultivation level must have reached the peak of the ninth layer,” sect master Qing Yang remarked indifferently. 

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others were all taken aback. They also thought that Zhou Yuan had just stepped into the ninth layer, but they didn’t expect him to have reached the peak. 

His cultivation level’s rate of increase was simply too astonishing. 

Zhou Yuan frankly nodded. His progress was beyond imagination because of the help of the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune Genesis Qi. He was only one step away from refining his Qi Dwelling, establishing heavens and truly stepping into the Divine Dwelling stage! 

“How many Genesis Qi stars do you possess?” Li Qingchan couldn’t help but ask.

“180,000.” Zhou Yuan smiled. 


This answer drew numerous gasps of astonishment. Even Chu Qing couldn’t control the corners of his eyes from twitching. His strength had also improved after he returned to the sect. But at present his foundation was only 110,000 Genesis Qi stars.  

And this was through his many years of hard work! 

But Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi stars had directly soared from 30,000 to 180,000 in a short period of one month. How terrifying was this speed of increase? 

Zhou Yuan also understood that it would have most likely taken him at least another year of training for him to achieve this if it weren’t for the pure Genesis Qi stored in the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune. 

“180,000 Genesis Qi stars are indeed no small matter. It was said that my master had 250,000 Genesis Qi stars when he broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage,” sect master Qing Yang stated.

The other peak masters also stared puzzledly at Zhou Yuan. The master who sect master Qing Yang spoke of was naturally old ancestor Cangxuan!

However, what level of existence was old ancestor Cangxuan? He was a top expert who had suppressed the entire Cangxuan Heaven. The former Heaven Master of the Cangxuan Heaven was ranked as a top expert of the universe. 

Zhou Yuan’s ability could be seen from the fact that he was able to get close to the level their master had when breaking through to the Divine Dwelling stage. 

However, at this stage, the strength and weakness of one’s Genesis Qi foundation couldn’t represent one’s future achievements. There was no shortage of opportunity in the world. Although one may possess a vast Genesis Qi foundation at the Alpha-Origin stage, they might not progress far in the end. 

But in any case, it at least showed that Zhou Yuan was somewhat unusual. 

Back when old ancestor Cangxuan broke through to the Divine Dwelling stage, his Genesis Qi foundation had reached 250,000! Zhou Yuan exclaimed in astonishment in his heart upon hearing the sect master’s words. 

“Zhou Yuan, now that you’ve come out of secluded cultivation, it’s time to inform you of the big things that have happened.” Sect master Qing Yang smiled and turned to Li Qingchan, who then told Zhou Yuan about the appearance of Wu Huang. 

“What? Wu Huang appeared? He also defeated Jiang Taishen and took the first place on the Chosen List?!” 

Zhou Yuan had destroyed Wu Huang’s physical body, and Wu Huang’s spirit had escaped. He hadn’t heard any news about him for years, so he didn’t expect him to have done something so astonishing. 

The entire Cangxuan Heaven knew his name.

“The Sacred Palace's palace master had probably instructed Wu Huang to appear, and the purpose of Wu Huang's appearance was to eliminate the impact of the loss they had suffered in the Mythic Utopia. 

“And it  had also been a great blow to the confidence of my Cangxuan Sect disciples.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded. Jiang Taishen had suppressed the young generation of Cangxuan Sect disciples for many years, but before they could defeat Jiang Taishen, an even stronger disciple of the Sacred Palace had emerged.

What would the other disciples think? 

Would they feel that the Sacred Palace was indeed stronger than the Cangxuan Sect? Would they be able to catch up to the Sacred Palace no matter how hard they tried?

These kinds of negative thoughts would dispirit the disciples. In the long term, an even worse situation where their prodigies would not make progress could happen, and it would shake the foundation of the Cangxuan Sect.

“Besides this, there’s one more thing.” Sect master Qing Yang looked at Zhou Yuan with a frown. “This matter is related to you.” 


“The Great Wu Empire has declared war on the Great Zhou Empire.”

Zhou Yuan froze for a moment, and then his eyes instantly turned chillingly cold. Violent Genesis Qi erupted from his body like a volcano. 

The solid stone floor, which was made of special materials, cracked inch after inch.

This day had finally arrived!  

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